This cool virtual reality headset claims to be able to track eye movement [KICKSTARTER]


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Talk about the HTC Re Vives and the Oculus Rifts of the world all you want, but no one is doing anything quite like what FOVE is promising. Their virtual reality headset — which is currently enjoying a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter — does more than just track head and body movement: it can even track your eyes.

FOVE claims to be able to read the user’s eyes to determine where, exactly, they’re looking. Not only can it tell which direction the eyes are looking, but it can even tell how far into the distance you’re gazing. This sort of tracking makes it possible to implement levels of detail beyond anything we’d imagine possible, such as having digital characters notice when you’re looking at them, or looking at something else.

It’s a seemingly ordinary virtual reality headset otherwise, but this added level of dimension is enough to take it out of the “ordinary” category and into the “holy crap we really want one” category.

fove eye tracking

The project has already raised close to $300,000, which is more than enough to fulfill the original project goal of $250,000. The earliest units are scheduled to ship May 2016, one of which you can claim for as little as $375. Be sure to check out all your options for pledging right here, and check out the video above if you’re wondering about the types of virtual reality experiences that could, well, become reality with FOVE.

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  1. Pretty cool. If they are the real deal this could easily best oculus

  2. Ooof… Kickstarter. Never again. I’ll revisit this product once it’s ready.

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