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I’ve been living like a savage barbarian the past week and I don’t like it one bit. In fact, my life has been inconvenienced more times than not, it’s been filled with various frustrations, and from time to time certain tasks that were once simple have been much harder.

Next month will mark twelve months since the launch of Android Wear and I’ve worn either my LG G Watch or my Moto 360 every day since the Google I/O 2014 launch. I’ve spent the past week without my Android Wear powered Moto 360 smartwatch and I can’t wait to get home and get it fixed.

You see, while traveling to China to attend the OPPO R7 and R7 Plus launch event, my Moto 360 got snagged on a cramped bus aisle seat and was roughly ripped off of my wrist. The accompanying strap pin went flying off into the unknown and I was left without a wrist computer for the first time in nearly a year.

Smartwatches are not for everyone. They’re accessories. Just like how not everyone needs a smartphone case, not everyone needs to wear a bracelet, not everyone needs a traditional watch, and not everyone needs a smartwatch. But that doesn’t mean that each of those items do not serve a purpose in one way or another.

Smartwatches are all about convenience and how I personally use Android Wear reflects that as notifications, Google Now, and Smart Lock are my three main use cases.

Managing notifications on your wrist is a godsend if your pocket is constantly buzzing with updates and notifications from your smartphone. While it’s not generally a big deal to pull out your phone a few times a day, this can become quite annoying and repetitive if you’re an avid smartphone user. Having this simple, yet extremely powerful capability removed from your life just plain sucks. Glancing at your wrist for a second or two is much more convenient than pulling your smartphone out of your pocket and interacting with it for a longer period of time. Think about how many minutes a day you waste just pulling a phone out of your pocket. Also, sometimes you just can’t get into your pocket because your hands are full or you’re in a meeting and anything beyond a quick glance would be considered rude, it happens.

Next on the smartwatch added convenience factor is Smart Lock and trusted Bluetooth devices. Smart Lock for Android Lollipop allows you to conveniently unlock your smartphone if a trusted device is connected or you’re in a trusted location, etc. With Smart Lock enabled, you won’t have to constantly unlock your phone if one of the security criterias are met. I like to use my Moto 360 as my trusted Bluetooth device. If my Moto 360 is powered on, then it’s on my wrist and that means my smartphone won’t prompt me for a PIN, password, or pattern each and every time I go to use it. It’s extremely convenient and a time saver.

Do you know how annoying it is to get hundreds of notifications per day and have pull your phone out of your pocket and unlock it each and every time? Sure, queue the first world problems meme, but the struggle is real.

Google’s contextual service, Google Now, is the last on my list of hardships I’ve gone through the past week. Google Now is an extremely powerful tool, giving you just the information you need, when it’s convenient. In fact, I’d argue some of the most powerful and useful features of Google Now don’t shine until you’re traveling. Having your boarding pass show up on your wrist when you arrive at the airport, having hotel information pop up on your check-in date, showcasing local restaurants, or even just the temperature, all of these just pop up with very little effort on your part. I really missed those things the past week. Though, in my case, most of them wouldn’t have worked anyways, because Google Services in China are worthless thanks to the Great Firewall of China blocking the Googs, but I’ll leave that to a future article.

Even as I type this now in the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, I hear my Nexus 6 vibrating in my backpack as it’s charging with a power bank. I can’t look at my wrist to see what’s going on and it’s driving me mad.

There’s no doubt in my mind that smartwatches are going to take off in the next year or two. Wearable tech is still fairly new, but once you give it a try, the convenience factor will win you over and you won’t want to go back to your savage, phone checking life.

Do you use Android Wear or another smartwatch? If so, have you gone an extended time without it? Let me know in the comments.

Derek Ross
I'm a passionate Android enthusiast that's on the pulse of the latest Android news, writing about Android as often as possible. I'm also a little addicted to social networking. Hit me up, I'd love to chat.

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  1. I bet people become more human without all of the “connected” nonsense; phones going off, watches going off, tablets going off. ugh.

    1. To an extent, possibly. Though right now so many people walk around with their heads down, looking at their phones. The argument for Google Glass was that it would keep your head up, to keep you in the moment and make you get back to human interaction. I wore Glass everyday for a year and a half so I kind of get that argument.

  2. I knew the writer was Derek or Chris based on the headline and the first line or two of the article and sure enough it was Derek. I’m sorry about your smartwatch getting snagged. It would drive any of us mad if we suddenly lost such a valuable and useful tool we bought.

