Final Fantasy Tactics hits the Google Play Store – amazing game, high asking price



The classic PlayStation title Final Fantasy Tactics is now officially available on Android. We can’t even begin to tell you how many hours we put into this game back when it first launched in ’97, but my first (real) girlfriend will tell you it was the downfall of our relationship.

Final Fantasy Tactics

FF Tactics was the first title that officially got us addicted to the tactics RPG genre. The version on the Play Store — Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions — is actually the version that was remade for the PSP back in ’07 and was later released for iOS in 2011. War of the Lions features cell-shaded cut scenes along with new characters and jobs that weren’t in the PS One original. If you haven’t fired this up since the PS One days, now’s a great time to revisit.

FF Tactics Jobs

The one thing that is likely to deter you is the price. At $14, it doesn’t come cheap. But it’s a lot less than you’d spend for the original PS One version which retails for $90 on Amazon (lol). At the very least, you’re going to want to bookmark this and revisit during the next Square Enix sale. We can’t speak highly enough of this one.

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  1. One of the best games ever made. I’ve played through it countless times. Most recently I got my wife to play through it on an emulator. I still have the original PS one game with the case and manual but no Playstation. I’m surprised at how much an original copy costs. To me $14 is a steal for the amount of time you can put in this bad boy. The graphics both in the game and in the cutscenes has held up well. Buy it, you won’t regret it. I just wish they made a direct sequel to it.

    1. There are some things Square Enix does that make absolutely no sense to me. A sequel to Tactics (and FF7) — with nice HD graphics — would be flippin’ awesome.

      1. They can but they won’t for no apparent reason.

    2. Can you comment on google play games support? Achievements? I know cloud saving is a no.

      1. Sorry, I haven’t played the android version, just the original PS one version.

  2. They do this crap on ios app store too. I bought final Fantasy tactics for ipad. I loved it on ps1, but it’s just not any fun on tablets. On top of that, it’s not a universal app. So if you want to play it on your iPhone, you have to buy a second time.

    Square Enix is really annoying when it comes to mobile gaming.

    1. Tactics also had the original intro changed.

    2. I dunno have you given FF: Record Keeper a chance yet? It’s free and pretty fun. and as long as you have the willpower to put the game down for a couple hours at a time the freemium is not necessary as you can eventually get the good stuff by waiting.

  3. Achievements? Cloud Saving? Anyone?

  4. It’s tough to buy a game for $15 with a fifteen minute refund window. Make it three hours so I can at least tell if I like it or not. Or make a trial version with just the first content so I can tell if I like the mechanics.

    1. YouTube a Let’s Play.

    2. It’s an hour now.

      1. Actually, 2 hours.

    3. Google play is actually back to a 2 hour window. Also, providing you give a good enough reason, it’s possible to get a refund after that window, but not always.

  5. Surprised that it doesn’t support Android TV…I’d play this on my Nexus Player with a controller, but not so much with my phone. Maybe on my tablet, but not my phone.

    1. Why are you surprised? This IS Squaresoft, after all. They never listen to their customers. Why do you think they’ve had to restructure so much?

  6. Just wait, they always do a sale down the line and offer it for 50 to 75%off

  7. I’m all for premium games. I’m all for expensive premium games on Android. I have never bought a Squaresoft game on mobile, though because their games are:

    – often ports of rehashed games.
    – often ported much later than on iOS.
    – often released with their original hardware controller support ripped out.
    – often have poorly designed touch controls (virtual joysticks, when tapping the screen would be better)
    – full of bugs
    – feature seperate English versions that are geo-blocked in Japan.
    – have zero customer service (try emailing them from the address supplied at Google Play. Good luck with that).
    – are available to play on emulators (just play the ps1 and/or slightly different GBA version, which also features monitor brightness support!)

    I’d happily buy AAA games for double the price from Google Play, but Squaresoft can go do one.

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