LG G4 begins shipping this week


Though specific details are sparse, LG has announced that the LG G4 will begin shipping this week. That means decision times are near for smartphone fans trying to decide between the Samsung Galaxy S6 (review), HTC One M9 (review), and LG G4 (review).


Here is the vague rollout plan just unveiled by LG:

LG G4 will begin rolling out this week to consumers in key markets around the world, continuing throughout the month into June and beyond as more retailers and operators see what LG G4 has to offer their customers. Starting in Hong Kong, the G4 will follow with rollouts in Turkey, Russia and Singapore, eventually including most of Europe, North America, CIS, Southeast Asia, Middle East/Africa and South/Central America. Approximately 180 carriers and retails are already on board as G4 partners.

We’re still left without the specific LG G4 price details as the company has left that up to carriers in each region.

Now that we know the G4’s official launch will likely come to every market before the month of July, will be one of the customers waiting patiently for it to arrive in your locality?

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  1. So, uh, what happened to those 4000 LG G4s they were going to give out?

    1. Gone with the wind. LOL

    2. You mean the oversized iPod touch? Lol at Wi-Fi-only models.

    3. People on XDA have some and have been posting reviews. As well, UK people have been posting up details.

  2. Torn between the G4 and this years unannounced Nexus phone. If there really is a 5.2″ model and it has nice specs, then there won’t even be an argument in my mind.

    1. I’m with you….I was narrowing my choices down and got it down to the G4….then started wondering whats up with the next Moto line up….then LG Nexus. So my list went from 2 phones to 5 to pick from!

      1. Which 5?
        G4, Moto, LG Nexus…
        Which other 2?

        1. G4, Moto X 3rd gen, Both Nexus’ (LG’s and Huawei”) and the Note 5. all over the place, right? I bought my first Nexus with the Nexus 6 and LOVE it. So its really put the next Nexus phones on my radar for sure. But I could enjoy a smaller screen for sure.

          1. On the bright side, you covered the food pyramid of phones when it comes to size ( 9 A.m.and already I’m making lousy jokes. Hehe).

            Great, now I have 3 on my list. G4,Moto X 3rd gen, and smaller version of Nexus (if the rumors are true).

            Don’t get me wrong, the 6 looks nice, I just don’t need a phone that big.

          2. I love my Nexus 6…it took me from launch to a month or two ago to REALLY get used to the size. I can for sure go back down in size. My ideal size is the G3’s 5.5 inch screen. It was perfect. If LG makes the nexus phone at 5.2 inch, I would really take a look as long as they include tap to wake/sleep, the G4’s camera and at LEAST a 3200mAh battery. I think that goes with the Moto X 3rd too, they need a huge battery this time around for me to consider it. I really want front facing speakers like my Nexus 6 has. and u are not making a bad joke, its hilarious because its true! my liking is all over the place. haha

          3. Won’t happen. An LG Nexus will have smaller battery, smaller camera etc. Well, they did make Nexus more expensive now, so it’s possible, but I would say unlikely.

          4. I dont have a disagreement to that….u are probably right

    2. Also agree. It’s tough to wait, because I know that I want a removable battery and the Nexus won’t have that. But it’s also tough to lay out $600+ for a phone.

      1. For several months after the N5 came out, they were having great deals on it carrier-locked. I didn’t care that they were locked because Nexus, my only complaint was that they were teasing me because I NEEDED a new phone desperately, and I couldn’t wait several weeks for it to be released for my carrier.

  3. Would love to try the G4 out. M9 is great, but would really like the removable battery. Then again, this M9 is the sexiest phone of the year imo

  4. really hoping LG’s Nexus offering has the G4 camera, a 3200mAh battery and 5.2 inch screen….they make some of the greatest phones IMO

    1. I doubt if they take steps backwards and bring the phone down to a 5.2 inch, I’m thinking along the lines of maybe say 5.7

      1. the LG variant?? I know its early speculation but I hear LG is making a 5.2 inch and Huawei is making a 5.7 inch Nexus device this time around. I would only go the LG road if it has that G4 camera on it. If its anything different, i’ll go to Huawei because i’m really into the big phones right now. I love my Nexus 6 a lot.

        1. I love big phones as well, I have the LG G flex original now(6 inch) and its much easier on my eyes. That G4 camera looks like its a winner so far in the camera phone market

          1. completely agree. Had the G2 and G3, then bought my first Nexus. Now i’m addicted to the larger screens. I wish it was the other way around, but you can google it. LG should be making the 5.2 inch screen (even tho I wish they were making the larger of the 2 that is going to be released according to reports)

  5. we’re only ~5 Months away from the New Nexus phone, so might as well wait for that instead.

  6. are there even any sample units to play around for the carriers yet in the US?

    1. T-mobile has a truck driving around the USA – San Diego today – just for the G4. They are even giving them away. https://twitter.com/g4preview

  7. What’s up with the radio silence on carrier release dates if the phone is shipping? Cmon.

    1. Rumors….

      T-mobile June 2nd
      Verizon June 4th

  8. if I was in the market for a phone and had to choose between these three, it would definitely be the G4.

  9. Phone looks nice but my hand stopped growing long ago. 5.0″ model please.

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