    Smiled quite widely upon reading this, though. Great arguments in favour of smartwatches.

    1. We’re finally seeing eye to eye Durin… its makes me shed a tear.

      1. I’m glad that Android and things related to it can have such a positive effect.

    2. Thanks. I’m going to rip a pin out of an old watch tomorrow. Can’t. Wait.

  3. love my 360 and find it amazing that I can save battery on my Nexus 6 by not turning the screen on every 2 minutes because it vibrates. I just leave it on silent anymore and rely on the battery of my 360.

  4. At first I thought this was written by Chavez, then I saw this Derek character… I’m impressed. Very good read. To be honest I was literally looking the other night in getting a Smartwatch, the 360 has gone thru a decent price drop to be acceptable. But if anything this article has me itching to get a smartwatch right about now.

    1. Thanks! Next on my list: dat hair.

        1. School em’! LoL

  5. I’m the same I use my moto 360 connected to my works M8 and its so much part of my daily life now, I’ve worn it since release. I get so many notifications, and when I’m in a meeting I can keep on too of all whilst my colleagues come out and have to catch up on them, I’ve already dealt with them and they had no idea, I’ve got it down. I would be so lost without mine now that’s for sure.

    1. I just started in on the Smartwatch category a month ago. I picked up a used Pebble off Craigslist for $50. Instantly interacting with my phone at work became much more manageable. I can dismiss notifications with two simple clicks of the middle side button, I can start pause and give thumbs ups or downs to songs on Pandora. There are so many ways my Pebble has simplified my work life. Then last week I saw that AT&T put the LG G Watch up for sale at $50 new. I ordered one up and from the start I didn’t like it one bit. It had connection problems with my OnePlus One and the app situation was abysmal compared to the Pebble Ecosystem. So I paired it up to my BLU Studio Energy, it stays connected as it’s supposed to. Then it got the 5.1.1 update and now I’m in bliss. Honestly I can’t tell you which I like more between the two watches, there’s something about a color touch screen that is appealing. However there is also something in the non touch screen always on E-Paper display of the Pebble. The interface is so straight forward, the battery life is unparalleled, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a Pebble Time. Color E-Paper, and super long battery life, YES PLEASE!!!

    2. I just had a quick question. are you able to seamlessly switch btwn your work phone and personal phone with the moto 360 or is your smartwatch tied to only be used with one phone?

      1. Unfortunately, it only one phone at a time at the moment .
        All week the 360 is on the works M8 and on a Friday night I have to full reset the watch and resnyc to my s6 edge. And on a Monday morning do it all again…..I’m hoping they sort this I really do. Its the only downside for me.

        1. The new update fixed this problem.. or i going to..

  6. I use my Moto 360 when I leave the house. For me it’s a godsend. No pulling the phone out constantly to check statuses or emails. I can answer them without pulling the phone out for the most part. Wouldn’t know what to do without my 360. I love it.

  7. I haven’t gone more than a couple of hours without my Moto 360 since I got it a little before December of last year. I don’t see me missing it too much though as I am glued to my desktop the majority of the time. I would have to retrain myself to check the time from my smartphone again though since I have that habit of lifting my wrist now

  8. I have a smartwatch and I would definitely agree with you.

  9. I love my moto 369 and Nexus 6 combo

    1. The Moto 369?!

      No fair! I want one !

  10. I’m the same way, LOL..I feel naked

  11. I sold my 360 and I miss it but love my G-Shock. In a way it feels good not being bothered by watch notifications lol. I will wait to see what the next moto smart watch brings

  12. I can’t imagine getting so many notifications a day that I’d need to spend $200+ to access them faster. If anything, I’d be turning crap off. To each their own, I guess.

    1. Or maybe nobody loves you LoL :)

      1. Yeah..because that’s how you measure love, by the amount of notifications

        1. Didn’t you see the LoL and :) I was just kidding don’t get your panties in a bunch

          1. A sarcastic remark deserves a sarcastic response, don’t you think?

        2. They don’t call them ‘likes’ on Facebook for no reason! :P

      2. Maybe that’s a good thing if I had to deal with that many notifications :)

  13. I use it during the week, it helps a lot during work. On the weekend I’m mostly Wearless because I’m using my phone constantly.

  14. I can see how a would be useful, but I don’t need one right now. Now when Wear OEMs start putting NFC on their watches like Apple, I’ll consider it. Because more and more places have NFC payment available. Using Google Wallet to pay is great. Using it with the flick of a wrist would be awesome.

