Samsung Pay launch to coincide with next Galaxy Note release in September


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 charging table

Samsung bought LoopPay back in February to help bolster the tech of their own mobile payment service dubbed “Samsung Pay.” Boasting far greater compatibility than regular NFC-based payment systems, Samsung Pay was supposed to debut on the Samsung Galaxy S6, with Samsung saying they’d add the functionality in a future update since it wasn’t ready in time for launch.

Today, we’re learning that might not be the case. According to Samsung Executive Vice President Rhee In Jong, Samsung Pay has further been delayed and will instead launch on an upcoming high-end device Samsung has planned for September of this year. This device will more than likely be a followup to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and although a specific name wasn’t mentioned, it lines up with when we’d expect a new Note model to launch.

Analysts believe the launch of Samsung Pay comes at a crucial time for the company who will be up against competing services from both Google (Android Pay) and Apple (Apple Pay). We’re not sure if the situation is really that dire as mobile payments are still in their infancy struggling for wider adoption. In either case, if you were holding your breath in anticipation for Samsung Pay, you might want to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to launch first.


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  1. What good are any of the mobile pay platforms if no vendors in your area support it. Where i live, only walgreens supports google pay.

    1. That’s why Samsung Pay is so epic, it should (in theory) work with any regular magnetic strip reader. It’s just like swiping a physical card.

      1. oh, I thought the whole idea was to move away from the magnetic stripe as it is not secure enough??

        1. Same issue as moving away from fossil fuel that it takes time and why electric+fuel hybrid cars exist. Samsung Pay is the hybrid of mobile payment.

          1. Got it, so although we know it is kind of non-secure technology, it will be still be used until the whole world has migrated to chip technology
            But I thought the deadline to migrate in the US is Oct 2015 and Samsung is introducing this product in September 2015? Is the whole purpose is to cover just one month? or may be a year?

          2. i just checked and the world population is just past 7,319,623,093 and rising. The population of the USofA is a measly 308,745,538. That leaves about 7 billion people who really won’t care what is happening in your world come this October but will be really happy that Samsung hasn’t turned its back to them. Here in Australia, i’m one of them

          3. you do not have chip technology in Australia? Are you sure about that? check again as Australia is one of the leading countries in adopting chip, EMV and contactless. The rest of the world including Australia are way ahead of the US in this

          4. yep, lots of them, they’re everywhere. But there are also a lot of legacy swipe machines. And most likely will be for some time.

            also, Bali and Thailand are perhaps the most popular cheap short stay OS holiday destinations, leaking into Viet Nam, Cambodia etc. For our kids and grandkids on extended holidays, South America is a biggie. Along with Turkey through Eastern Europe.

            a phone that can use legacy swipe machines is gonna be an asset in my world for years to come

          5. no problem there, legacy always lives and the manual zip zap devices from the 1980’s are still there and used as backup devices. I am not sure that we are seeing someone is coming to innovate on the zip zap devices, simply put if you want to use magstripe just use your card. It is as simple and much more reliable than any other alternative with the need to have power or press any buttons and we may as well say it is waterproof.

      2. Your right. I forgot about that. My bad.

      3. if google allowed your wallet card to act like the tap and pay and supplement your lack of wallet balance with prefered cards i would be so elated but alas the card only uses the wallet balance

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