May 28th, 2015 publishUpdated   Aug 18th, 2015, 8:45 am

The Google IO 2015 Keynote came and went and we’ve shared with you all the big news. Now that the Android M developer preview is out in the wild, we’ve got the Android faithful flashing Android M in the forums and digging it apart for all the nitty gritty goodies.

Among them, without fail, is a collection of the default wallpapers. Unfortunately, (at this point) there is only 1 new wallpaper found in Android M:

max frame and edited

The lone new wallpaper appears to be a picture of earth taken from space – just another reason to think that Android M won’t be called Marshmallow but instead will be called Android Milky Way.

Here are the other 10 default wallpapers found on the developer preview of Android M (but that also appeared in Android L):

wp_arc_001-phandroid wp_arc_003-phandroid  wp_geo_1243-phandroid wp_geo_1557-phandroid wp_geo_2102-phandroid wp_geo_2167-phandroid wp_geo_2170-phandroid wp_geo_2278-phandroid wp_paper_001-phandroid


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[Thanks Chris!]

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