Android Marshmallow battery lasts 2X longer than Lollipop thanks to new “doze” feature [VIDEO]



If you were watching the Google IO 2015 keynote, you’ve gotten an early look at some of the things Google’s doing for Android M. One of the biggest things they announced was a feature called “doze,” and it has everything to do with saving precious juice on those petite batteries.

The simplified explanation is that “doze” is a system state that will idle your device and background apps to a near-off state when you haven’t used it for a while, a tactic that can make your phone last twice as long as it would if your Lollipop phone were on standby.

This comes with one sacrifice: apps don’t stay as “fresh,” meaning they won’t be fully up to date with the latest information while your phone is dozing. That’s a small price to pay for double the battery life, though.

And the reason it’s called “doze” is because that doesn’t mean your device has to be completely off the grid to get these battery gains. You’ll still get alerted about phone calls, alarms, and high priority messages (such as text or Hangouts messages) to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Battery life has been something of concern for Android users since the beginning, and with devices coming with more demanding hardware we’re glad Google is taking drastic measures to improve it.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sounds like Sony’s Stamina mode which works great.

    1. Pretty much. :)

  2. yawn, apple already does this. incredible standby time on all idevices

    1. That is amazing if Apple does this already, why do iPhone’s have such crappy battery life. Oh yea, they use super thin battery’s. So the phone dies much sooner than Android devices. I always see iPhone users at airports crying for a electrical plug because their phone is dead. :)

      1. Sounds like you saw the Samsung commercial.

        1. I guess I missed that commercial. But I’m sure it was taken from real life. :)

        2. I saw the samsung commercial, and then the next week went on a flight, and saw an almost exact re enactment of the samsung commercial, all iOS users.

      2. To Apple’s credit, the standby on my ipad is phenomenal compared to any Android device I’ve owned.

        Right now I’ve got 2h 54m of use and 9 days 22 hours on standby – I’m at 94%. Seriously, I wish my Android devices could do that.

        1. You beat me to this retort. I left my iPad on my desk once for 2 weeks fully charged came back and it was still well above 50% the OPs point was iOS probably does this to an extent. and if you see people wall hugging at an airport then yeah it probably is because older iPhones ( and the 6 ) uses a smaller battery. But with the 6 plus I would think this argument would be done with by now. Guess not lol.

        2. What ROM are you running

          1. CM12 on my Note 2, Sweet Rom on my Note 4 w/ custom kernel. I’ve tried all kinds of ROM on my devices over the years, and they don’t touch the standby on my ipad.

            Standby time is more of a convenience, though – I’d much rather have an extra hour of SOT.

        3. Sounds like iOS has a good standy-battery-saver built into the OS. That’s amazing. You won’t get things like that on Android until you turn off everything.

          This looks to remedy that. Finally seems as if Android is playing catch-up.

      3. with what apple squeezes a out of the tiny batterys is nothing short of amazing. show me any droid phone with a battery less than 2000mah that last a day. lol but we talkin standby time

        1. Agreed. Apple has had battery life figured out for a long time now. Android still doesn’t, atleast not rolled out yet. Excited android is getting there. Why it took this long? Beyond me. If you dont think Apple is the leader in device battery, check out their new macbook laptop battery they designed in house, nothing else on market comes close to rivaling it.

          1. Android lousy on battery? iPhone is better?

            I don’t think so. But that’s just me.

            HTC One M8.

          2. Stock out of the box, android battery life doesnt hold a candle to iphone’s. Tons of tweaks and custom roms u might be same or bettery, but a phone out of the box new, its common knowledge iphone crushes android. Few exceptions I am sure a few android devices that have massive batteries can hang, but not 90% of em.

          3. i am sure that with that aggregate stat yes you would be right, but dollar for dollar i am sure android is better

          4. Despite that being with my rooted phone, I’ve had that same performance, stock, out of the box on more than one phone.

            No Facebook or Twitter, turn off nfc and Bluetooth, done.

            I can link you to a stock phone with the same results from 2012.

            Once Google takes control of Play Services so it doesn’t let the social apps beat the phone to death, I expect others to enjoy a similar improvement.

