Nexus 6 could be getting its WiFi Calling update this Memorial Day weekend



We’ve known about T-Mobile’s plan to have WiFi Calling enabled on the Nexus 6 since back in October. There’s been quite a few Lollipop updates since then, with none of them bringing that feature T-Mobile customers have been clamoring for.

If the recent tweets of T-Mobile Senior Product Manager Desmond Smith are to be believed, that update — so long in the making — could finally rollout this weekend. You’ll find his tweet down below.

Nexus 6 WiFi Calling update memorial weekend

Alright, so his tweet didn’t come out and say it, but if you remember back on May 12th, Des tweeted that a last minute bug was discovered in the software, delaying the update by 7-10 days. Well, here we are 9 days later, and Des is teasing something sweet coming to the Nexus 6 this weekend.

Des’ lips are tied but if we were betting men, we’d put our chips on the Nexus 6 receiving WiFi Calling this Memorial Day weekend. Keep those fingers crossed!


Chris Chavez
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    1. So what is the advance calling feature on my phone called? I have verizon and have a S5

  1. now they do it…… I already went ahead and got the s6.

    1. How was it going from the screen size of the nexus 6 to a s6?

      1. That was my biggest concern about getting the s6, but after a couple days I stopped noticing the size difference. The s6’s display is PHENOMENAL as well so the screen should not be a concern.

        Touchwiz is also completely redone. There is no lag and, to me, is what android 5.0 should’ve been. On the nexus 6 I felt like I was running a custom rom. Many different things didn’t work, but that isn’t the case with the s6.

        My biggest gripe was the battery life, however, many sites are reporting that the issue is with google now so I’m very sure that an update will dramatically improve battery life (I turned off google now and it so much better, 4.5 to 5 hrs of screen time for me after turning it off)

  2. I guess that kinda keeps the original plan of ‘early’ 2015.

  3. It’s been an active feature on VZW for a while now, pretty cool but not a lot of people have it enabled yet.

    1. false. vzw does not have wifi calling.

      1. Ooops my bad then, confused it with VoLTE.

        1. Yep. T-Mobile has had VoLTE on their Nexus 6 for quite a while now. Verizon doesn’t offer a single device that supports Wi-Fi Calling because they have yet to support Wi-Fi Calling at all on their network.

          1. Good info, thanks.

  4. Please, please, please…

  5. I want to see it on my Nexus 4 w/5.1.1

  6. So I’m curious, is this a T-Mobile only update? Would all nexus users get the push or is this an optional patch that could be applied? Also, is this feature configurable for other VOIP providers ie someone with asterisk or an avaya system? I use Zoiper now but would love it baked in.

    1. Carrier wi-fi calling is different than Voip and but is often confused to be the same thing. It’s a native network extender versus a third party client for calling between calls/texts.

      I’m sure if you have any Nexus 6 with a T-Mobile sim inserted it will pull the update for Wi-Fi Calling.

  7. Come on Chris, find a photo of a Nexus 6.

    1. That’s a skin, I have the same one.

  8. This is awesome. I just got my T-Mo Nexus 6 in the mail today.

  9. I side loaded LMY47D. Hoping that that they’ll update both LMY47D and LMY47M (the Tmo variant) to 5.1.1 and close the fork.

  10. Nexus 6 +Project Fi, forget about T-Mobile

    1. WiFi Calling is “nice to have” for T-Mobile, but required for Project Fi.

    2. You do know that Project Fi uses TMO and Sprint for it’s network? So yeah, this makes TMO relevant I’d say.

  11. Who makes phone calls anymore? Lolzzz

    1. I always have to angle my N6 awkwardly on my ear while on a phone car

      1. People complain about the N6 being too big, but this phone car thing sounds enormous!

        1. Haha phone *call*

  12. I hate my nexus 6. I miss so much the much better camera and micro SD support and battery life of my NOTE 4… biggest mistake ever changing phones. Anyway now I’m waiting for the Note 5 but the Nexus really is a much inferior hardware without the much inferior price tag. Ugh!!

    1. NOTE 4 is a gimmicky piece of $hit. You can have it.

      N6 is the finest
      phone ever made. If you want to sell yours that you hate, I’ll take it
      off your hands,

  13. To buy the Nexus 6 online kindly visit (NexusPhone Deals,com)

  14. what about Hi Def phone calls? that would be more helpful

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