According to Google’s Smart Lock page, the Nexus 6 also runs Window Phone


google android smart lock -netflix

Smart Lock was one of the more noteworthy new features that debuted in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Adopting an idea we only saw in Motorola devices prior to Lollipop, Smart Lock is simply a convenient way to keep your Android device unlocked when it’s safe, and locked when it’s not. The feature is so important, Google even created a dedicated landing page to talk all about it. What they didn’t notice, however, is one of the featured images created for the page is actually a Nexus 6 running Windows Phone. Oops.

Now, we’re not going to run with some sort of conspiracy theory that Google will introduce a dual-boot option for the Nexus 6 in the near future. This is simply a designer faux pas in which he used the wrong Netflix screen shot when putting together the image. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a slip up, with the world going nuts over a Nexus tablet once believed to be the Nexus 8 (the image was later tweaked to reflect the Nexus 7 2013).

Nothing too big, just kind of funny that you can find Nexus 6 running Windows Phone on one of Google’s official web pages. Ha.

[Smart Lock | via Reddit]

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  1. I sure got fooled by this posts title. Not that I would want windows phone on my nexus.

    1. Its getting better and better but then again, I would not like Google on my 1520 ;),
      Just saying …..

      1. The 1520 is crap haha?

        1. google is crap, does not matter what kind of phone you use it with. Nothing crap about the 1520 btw

          1. Nokia Lumia 1520 is SO BAD- Quad Core 2.2ghz, 2gb ram, adreno 330, Snapdragon 800 processor (Old lol), and windows ?.
            My NEXUS 6 is Quad Core 2.7ghz, 3gb ram, adreno 420, Snapdragon 805, and Stock android????. Unlucky dude. Your phone sucks!

          2. Specs look good on paper…. ;-)

          3. Yes and they are good in real life too…. The antutu benchmark results thrash your phones score

          4. Again, what looks good or not good on paper does not count and you can’t compare your “fresh” phone to my 2 year older 1520….. and don’t forget you need the power to perform decent.. WP does not….

          5. Stock android stays fast. The NEXUS 5 beats your windows phone in real life benchmark tests. Windows is known for bad performance. Cheap phones that own only 2% of the phone market haha

  2. Well that title was definitely not clickbait.

  3. Google has a way of… secretly telling the world of their plans. Maybe things will become dual-boot-able.

  4. dual boot would be welcomed…. break the shackless

    1. “break the shackless”

      Everyone should have a shack, man. Don’t break ’em, give ’em a shack.

      1. i read should have a shag… hahaha thats better

        1. Yes. Yes it is.

    2. What did the shackless ever do to you?

      1. more options??

        1. You suggested breaking those who are without shacks. Their only other option would be to have shacks, in which case you would no longer wish to break them. Fortunately I am not shackless myself.

          1. ok.. i wasn’t referring to an open source vs walled gardens / closed…

          2. Sorry man. I was just being a grammer nazi and an ass. Shackless instead of shackles. Get it?

          3. hahaha.. dumb (me) spell check..

    3. Dual boot on laptop, notebook with Linux let users have the real os. Break shackle that ms has on oems like dell, hp, Lenovo so they can have dual boot Linux windoze laptop/notebooks. Release ms office on linux

      1. agreed, more choices to users. But if your really think about it, there’s actually nothing to stop OEM’s from “pre-installing” linux on their machines…that agreement with MS? meh.. big companies always have ways of circumventing things…

        1. I think it has been published on ms monopoly practice on Dell, hp oem has been forced to shun Linux dualboot, that is why you see on their site dell recommends windoze on Laptop/notebook.

          1. i think with declining sales of traditional PCs… MS is losing that power…strangely, google.. now is a bit like MS in the 90’s…not that bad, (yet??)… anyway, as a user, i’ll buy things that suits my need.. be it amazon, Apple.. MS…Google… if one is to adopt an open source culture.. then i believe being technologically agnostic(??) is the way to go….

  5. I would be down. Windows phone is a pretty cool guy, eh has live tiles and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    1. lolwut?

      1. Know your meme, come on

        1. The joke

          Your head.

  6. Wonder when evil ms will release office for Linux and let oem install dual boot windows laptop with Linux. Ms is choking oem not to install dual boot Linux. This will relive users have option to use Linux desktop from Ms monopoly of windows pc/laptop which is 10 times secure ans stable than windoze 8/10 or 11

    1. “windoze”
      Really? You have the maturity of a 12 year old if you have to resort to name-calling like that. It’s spelled WINDOWS whether you like the product or not.

      1. LoL micro$oft lol!!!!111

        I’m a 31337 hax0r

        – ZerO cOoL aka androidscales

        1. lolwut?

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