Android M: is M for Milky Way?


At this year’s Google IO we already knew they were going to announce Android M. But what would it be called? We predicted Marshmallow. However, a few eagle-eyed Phandroids noticed that Head Android Engineer Dave Burke was wearing something quite interesting on his Android Wear watchface:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 3.56.10 PM

That is 100% a milkshake which stands, of course, for Android Milkshake. Burke even confirmed this fact himself but perhaps not in the way you might expect:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 3.55.02 PM

So now we know two things:

  • The Milkshake on his watchface was in reference to Android M being Milkshake
  • That is not the final name for Android M… it could be any number of M-named desserts cycling through his Android Wear watchfaces

If you watched the keynote as closely as we did, you may have noticed something pretty darn interesting about the introduction video. Not only did they talk about “Andromeda Galaxy” – which sounds an awful lot like “Android” and Samsung’s “Galaxy” – but they flashed the name of the next major galaxy on the screen…

Milky Way.


The above photo was taken from my seat at the keynote. Also worth noting: the lone new Android M Wallpaper is a picture of earth taken from space. Could Google already be teaming up with Samsung for the first Samsung Milky Way Galaxy device? Conspiracy theories away!

This doesn’t prove anything either, but at least now we’ve got two new front runners for Android M’s official name. So which one do you think it will be? Android Milkshake or Android Milky Way?

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  1. Damn, I was holding out for Mounds.

  2. M&Ms would be awesome. Have a feeling it’ll be something simple like marshmallow though.

    1. I don’t care what they call it, I just hope they ironed out all the bugs, because lollipop was a disaster in my opinion

      1. I love how Google specifically pointed out that one of the major features of Android M was the hundreds of bugs they fixed. Lol

        1. Hahaha, I’m glad to hear it, but I rather see it before I believe it

        2. Until the new bugs appear!

      2. When I first got my Nexus 6 back in December I was blown away by how buggy Lollipop was. I couldn’t believe it was real considering how amazing KitKat on the nexus 5 had been. I ended up going through two nexus 6’s because I kept getting defective units. Eventually I got a refund and imported an exynos note 4. I’ve got a lollipop based ROM on the Note 4, and it actually seems less buggy than stock Android.

    2. If M&Ms considered then Mars would be more in line with an Earth picture taken from space.

  3. Whose milkshake brings all the fans to the yard?

    1. Spock’s?

  4. I was thinking Malt Liquor.

    1. Colt 45

    1. LOLLLL nice

    2. Made out of 100% “real monkey”

  5. They partnered with Nestlé for Kit Kat, why not Mars for Milky Way?

  6. My Android brings all the boys to the yard…

  7. Mars bar?

  8. Another Samsung Nexus? Lame.

  9. I’m lactose intolerant so is prefer Milky Way, not Milkshake.

    1. neither is very good for you, although a home made milkshake would still be better for you than a milky way.

      1. I’ve got your homemade milkshake right here ;)

  10. M&Ms

  11. Definitely liking Milky Way a lot better

  12. Marshmallow

  13. Milk Dud

  14. I’m calling Android Meatloaf…

  15. The red car and the blue car had a race…

  16. Meringue or Mousse

  17. Muffin

    1. Which isn’t a desert

      1. But cupcake is?

        1. Yes. Lets break it down: What is a cupcake? A baked cake that can fit in the palm of your hand. What is cake? A desert. Therefore cupcake is a desert.

          A muffin is generally considered a breakfast food. Bran muffins. Blueberry muffins. Cranberry muffins. Banana bread muffins. All had usually during breakfast.

          1. What about a chocolate muffin?

          2. For that one, I’d say it straddles both worlds IMO. Though technically it’s still a muffin http://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-difference-cupcake-v-113056 (by their definition)

          3. Maybe it’s my Englishness speaking, but both a cupcake and muffin are snacks I’d have with afternoon tea. Never had a muffin for breakfast!

  18. I just want that Huawatch that he was wearing…it really looks incredible.

  19. American Milky Ways are different to UK Milky Ways (more like a UK Mars) so I’d be interested in seeing how they do the branding.

  20. Yes I guessed right from the start that it’s going to be Milky Way! :P

  21. Milkshake – cool and smooth

  22. M is for MONEY beotches!!!!!

  23. Moonpie damnit. I want it to be Moonpie!

  24. Mudpie? I’m still waiting for the N’s. I vote for Android Nougat. Still don’t understand what that is, or how it’s in Snickers without being listed in the ingredients list, but it fascinates the hell out of me anyway.

  25. …except Google is working with LG and Huawei?

    Sure, it’s just rumors, but I don’t know about having another Samsung Nexus device, and I don’t care if the Milky Way is a galaxy. This post is a wreck. O_o

    1. The Next Nexus device is going to be made by Motorola.

  26. I don’t know what it will end up being named…but I want it to be Marshmallow.

  27. it’ll be Milky Way. They made that pretty obvious.

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