    1. I’m sure we’ll see some at google i/o this year with Google Wallet

      1. You’re probably right, especially now that the Apple watch has surfaced.

        1. Regardless of apple watch surfacing I was expecting NFC in this years android wear devices. Last year when the first wave of smart watches came out they predicted that the next generation would have the NFC payment options.

    2. My Sony SW3 has NFC but there isn’t much I can do with it, yet.

      1. I think it depends one where you’re at. A lot of the places around here that I got to all the time (e.g., gas station, CVS, grocery store, etc…) have NFC payment. NFC payment is much faster than swiping your card in my experience and would be even faster without having to pull your phone out.

        1. I use the NFC on my phone at several places but I don’t think it’s available through Android Wear just yet. I don’t have Google Wallet on my watch.

          1. Yeah, you’re right.

          2. But soon…

          3. lol I hope so.

  15. My god. You are pathetic and incredibly weak. Some people can’t live without technology like a computer, or a car, etc. But you can’t seem to manage without a smart watch? I can’t imagine how strong your aspergers is.

    1. It’s not about that. It’s about the fact that a smartwatch has an actual role in life. There are people who live perfectly fine without technology and don’t require it, so I ask you where is the line? Other maybe then medicine, no technology is actually necessary, technology is about improving your life and making them more efficient.

      1. Google glass was and is an example of unnecessary tech. Evaluate who actually wears those things, and your watches.

        Professional engineers, business men, etc? We have important communication, easily satisfied by calls or emails. In fact it is a bit weird to send and email and get an immediate response.

        People who wear glass, watches, etc, are simply consumers who love toys. Social media addicts, people who chat incessantly on forums, WhatsApp, Facebook. No, these are not necessities. In fact they are so intrusive that a lot of people are finding minimalist tech more useful.

        1. 1) that’s how everything starts, from geeks to everyone. From kinect to AR. Smartphones had no real use at start and we’re only for games and geeks .
          2) Google Glass has really no use, and is a different case, it’s expensive, ugly and helps no purpose. There are almost no articles about people who think the glasses are useful, they only have use for videotaping your life as a blogger, but even there the camera sucked. But hey I don’t regret that they made Google Glass, now soon we’ll have Microsoft glass which actually serve a use in the new 3d world (3d printers, graphics etc).
          3) try a swatch and see, it’s like owning a moto x, now when I use other devices it pisses the hell out of me to press a button to power the damn screen!
          4) give it time, want to know a use? Smart house, I can talk to my watch from anywhere and tell him to turn off the oven, or change the heat. And don’t get me started about reminders, I’m starting to be afraid that my memory will get weak since I don’t use it much now.

          1. 1) I think palm pilots were very useful, combined with a phone it was great. What is pointless now is the specs race, outside of gaming there’s no real use for excessive CPU and GPU power. Yet people still focus on that, and it sells new phones which have barely improved otherwise.

            3 and 4) I did. Didn’t find it that useful, didn’t want yet another device to charge daily. Plus I find it tacky, I like watches and analog is the only thing I will wear.

            I’m not a Luddite. But I’m on my phone enough to be productive, I do not want another dependency. To me it’s like hiring a maid to get my mail from the mailbox to my desk. Sure it’s slightly more convenient but I want to get it myself anyway.

          2. “what is pointless now is the specs race”

            Dude, do you not understand how the computer industry works? Computers manufactures keep fighting to pump out better specs, and developers make more advanced and faster applications to take advantage of them. Try running an application designed for a modern day device on an older device that was top of the line in its time. It just lags behind. The specs race is an important part of the entire circle of life in the computer industry.

        2. What makes ones role in society more important than the next. Without the techies then you wouldn’t have a blog to flex on. Don’t be shallow.

        3. Mate i am a psychiatrist with no facebook account and only heard about whatsapp the other day. But leaving my phone on silent and having notifications on my wrist is freaking awesome. My patients have got used to the subtle glance at the wrist and it is easier to triage calls that way.
          I love smartwatches and i have 2 expensive timepieces i havent worn since i bought my first pebble, much to my wife’s disgust. Consumer? Undoubtedly. But this tech is useful to a broad range of people, and surpasses the genre of toy. You need to open your mind a bit my friend and look to the future because these devices are here to stay.

