Jun 3rd, 2015

Android Google Keyboard icon background

A new update to the official Google Keyboard app is hitting the Play Store today. The update brings with it a handful of useful new features, while removing a few you may not even miss. Or then again, maybe you will. The update — now on version 4.1 — adds the ability to sync your personal dictionary with your Google account, so you can share it across devices (or take it with you when you upgrade to something new).

Simply select “Google Keyboard Sync” from the new Accounts & Privacy setting followed by the Google account you’d like to backup your dictionary to, and you’re all set. The new privacy setting also allows you to delete your cloud data, or opt out of Google’s statistics should you feel the need. Oh, and for those that prefer typing on physical keyboards (like one of those fancy Bluetooth ones), emoji are now fully accessible by pushing the alt key.

Google Keyboard 4.1 update

As for things that have been removed, Google no longer allows you to swipe entire phrases by sliding your finger down to the space bar. Can’t say we’ll miss. Another feature you’ll no longer be able to select is the auto-correction aggressiveness, now replace by a single toggle to enable it or not. Previously, the Google Keyboard allowed to you choose the auto-correct level — modest, aggressive, or very aggressive (our favorite) — and while we have no idea what it is now by default, it seems you’re stuck with it.

One feature we’re not seeing the split keyboard for tablets that was introduced in Android M. We’re sure Google is working on it though and are confident it will pop up in a future update. You can update to the new Google Keyboard 4.1 by visiting the Google Play Store, or manually download/install the app right here.