Samsung’s official Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Clear View cases scratch your screen more than they protect it


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Clear View case scratches

Doesn’t matter if your smartphone’s screen is made of Gorilla Glass 1 or 4 — they’re still prone to scratches. Now, we’re not going to attach a “gate” at the end of this one (we know how much you guys hate it), but it seems Samsung’s own official Clear View case could actually do more damage to your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge than if you left your display completely bare.

Some users on XDA are reporting tiny little scratches or pits on their glass screens caused by tiny dirt or dust particles that fall in between the display and the plastic clear case. This isn’t exactly an uncommon issue. Ask anyone that’s used a hard plastic case — the ones that only cover the back — on any previous phone and they’ll give you all kinds of horror stories about how the metal or plastic ended up with the exact same blemishes. How Samsung thought this would be a good idea on a flip case that covers the phone’s display with hard plastic is anyone’s guess. It’s just ironic how the very thing someone bought to protect their device, was its own undoing.

Might wanna think twice before buying one of these, or just double up with a screen protector as well.

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  1. Everyone should have a glass screen protector on their phone.

    1. Unfortunately the S6 Edge makes that kinda difficult. :/

      1. They do exsist though.

        1. They do, just selection is limited and prices are kinda high.

      2. Sure does! What are you using? Just got my Edge today and am on the look out 4 protectors…

          1. Well are you using one? How do they work cause while they may exist I don’t know that I want to be a tester of a $50 protector that’s garbage… But if it’s good then it looks nice!

  2. Why does everyone want to ruin the whole touchscreen experience with a screen protector? My note 4 hasn’t had one and I have had it since they came out, and it doesn’t have scratches. I’d do a little more research on Gorilla Glass. Just another gimmick to get you to spend more money on accessories.

    1. Actually Tempered Glass ones don’t affect the display in any bad way like all the plastic ones do, infact you won’t even be able to tell it’s there. Gorilla glass 4 is on the Note 4 and while it’s great at defending against scratches from most materials if you get sand rubbing against it while it’s in your pocket it is very possible that you will indeed get some hairline scratches that you will only be able to see in the sun….. Or worse depending on the degree of pressure on that sand running against the glass. I never use to put screen protectors on my devices because they use to only have those different plastic ones and they totally take away from the beauty of the display, but with the Tempered Glass it’s not an issue what so ever. I actually order my devices and then as soon as the device is ordered I go on eBay or Amazon and order a Tempered Glass screen protector just to make sure it’s on from day one, so when I go to sell that device when my new one arrives it’s like brand new and I can get top dollar for it. I get a new device at least every 4 months so selling the old ones as new I actually have people who will keep a close eye for my ads and even get me to call them when I have a new device to get rid of, so it can be really help. It also helps against drops as it will break the Tempered Glass screen protector and the one on the phone will be perfectly fine, I’d rather invest anywhere from $15 – $50 on a Tempered Glass screen protector than have an accident that ends up costing me $150+ and a bunch of time and hassle to get a display fixed. Try one out you’ll be surprised at how great they are especially if your don’t like to use cases.

      1. Gorilla 4 was advertised as withstanding pocket sand.

      2. In all seriousness if you get your phone next to sand you either should not own an expensive one or should not have brought it on that outing.

    2. I have a screen protector for my Galaxy S6 on the front and back (spigen crystal screen protector). It does not ruin the experience for me at all. It’s also reassuring to have.

    3. I’ve never used a screen protector and the worst i ever had were micro scratches. This Clear View Cover must be lined with diamonds to scratch Gorilla 4.

      1. That’s exactly what I am saying.

    4. Try a glass screen protector, way nicer than those plastic ones, barely notice it’s there. Plus the zagg one I has has a lifetime warranty so if it cracks or something they will send you a new one.

  3. not sure what it is about samsung but i’ve had two devices with glass that haven’t left a good impression. seems to be a finger print magnet, and cracks easy. Compared to my old htc where it was used to the point of the frame being bent but the screen is somehow still flawless.

  4. It’s definitely true I have the clear view case for the S6 and it will scratch up the screen. luckily I put on a screen protector on from day one, but I will put on the tempered glass…it was fine on my HTC M8 you couldn’t even notice it was on…

  5. Had this happen on an old iphone once on the back glass.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Gorilla Glass is the most overrated marketing gimmick known to phones and tablets.

  7. Screen protection is a gimmick, my family does not use them. We all have had a couple of phones over the last 3 years with no scratches to write home about.

  8. I never use any screen protector and case and in 10 years I never scratch or broke and cell phone

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