          1. He’s not your mate, buddy.

          2. Your not my buddy, guy.

    2. You failed to get overall concept of the article. The article is mostly serious, but sure, I’m poking fun at myself a little too. I thought you would have assumed that after reading the first paragraph. Unless you assumed I actually became a real savage…

      I obviously survived the past 6 days without Android Wear. Hell, I actually survived without using Google Services and the majority of the things I use my phone for, with extremely limited Internet access.

      In my uber connected life, I need to simplify things where possible and Android Wear allows that to happen.

      1. Combination of your article and other peoples replies. Apparently WhatsApp messages are so urgent that people need the ever so slight edge to receiving that notification faster. Yes you are mostly serious with your article.

        1. I’ve already responded to you once in another sub thread, but I’ll say it again. It’s not that every single notification is important. Quite the opposite. The watch lets someone who gets many notifications a day have a chance to quickly find out if that buzz was something important, or grandma poking them on facebook. and if it’s important enough then you can choose an action.

        2. Don’t be a hipster c&nt. If you don’t like smartwatches don’t buy one. People who use them aren’t all obsessed with social media or technology. It’s cool and useful. Shut up about the watches, assume less about the people who use them and let people who do like them enjoy them.

    3. “I can’t imagine how strong your aspergers is”

      I can’t imagine how strong your self-righteous, passive-aggressive attitude is.

  16. I’ve worn a dumb watch for the past 25 years so putting on a moto 360 is heaven for me. I love being able to change watch faces whenever and my notifications. I think now that I’ve gotten one, I won’t go back to a regular watch again….

  17. What kind of notification do you get that it can’t wait to look? All of my friends know if the want a fast response you need to call text if it can wait.

    1. You can’t get it until you use a smartwatch. 5 years ago you could say the same thing about messenger Vs what’s app. But now you can’t leave what’s app

      1. That is your lifestyle choice, that you feel the need to respond to every trivial tweet and message. I do not respond to every message immediately, nor do my friends. Often I will not even look every time my phone buzzes, specifically because it must not be important if it is coming through WhatsApp.

        1. So that’s your life, some of us actually have a chance of an important notification coming in through a text based app. It’s not that someone feels the need to respond to the trivial stuff, it’s that there are some things that do need immediate responses mixed among the trivial stuff. A quick glance at the watch lets me be able to see if it deems important enough to pull my phone out.

          Just as an example, a relative of mine is a wedding DJ, and when people visit his site they can type their wedding date, email and phone number into a form and when they hit submit it pops into his email. The faster he can see that notification, the faster he can call back, the more likely he is going to get that job before they book another DJ.

          Or me who does tech support, if a customer texts or emails me with a problem, I’d like to be able to glance at a watch to see if it’s yet another unimportant facebook notification, or if it’s a text from a customer who can’t connect to the internet and needs me there for a house call asap. It’s a livelihood.

    2. Want to know who is calling without pulling out your phone? Look at your watch. You’l know right away if it’s your friend with that important call or a random number calling, trying to sell you something. :)

    3. It seems mediocre if you don’t have one. Or… you may not need one if you have one. If you don’t find the convenience of it if you have one, then a smartwatch really isn’t for you.

      Because those few weeks of me not having one? Yea, I was surprised as well. I missed all these notifications. LoL!!

      I rarely feel my phone vibrate since I wear baggier pants on some days. Ugh!! Smartwatches just make our lives easier. LoL!! Like that little feature in your phone you overlook, Auto Sleep in HTC devices, or the side-of-the-screen glow in the S6 Edge.

    4. I call my friends when I really want to get a hold of them but people who take forever to reply to someone who’s making an effort to communicate with you are inconsiderate (when they have no good reason to delay responding in a timely manner).

  18. I find some of the comments interesting. Peeps don’t understand where we’re coming from. We’re not saying we can’t survive without smart watches…more how much it makes sense for those that are uber connected as it simplifies the technology in our lives. For example, I am a Social Media Specialist and am constantly traveling/covering events on social. Being “literally” on the pulse of what’s happening thanks to my smart watch helps me do my job more effectively. Was I doing fine before without it, sure…but now I’m even more responsive. Like the author said…it’s a technology that improves efficiency for some
    ..not necessary for everyone, that’s for sure. This article is for those that can relate…which is why he’s asking for feedback from other users.

    I would like to see how different thoughts will be two years from now about wearable tech…because I can guarantee there will be a cultural change. The world loves their tech!

    1. “Uber” connected. “Social media specialist”. Seriously, reevaluate your life.

