Android Marshmallow has a dark theme hidden in the developer options


Android M dark theme

It’s not full-on theme support, but it’s the next best thing and one of the most requested features Android die-hards have been asking for since Android started moving towards a lighter color palette. As discovered by Derek Ross, it turns out Android M will finally bring a new dark theme when it launches later this year.

Right now, it’s still extremely early and hidden away inside Android’s hidden developer settings. What’s more is it doesn’t really do much but apply a Material dark theme to the settings app, but we imagine developers can implement something similar in their own apps once M rolls out later this year. It’s not pure black, but at least it’s something.

[Images via Reddit]

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  1. Finally!

  2. Material is pretty colorful and full of life to me, so not having a dark theme wasn’t a bother for me. It’s nice to have options though.

    1. Agreed, definitely pleasing to the eye so I don’t care as much for the dark theme.

  3. This would be nice, but it still has less lines of text per screen and more useless padding than KitKat.

  4. Love it

  5. Anything more AMOLED screen friendly is a good thing.

  6. I’m pretty sure developers have been able to implement dark UI on their apps already, so adding this should cover everything, right?

  7. Thank EFing god, my biggest complaint with Lollipop is the white theme

  8. If I was back with Sammy…this would of benefited me..but now that I’m back to LCD…its still a great option..but I don’t benefit except for aesthetic value

  9. Music to my ears. I can’t stand the lighter theme on Lollipop. Hurts my eyes way more than the darker themes. ICS is still my favorite.

  10. That’s one thing I love about my OPO, darkness for all.

  11. Wow this is exactly what I wanted for Material UI since the moment it was first announced with Lollipop last year. The white UI has looked terrible, and is not OLED friendly.

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