            It’s not Android that’s weak on battery – it’s how the social apps abuse multitasking.

        2. I think all those motorola phones are pretty obsolete at this point, so they won’t last. And they came out years ago. You think that’s a fair comparison?

          Yes, I just deliberately misunderstood you. Just a pep peeve of mines.

      4. What? You aren’t making much sense here Eric. The reason people at airports are crying over dead phones is because they are ON their phone the whole time, meaning NOT on standby, ya feel me pimpin’? So Brandon is correct here, incredible standby time in iOS devices. My LG G3 gets put on a charger 1-2 times a day because of the amount I use it, which I am totally fine with as I absolutely love the phone. It does ok in standby, I use it too much to really make note of how long it would last with less use. The iphone I have for work purposes gets used considerably less as I do not care for it and only need for emails. It is on standby most of the time and I charge it once every 2-3 days. So yeah brah not sure what you on about bruh.

        1. Lol this is so true. When you’re stuck somewhere for hours with nothing to do and nobody to talk to you can probably drain any battery in a few hours.

        2. I use my Galaxy Note 4 constantly 10-12 hours a day. Only have to charge in the morning and again in the afternoon. I just keep the screen dimmer to save power.

      5. #wallhuggers

      6. iPhones will last for days and days on standby. It’s the screen-on and active times that suck for iPhones. You know, when you’re actually doing something with that battery. Android typically leaks battery left and right when not even doing anything, because the processes stay active in the background, whereas iOS will suspend them. Doze should do the same, suspending apps while the screen is off so that the device can go into a low-power state and not waste 3% per hour when you’re not even using your phone.

      7. I see people with their removable battery putting in their third battery for the day.
        #TalkinMymess #ImJustBeingAPrick

      8. I have a galaxy s6 and Iphone 6, if I use the same time screen on both at the end of the day my s6 is at 35% and my iphone is at 70%. The problem with Android is background apps and 4k hd… on a phone really. 1080p its enough. But will see with Android M, if for once android can keep is promise. Cheer

    2. If Apple does this, props to them. I’m still happy Google is doing it with Android because I’m not buying an iPhone anytime soon.

      1. Unless you wanna be a.. You know.. Wallhugger!

    3. Yeah, it’s the one nice thing about iOS devices. But at least Google is making it a choice now.

    4. You Apple guys are clueless. Stick to that power outlet your dreams might come true on day.

      1. You S6 guys are right w/ them.

        1. but they have removable bat… nvrnind.

      2. “You Apple guys are clueless.”
        Says the Samsung apologist who has made some pretty outlandish claims over the years. I remember a few years ago, you saying a very big security hole found on Samsung’s flagship devices was “hogwash”, despite the fact that it was 100% true and reported throughout the Android community at least.

    5. You did not…

  3. On standby. That’s the key – I don’t actually care about standby time (a.k.a. when you’re not using your device). Improve screen-on time and I’ll be happy :)

    1. Screen on time would be improved because you’d have more battery to use from savings when the phone isn’t being used.

      1. see above.

        1. I didn’t say anything about standby. Your phone will drain less when it’s not being used. Unless your screen is on and being used for 5 straight hours, this could help. Does greenify improve your battery life? This should be like greenify and then some (like stamina mode on Sony phones).

          1. I thought by “not being used” you meant “standby”, since this is what Google is aiming to help with.

            I do use Greenify and heavily optimize my phone to get it to where it’s at (disable services, Xposed Amplify, Greenify, etc.). These measures only reduce standby drain, but nothing has gotten me past the 5-6h SOT mark :(

    2. Standby improvements translate to better screen-on time. Think of all the battery that’s wasted on idle. Now imagine it being used for screen-on.

      If you use 20% per hour for screen-on, and 2% for screen-off (usually more like 3%), and that goes down to 1% for screen-off, then consider your average day. 4 hours of screen-on taking 80%, and 10 hours of idle taking 20%. Those 10 hours now take 10%, and you have 10% more for screen-on, which translates to another half-hour of use.

      Sure, it may not sound like much, but you just boosted your screen-on time by 12.5% simply by cutting idle consumption 50%. There are more drastic gains to be realized if you use less than 4 hours of screen-on, and arguably less if you use more.