      Most my engineer peers are much less inclined to be so “connected” and they work on cutting edge technology in the military, aerospace, etc. And then you have the every day Joe who feels they must be in touch every second of the day, with tweets, emails, 5 different messaging apps. Funny how we can develop the worlds greatest radar systems with just occasional emails and calls, but consumers need wearables just to manage their lives.

      They tried to push google glass really hard as well, the only people fascinated with it were run of mill consumers.

      1. You might want to talk to your engineer friends again. Glass has been fairly successful in the military and medical spaces :) Have a great weekend!

        1. No, it is not even close to be widely used in military. Unless you’re comparing HUDs and optics in combat, to google glass.

          1. It’s not just about widely used, it’s about how much those who do use it praise it. I know of a few doctors who say the same things about google glass as the author of this article has said about android wear. No everyone is so inclined to be able to use the tech to help them be more productive. But some people embrace it and allow it to make their lives so much easier.

          2. Sounds like very vague stories you made up. I really doubt the glass would be allowed into data sensitive areas in the military, it’s not even allowed in several finance companies (not even personal smart phones allowed to be on the desk let alone a camera on your head).

            As I said, it is not at all commonly used or wanted. You can find fans of even the worst of products. Your anecdotes are meaningless, and probably made up.

          3. Well, you can assume I’m making it up if you want, but I’m not. I’ve talked to a pediatrician who uses glass every day and says he loves it. I don’t remember the guys name, I ran across him in a random thread in google plus.

            Choose to be ignorant, or maybe see that there are people who see things in a different light than you. Understand that your way of using seeing and using tech isn’t the same as everyone else. Get off your high horse. I’ve used Glass myself, and while it seems awkward, it’s definitely something that someone could find a use for, as niche as it is.

      2. Meh, I’m not going to reevaluate my life…that’s my actual career and I’m loving every moment of it. Just remember, you don’t have to buy this stuff…we all have the power of choice. Call me a run of the mill consumer…that’s fine with me. I hope you enjoy whatever it is you’re doing in your life and wish you the best!

  19. I honestly only want a smartwatch because I can change the watch face which is the best thing about smartwatches. The fashion and looks not the convenience.

    1. I’m not going to lie, I love changing my watch face to match my outfits :P

  20. Ah can’t wait for the next Moto 360. But as a fellow technology lover, I understand.

  21. I use my Moto 360 and I know how you feel because I forgot to charge mine last night and I was so desperate to bring it with me that I charged it for 15 minutes before I left just so I could leave with 20% in stead of letting it charge for the 15 minutes that I was gone. I just couldn’t bring myself to go without the convenience.

  22. When I forget to put my 360 on before I go to work, I’m usually going to get a barrage of text messages from my wife like “heloooooo.??? Why are you ignoring me?!” when I leave my phone on my desk and chat with a coworker at the water cooler.

    1. Sounds like you got bigger problems if you can’t go to get a drink at work without your wife feeling abandoned lol. I tell my wife, when I’m at work, I’m working…. Who would have thought?…

  23. When I drive home from work, I use my watch to start navigation as I’m pulling out of the parking lot.

    The one day my watch died on me, I took my normal route, and there was a traffic jam on the freeway. It took an extra 45 minutes. If only I’d know to take side streets that night. Or had Android Auto. :)

  24. I had forgot to put my Android Wear on one day before work and I was frustrated thee whole day lol. I never realized how much I used the device until then .

  25. So I lost the charging cradle to my Moto 360. I looked for it for about two weeks. This process was long because I was checking friends’ places throughout this time. I ultimately just bought a wireless charging pad.

    But those were the worst two weeks of my life. LoL!! I never realized how much I started relying on my Moto 360 to make my life simple. ._.

  26. I only wear my 360 during work hours. Outside of that I go without it during evenings and weekends. As a teacher, who’s in the gymnasium for 60% of my day, my 360 has become necessity. But when my time is mine again, priority notifications go on and the mobile inundation is quelled so I can enjoy both down and social time. I love technology and, in some cases, early adoption, but I own my tools, they don’t own me.

  27. so if this is connected via bluetooth, what about your bluetooth headset? does it switch between both? this would be my issue with bluetooth connected devices…

    1. All newer bluetooth standard devices (aka anything from the past several years, at the very least) can connect to a multitude of devices simultaneously. You can connect your car, smartwatch, speakers, etc. all at once and have been able to do so as long as I can remember.

