A Motorola DROID phone could be getting Moto Maker love in the future [RUMOR]


droid turbo metallic

To now, Motorola has only used Moto Maker to allow folks to customize devices from the Moto X, as well as the Moto 360. That exclusive list could be getting some new company, though.

A source familiar with the matter has revealed to Phandroid that Motorola is considering adding a DROID phone to the Moto Maker ranks. Unfortunately we weren’t treated to concrete details about which phone it might be.

The first guess might be the Motorola DROID Turbo, and that would make sense with it being Verizon’s most recent flagship DROID. Considering we’ve seen Verizon release a whopping 3 new color variants for the DROID Turbo in recent weeks it sounds like they’ve at least been considering it. Perhaps they even used that as an excuse to test the logistics that would go behind providing multiple color options for a DROID phone.

Of course, the DROID Turbo will soon be a year old and the next new kid on the block will be set to arrive later this summer, so it’s also possible they’ll look to provide Moto Maker customization with that particular device. What device might that be? We’re still not sure, but we know one is coming and Motorola probably won’t want to disappoint.

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  1. How about since the droid always seems like nothing more than a slightly beefed up spec’d moto x just changing the internals and possibly screens but keeping the X form factor that way every option on moto maker can be interchangeable……

    1. REALLY hoping Motorola adds a mAh option to Moto Maker for this year’s Moto X.

    2. Because that’s not what Verizon wants to do, and the Droid line is Verizon’s. They want it to look different than the X.

  2. Really hope they’ll launch a global (at least for my sake, European) version of a mAh option since Verizon totally messed up my razr maxx HD with their bloat in Kit Kat

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