      Personally, my numbers are more like 15% per hour on, 2% off on my HTC One M9, and less if I have power saver enabled (12% / 0.7%). HTC’s power saver is pretty similar to Doze, whereby it disables radios while the screen is off, and uses only the A53 cores, so I’ve been able to get 3 days of use with 2 hours of screen-on time, or at least last to the end of the day if I have 5 hours of screen-on. Now, this is all assuming I’m not doing something intensive, like shooting RAW photos and editing them in Photoshop Express. THAT kills my battery in 6 hours due to all the processing.

      1. That assumes that my device will be on standby for a long time, which it is not. My best standby times (android phone) is about 0.5% per hour. Even if that was cut in half (at best) it would be 0.25% / h difference or 6% a day. That 6% difference equals maybe 15 minutes of extra SOT… so, no it’s not going to do me any good.

        1. If you’re running your device constantly, all idle improvements will be negligible because you’re not spending any time in idle. For people who actually put their phones down, Doze will be a fairly significant improvement.

          Doze is mostly targeted at things like leaving your Nexus 9 on a table for a few days, and having it not be dead when you pick it up a week later.

          1. You’d really have to never use your device for this to be worth it, but if you’re using it that infrequently, then something like ultra power save mode on Samsung phones would be far better.

            Most people charge their phones at LEAST once per day because they actually use them. A business person, teen, busy parent, social bug and most other typical users wouldn’t benefit much from the savings – certainly not enough to make it a headlining feature.

    3. Actually it’s standby time that’s killing devices. My phone dies quite fast because I have all this stuff syncing. I’m not complaining, though. I’m fully aware and want this stuff. I will GREATLY benefit from this.

      And you know what else may benefit from this? I may actually be able to use Google Now to it’s fullest. I may be able to turn back on scanning for WiFi networks. Google Now is lovely when you become one with it. But that battery drain in standby, though. =.[

  4. Doze sounds like the Stamina Mode on Xperia Devices..

    1. Basically

  5. what about app notifications? how are they going to be affected?

  6. I need to see it before I believe it. The said that lollipop would increase the battery live but it didn’t it’s pretty much the same as kk sometimes even worse

    1. Lollipop is SO much worse than kk for me.

      1. Consider the fact that Google uses Nexus devices for development.. People with Nexi have reported slightly better life..while others with Skins and added bloatware (TW, Sense, Nature UX) have had mixed experiences..

        1. I got nexus, lollipop took off 2hrs SoT.

      2. Do you wipe your cache? Wiping it once every now and then improved my experience.

      3. Agreed.

  7. While I applaud any and all decent attempts to maximize battery life, it still doesn’t excuse tiny batteries being peddled by manufacturers. I use my Nexus 6 to download and binge watch TV shows and movies and my Nexus 6 will last 6 hrs 30 min-45 min on full brightness. That’s what I care about most, and this won’t help with that, unless it shuts down some of the apps running in background, but even then it might add only a few minutes.

    What I want to see is an end to the insane “thinness” race. I’m totally fine with a heavy phablet that is 10mm thick but has triple or quadruple the battery life. If you don’t allow user replaceable batteries than at least make the batteries big enough so that we can own them for a few years. Over time batteries degrade and lose their ability to hold their charge and the last thing I want to do is be forced off my Nexus 6 early because the battery is worthless and I can’t replace it (well you can pay for a replacement battery but those are only offered for 2-3 years before being discontinued).

    It wouldn’t be a big deal except that I love: stock android, 6+” screens, and front facing speakers, and it doesn’t look like a future Nexus will offer those things so I may be stuck with my Nexus 6 for a LONG time.

  8. Great! Can’t wait to receive this update circa 2019

  9. I have an android issued by AT&T, so I am excited as I should see this version of Android around 2019!

    1. Look on the bright side, you’ll still be ahead of verizon.

  10. Idgas about standby. Improving screen on time is the only thing that really matters.

    1. ok

    2. You do realise that if you reduce or take away the drain that rogue apps cause by keeping the phone awake when you’re not using it directly improves screen on time, right?


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