    2. It can connect two or more Bluetooth devices at once. My Nexus 6 stays connected to my 360 even when connected to the car Bluetooth

  28. After 19 months with an LG G Watch, I gave up on Android Wear. It just doesn’t do that much and Google Now cards actually became very annoying. Since you have no real control over which cards show up and when, I hated getting pinged about so many things I did jot care about. I also hated it when it was disconnected from bluetooth because eat do nothing. When I upgraded to the S6 Edge, I bought a Samsung Gear S on a Verizon promotion for $199. With a data plan that is only a $5 per month add-on, and a bigger, brighter 2″ screen (I am an aging boomer whose near eyesight is going quick), I thought I’d try it for the 14 day trial period. I Love It way more than I ever thought. Its Remote Connection feature, which keeps the phone and watch connected via the Internet when the Bluetooth connection breaks, along with smart call forwarding, means I can leave my phone at home and get all or any of the phone’s notifications I select, on the Watch. This feature also includes the ability to fully reply by voice or keyboard, as if the responses were coming from my phone. That way, other people do not get messages or mail from strange number. Can’t wait for Orbit with 3G or LTE

    1. The G Watch has only been out for 11 months. You can control what cards you get through the Google Now app on your phone and you can block any app you want from accessing your watch. With the latest Android Wear update (5.1) you now get Wi-Fi connectivity for many watches but not for the G Watch.

      1. I meant to say 9 months, as opposed to 19. And while the Google Now app allows some limits, it does not give you complete control. A number of times I have swiped cards and done everything to keep them from popping up again, to no avail. An example is that for some unknown reason, I keep getting news about the Philadelphia Eagles, which I have zero interest in and do not follow. Also, if I do not want to completely ban an app, if I swipe away a card after reading it, it will keep reappearing with no new info. Very annoying.

        And the wifi connectivity in 5.1.1 obviously only works when the Watch is connected to a wifi network. If I leave my phone home and am driving, the watch is totally disconnected.

        I love Android, and have had Android phones since the original HTC EVO on Sprint, but have grown to really dislike Android Wear. It feels totally half-baked.

  29. Gotta admit…I love my 360. I use it every day since I got it and would never be without one. I had some serious misconceptions of what a smart watch can and can’t do…but now that I have used it for 3 weeks I can really see the benefits.

  30. Microsoft band ftw!

  31. OMG. Talking about first world problems.
    Don’t take it personally but your perception of thing is what , in my very personal opinion, is wrong with the world.
    .but I guess I envy you. Because if not having your watch is an issue for you worth mentioning, it clearly means that you live a very comfortable life with no real problems…

  32. taking your phone out of your pocket is not hard unless you’re ill :D
    btw, i think they’re worth it as they’re only around 200$~ instead of a regular one you buy this! but not really!

    1. If you’re getting notifications every 3 minutes, while toting luggage around Beijing (or wherever), it is indeed an inconvenience to take your phone out of your pocket. Also when you’re carrying shopping bags, brief cases, or anything else.

      1. Well i’ve never been in these scenarioes so I can’t tell! But i could just wait and answer later :D

        1. Of course you could, you could also wait to check your pager and return a call from a pay phone. Wait, what year is this?

          1. That takes long the other one requires 3min :D also 0.00001% of my phone usage is making phone calls or sending messages :D

  33. “living like a savage barbarian” for not having your Android ware on?


    1. No, not seriously. Have you ever heard of hyperbole?

    2. Settle down, he’s being ironic.

  34. I’ve become very reliant on my Moto 360. It’s very handy for all the reasons mentioned in this article and more. I also like it for its fitness functions, music controls, and easy SMS replies via Wear Messenger.

  35. Are you trying to tell us they don’t have spring bar pins In China? Are all those sellers on eBay just lying?

  36. Is it me or is it really crazy that our phones are now so big that we need a small screen to do what our phones are supposed to do. We were so happy that our dumb phones started to do so much more than just make calls.
    I returned my moto 360 back to costco since the stopwatch function was terrible. Has that improved with the new update?

  37. Since last I week I’m a proud owner of a Huawei P8. Since then I know how you feel. The P8 keeps forgetting I gave Android Wear permission to use the notifications, over and over again. So no incoming notifications on my Moto 360 anymore! Huawei, please fix this!

  38. I’m really just kind of envious of the people that NEED android wear. Travelling all of those places, doing things with both hands. My 360 is just about the most annoying thing that’s ever existed. Most of the time it just needs charged.

  39. I LOVE my mot360… i paid $299 for mine when it first came out, and although i love it, I having a hard time justifying that $299 price tag…i can do $150 tho! specially with this “ok” battery inside

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