Motorola might be using Snapdragon 808 and 810 in latest flagships


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Say what you want about the Snapdragon 810’s supposed overheating issues, but it seems more companies are going to use it in their 2015 flagships. One such company seems to be Motorola, with a trusted tipster leaking word that at least one of their latest devices will use the oft-maligned chipset.

That particular phone would be the XT1585, which is said to be a Verizon device with QHD resolution and 640 DPI (codenamed Kinzie). Meanwhile, the XT1578 or XT1097 — both codenamed “Clark,” with the former being Verizon-specific — will look to run a Snapdragon 808. Those will also enjoy QHD resolution (albeit it at a slightly lower DPI of 560).

There isn’t much other new information about these devices so we’re still not exactly sure what Motorola’s plans for 2015 look like. For what it’s worth Motorola has seemingly started to mask the codenames of their devices using model numbers of phones that already exist. Evidence that the leakster is hot on the trail? Perhaps, but we suppose that means little in the end — we know Motorola is going to be bringing some heat later this summer, and we hope official word about their plans isn’t far off.

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  1. nothing wrong with the 808 as long as its tuned right =)

    1. Absolute fact.

    2. G4 perfect example

      1. yep, its why i’m really interested in it!

        1. It’s why I preordered it. I think it was a well played decision, those in the USA will soon see as they start to flood the market in early June and we will see how this whole 808 decision plays out. As long as they tuned it well for the rest of the hardware, it could have been a smart play.

          1. I will look for your comment on an article when you receive it. i’m really anxious to see what people think. hope u got the leather one!

          2. You know me – but you don’t know me ;) – and know I WILL post up an honest straight up comment should the proper thread arise after I get it and use it.

          3. yep, i prolly wont look at anyone elses comment on it haha

      2. Perfect example it’s not especially compared to the Exynos processor in the S6 and S6Edge. ? ?

        1. Dude…no one cares. You like Samsung….fine. But seriously, it sounds more like your still trying to convince yourself that you made a good investment. If I wanted an s6…I would have bought one.

        2. No one but you is comparing anything. Way to bring up something that doesn’t even matter.

  2. what about a motorola moto slider with qwerty keyboard no?

    1. 2003 called. They want their idea back.

  3. Yeah, they’ll use the 810 – and have to throttle it to do so just like everyone else using the 810. Oh, wait, they didn’t tell you that part? Oh, what a surprise. But hey, you got an “810” though :/

    1. 810 revisions fixed the thermal issue. It’s not just throttled.

      1. So why was the 820 release moved up? I still don’t trust the 810.

        1. for the same reason that the 801 was released after the 800

      2. How did that help the guy whom I personally watch return 2 M9’s at Verizon due to the heat? Or people with the S6 experiencing thermal throttling? To little to late. As is said below, people – some people – have trust issues with the 810 and for good reason. The rumors that hit the web about that chip, and then the attempt was made to push them down, turns out were true.

        I just preordered the LG G4 with an 808 and I have no reservations about having the 808 over the 810. LG is releasing their flagship with an 808 for good reason… they knew the entire time the 810 had issues. They played it smarter.

        1. Lol! So LG put the 810 in the g flex 2 to watch it fail then?

          1. more like to test the market but yes.

          2. Test the market? In what way exactly?

        2. The S6? I thought it used the Exynos.

        3. My M9 doesn’t get hot (a little warm same as every other phone) and I haven’t noticed any throttling. The S6 doesn’t even use the 810, so I don’t know what you’re talking about there.

        4. This is the second recent article you referenced the S6 with an 810..its not in there and saying they’re the “same architecture” is a bad reason to do so.. It’s an Exynos and different.. And real world use and reputable sites tests show it smoking the 808 even still.. I’m NOT an Exynos fan btw.. I probably will never own a Samsung again cuz of that (development reasons) but call it like it is.. It’s not an 810 nor the same.. And unfortunately it currently is tops in the market (and I hate to say that).. I have been testing a S6 for past couple weeks too btw.. Not keeping it for many other reasons but not soc performance that’s for sure! (battery, SD, Exynos for development, screen size, TW, etc to name a few)

  4. Everybody is using Qualcom (except Samsung and Apple of course, and some chinese brands). It’s not as if we expected Moto to use anything else than these two SoC…

  5. After the continuing Motorola Droid Turbo Lollipop non upgrade fiasco and the rampant turmoil there Moto is pretty much dead in the water as a viable vendor unless Lenovo is going to flood the company with money and top personnel so the whole chip question is virtually academic

    1. “unless Lenovo is going to flood the company with money”
      You make me laugh.

    2. Seeing as the Turbo is expected to receive 5.1, I’d hardly call that a “fiasco.” And regarding Motorola being “dead in the water” due to this supposed “rampant turmoil” seems a bit much and over-the-top. They’re no longer a “viable vendor” because the 5.1 updates are coming later than expected? Wouldn’t be the first time in the tech world. Granted, the wait’s been longer than expected. However, Motorola’s been forward about the delays, recently stating the crappy support from many of their “hardware partners” has been the major culprit preventing them from pushing out timely Lollipop updates. (And seeing how crappy a “hardware partner” like Sprint is — I know because I have them — I’m inclined to believe Motorola 110%.)

      1. So true. Verizon also has their hand in the Lollipop delays for the Turbo.

        The GSM version of the Turbo got Lollipop months ago.

    3. Fiasco? I don’t think that means what you think it means.
      and what turmoil? Sounds like we got another one Phil

      1. Its a “fiasco” because he got a phone with a carrier that has a history of taking their time to update a phone… These guys (Verizon) usually hold updates ransom until the next iteration of the device comes out.

        1. Deciding to hold for 5.1 so that the VoLTE is native is not a fiasco. Hell, it’s not even a problem since the phone works great already.

          1. Listen, I agreed with you on his complaints. Verizon does this, look at there update history. They’re known for this, rather you see it or not is your fault. I left them after they fudged up the galaxy nexus.

  6. I think once my turbo is running a solid 5.1 I’ll be content for 2015 and part of 2016.

    1. That is until you see the new stuff in Android M. :P

  7. I bet “Clark” is a Superman reference. Look out for the Droid Super or Droid Kryptonite.

  8. I haven’t been excited about a Motorola device since……….. That’s right I never have because Motorola sucks. Another overpriced piece of crap, guaranteed.

    1. uhh, no

    2. swing and a miss

      1. How so? The moto X initially was overpriced upon launch.$579 for a 16gb. LOL, yeah right. Last year’s Moto X 14 wasn’t the best pricing for what it offered either. $500 for a mediocre camera and 16bg storage without any expandable, yup thats a rip off & failure. In fact, the Moto X is a mid range line than true flagship compared to competition. I would love to hear your thoughts.

  9. This isn’t good news. Motorola and Verizon played the numbers game with their latest devices and are losing; the 810 is even worse.

    1. The s810 suffered a lot of FUD, but actually the evidence that it has problems is really weak – the Galaxy S6’s 14nm wonder processor gets hotter when running the camera than the HTC M9’s S810 does when gaming, yet people still write about S810 heating.

      But once a story gets traction it generally takes more than facts to derail it.

      1. Video capture? Well any phone will do that.

      2. You’re right, the evidence that the 810 has heat problems is really weak.


  10. A QHD with a 640 DPI is a 4.7in screen. No idea what device that could be, but it’s not going to be the turbo’s successor. The 560ish is the 5.2in like in the current turbo.

  11. only cuz they can get it at a steep discount.

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