Official: Nexus 6 on T-Mobile will start receiving Android 5.1.1 with WiFi Calling this weekend


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Yesterday, T-Mobile’s Des Smith hinted at the possibility of the Nexus 6 finally receiving its WiFi Calling update this weekend but today, he’s finally confirming it. The Nexus 6 will officially receive Android 5.1.1 — build number LYZ28E — on T-Mobile this weekend, and after a fairly long wait (and a few hiccups on the way), WiFi Calling is officially on board.

The update will be a gradual rollout, hitting a small number of T-Mobile customers in stages. If all goes well, expect a more broad rollout in the coming weeks. Keep in mind you’ll need to already be on Android 5.1 (build LMY47M) in order to update to 5.1.1 and if you’d like, you can grab the factory images from Google’s Nexus Factory Images site here.

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  1. Praying this will make it’s to ASOP roms for my tmobile note 4. Wifi calling is the only reason I have not gone to stock android due to my negirohood not having cell service from any provider

    1. same thing when i go over to hang out at my cousins. i hope this goes in aosp as well so i dont have to worry about missed calls and texts.

  2. There is no factory image for build M.

    1. You need to get it via OTA or manually install it via NRT. It’s T-Mobile specific, not universal, so there is no download for it on the Google dev page. You need to be on 5.0.1 LRX22C to receive Build M via OTA, and you must be stock/unrooted.

      1. I know this. In reference to the article….

  3. Cool beans. I just got my Nexus 6 yesterday and coming from a Nexus 4. Wi-Fi calling will be a very welcome feature that I have missed for the past 2 years

    1. I Love my Nexus ⁴ besides the big screen and front facing speakers on the Nexus 6 I’m I really missing out on this device? I use my device to surf the Web and occasionally take pictures.

      1. To me, it’s better than the Nexus 4 in every feature. It’s very responsive, camera is way better than the 4’s, and the speakers are very loud. After a couple of minutes using the 6 and going back to the 4, I couldn’t. The Nexus 4 outright feels outdated after using the Nexus 6, but this is just my take. Each to his own.

        1. Ok Thanks for your feedback. Well I better leave that beast out of my hands. Lol..

        2. In addition, it’s by Motorola, who are much better at signal reception, durability, and battery life than LG. The Nexus 6 does not overheat like the Nexus 4 does, nor does it have easily-broken glass on the back.

          Plus, once you get hooked on the ability to use “OK Google” without turning the screen on first, you’ll never want to go back.

  4. Does this only come to the Tmo Nexus blue or to any Nexus 6 customers? I have Tmo but I’m rocking the cloud white version…?

    1. It doesn’t matter, all the Nexus 6’s are the same.

      Just use Wugfresh’s Nexus Root Toolkit to downgrade to LRX22C (Download NRT here: https://goo.gl/FnCSZZ), then upgrade with this ZIP file (http://goo.gl/wVwwRL) via “adb sideload” in the stock recovery.

      Once you’ve done this you can wait for the OTA or flash this (https://android.googleapis.com/packages/ota/google_shamu_shamu/f69096766706fab3c721163f02aad9073a989d00.signed-shamu-LYZ28E-from-LMY47M-fullradio-fix-superblock.zip) via the same adb sideload method to get 5.1.1 with wifi calling.

      This is literally every step I’ve taken to the T, because I was on LMY47I last night.
      I just made all those shortened URLs so this this comment wasn’t confusing to look at lol.

      1. Your links are broken.

        1. Sorry about that pal. All better now.

  5. The link below will answer all of your questions about the update.


  6. Might be time to update this with the fact that the OTA URL is available and people (including myself) already have 5.1.1 with WiFi calling installed lol.

  7. So did anybody get the big update?

  8. Here’s a twist: My Nexus 5 got 5.1.1 just now. No idea about wifi calling but considering the Nexus 6 focus … I was pleased.

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