Amazon Prime Now’s one-hour delivery now includes stock from local stores


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Amazon has already brought their Prime Now one-hour delivery service to the lucky residents of Manhattan, but now it’s about to get even better. The company has announced that they will start taking orders for products from local stores to be delivered to you within one or two hours.

You’ll be able to purchase groceries, prepared meals and baked goods from D’Agostino, Gourmet Garage and Billy’s Bakery through the Prime Now app. This is in addition to the items Amazon warehouses which you can order through their website.

The service has come to 7 different cities since its launch, and Amazon anticipates adding a lot more before year’s end. Here’s the list of places where you’ll be able to get items delivered:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Brooklyn
  • Dallas
  • Manhattan
  • Miami

The best part is that two-hour delivery is free for Prime members, while 1-hour delivery is available for just $7.99. Not a bad way to get some goods if you’re in a pinch, need them in a hurry and can’t run to the store yourself. Be sure to give it a try by downloading the Amazon Prime Now app from Google Play.

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  1. By far the best company I’ve ever worked for.

  2. How about just going to the store and buying stuff your self lazy azz people

    1. How about riding on your horse across the country to deliver a message instead of texting it? Guess technology does make us lazy.

      LoL!! But yea, it does come down to how lazy do we let technology make us. Though, there are times when people can’t leave. I think parents of infants and toddlers will greatly benefit from this. Less babies left in hot cars. LoL!!

      1. Please one has nothing to do with the other going to the store and texting someone across the country are to different thing.And if you don’t know the difference I feel bad for you.

        1. Usually analogies have nothing to do with each other. It’s how an analogy works…

          But I get your point. This *may* be that point where we get too lazy. It just may be…

    2. What if you’re sick? Disabled? What if you’re at work and need a cable but have other things going on? What if you’re having a party and notice that you forgot something, but are still setting up/cleaning?

      There are a lot of situations that I could see using this that would not qualify as lazy.

      And so what if they’re lazy and don’t want to fight traffic, or go out in the cold/heat.

  3. It’s funny how they just list Manhattan, like if Manhattan is a city on its own. What happen to the other 4 boroughs that make up New York City? o_0

    Edit: I missed that they listed Brooklyn as well but separate. Are they doing this just to show that they have more cities than they actually do with this service by listing it separate. Or is the Brooklyn on the list a city in another State? Or is it just certain parts of Brooklyn?

    1. Not getting the gripe here. If they listed it as “New York City” that would be a bit misleading, considering the service is only available in 2 of the 5 boroughs. You kind of have to be more specific in that case.

      1. I understand that. But they are claiming the service is available in multiple cities when in fact in one of those cities it’s only available in two of it’s boroughs. They should claim areas and not cities for their service. I wouldn’t be surprised if in Brooklyn its only available in certain areas of Brooklyn and not the entire borough.

        1. Well, you’re right. I can confirm that it’s not available in Bensonhurst.

          1. aka Staten Island jkjk.

          2. Thats what I thought about them not offering the service throughout the entire borough…

    2. Wait, I’m confused. Is Manhattan not a city? And I thought New York City was it’s own city. In other words:
      New York City (does not equal) New York
      New York City, New York
      Manhattan, New York.

      I don’t know how the geographics of New York works.

      In Houston we have an outer loop. There’s a part of town called Pasadena that’s within this loop: within Houston. GPS even puts it as Pasadena, TX, even though it’s part of Houston. Would the case be similar to saying Amazon has Prime Now in Pasadena?

      1. Manhattan is one of the boroughs that makes up New York City. Not a city by itself. Notice how they included Brooklyn as well like if Brooklyn is a city on it’s own. Again, Brooklyn is one of the boroughs that makes up New York City.

  4. Fix the title, those stores are not in my area, seems NY only.
    Should read.
    “Amazon Prime Now’s one-hour delivery now includes stock from local stores in NY”

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