Best Buy has the HTC One M8 for $300 off-contract in latest 1-day sale [DEAL]


HTC One M8 DSC06660

Best Buy’s bonus deal of the day is putting up a very good flagship smartphone for just $300 without a contract. It’s the HTC One M8, and while it may not be the newest slab of metal from the Taiwanese company it still holds its own up against more recent options.

The price applies to Verizon, Sprint and AT&T variants, with T-Mobile missing because Best Buy doesn’t sell T-Mobile phones. You’ll get free shipping if you don’t require it to be expedited. There are no strings attached otherwise — go buy one, but do it before the day is over if you want it at this price.

Buy the HTC One M8 at Best Buy for $300

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. it’s weird how the t-mobile version is missing

    1. I can’t find anything as to why Tmo doesn’t sell at Best Buy.

      1. They stopped selling T-Mobile on-contract/postpaid phones about 2 yrs ago,when T-Mobile stopped the conventional 2yr contracts.

        1. That makes sense actually. Just keep it all I’m house.

          1. BestBuy wouldn’t sell too many off-contract phones at full price.
            Just check out BestBuy’s Sprint/AT&T/VZW off-contract pricing,especially for new/high-end phones & you’ll see why,as thier mark-up is usually in excess of $100 more than the carriers/mfgs MSRP.

          2. I assumed this was the main reason, actually. I noticed that Best Buy kinda forces customers to get a contract price. No one is going to pay that outlandish off-contract price and Tmo ain’t letting them do that to their customers.

  2. just bought one…Nexus 5 battery just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Couldn’t miss out on this deal!

  3. Not a bad deal, especially with the HTC’s warranty plan and the phone is brand new.

  4. That’s $50 less than I sold my 10 month old M8 for a few months ago on swappa. Might have to jump on this and get out from under this awful, unsupported droid turbo.

  5. To use on T-Mobile, could one could buy an AT&T version and unlock it?

    1. Absolutely,I’ve done it myself w/both AT&T & T-Mobile phones & used on each others network.
      Since the phone is not tied to a contract,the carriers are now bound by law to provide a SIM Unlock code free of charge & w/o any unreasonable delays.

      1. So I thought. The M8s all seem to have been snapped up, though. Thanks.

  6. For the brave among us who don’t care about warranties, it sounds like the ATT version can be converted to T-Mobile.

  7. I bough mine through Best buy via ebay. I saved around half the tax since best buy charges for CA tax before discount Instead of 356.00 I paid 326.00. If you live in other states like NV , you dont have to pay state tax.

  8. HTC so desperate

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