You can now download Amazon Instant Video for your Nexus Player (and other Android TV devices)


amazon instant video android tv

Sony was crafty enough to secure themselves an exclusive to Amazon’s Instant Video app for their Android TV products, but why should Bravia owners have all the fun? If you have yourself a Nexus Player or the original Android TV device — ADT-1 — you’ll be happy to know that it’s now possible to download and install the APK on your device.

The app was extracted from Sony’s firmware just as it exists. You sideload it onto your Android TV device if possible (how to sideload APKs on the Nexus Player) and you’ll be able to run it just like you would any other app. It’s possible the app works with other Android TV products, though only the Nexus Player and ADT-1 are reported to have been tested.

Once you’ve gotten it loaded up simply login with your Amazon credentials and before you know it you’ll be off to watching all the movies and TV shows you’ve bought through Amazon Instant Video, or the content you’re entitled to as part of your Amazon Prime subscription. XDA has the download you’re looking for right here so be sure to check it out if you’ve been looking for a way to grab this app for your non-Sony device.

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  1. Great news. Gong to try it right now. I’ve been wanting this for a while. I knew there was a hack for Kodi to do Amazon Instant Video but the interface was not as nice. This is way cooler. I hope Amazon does not ruin this party.

  2. Not sure why I’d need this. The current Amazon app allows access to Instant Video as is…

    1. To watch on your Android TV device instead of your phone or tablet?

    2. No Chromecast support on your Amazon App.

      1. Screen cast doesn’t work?

        1. The differences between user experience and an app with native casting and screen casting are significant. That’s especially evident when there are other people in the room, and you get a private text…

  3. I wonder if it works just as crap as everything else they do.

  4. I have a Chromecast and sometimes I think how would I benefit with an Android TV device. Then I remember I have a Chromecast. I mean, I guess it would be convenient, but I honestly don’t see why people just don’t get a Chromecast. I can’t see myself ever needing Android TV. What benefit does it have over a Chromecast?

      1. And an actual remote, no need to find a phone or tablet, unlock it, open the desired app…

    1. Like Derek says, there’s gaming, though I personally don’t do much of that. Android TV also has Chromecast features built right in, but what I like about mine is having direct control over the device (using the packaged remote, wireless keyboard, etc.), rather than having to use my phone every time.

      Above all, it’s possible to have a wired connection; there were frequent times while streaming with my Chromecast that my content suddenly dropped in image quality or got caught in a buffer loop, even when it was sitting right below my $200 router. Wired connectivity just always wins.

      1. Ah!! I see. I’ve always wondered what benefit there was to it. Wired connection does seem nice. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I get that while watching Hulu. >.>

        1. Sadly Chromecast does not support 5gighz wireless =

          1. I actually saw this issue being witnessed by a friend who manages a yogurt shop. I didn’t realize that was something that would come up as an issue.

            Ima need to do some reading on frequencies to see why someone would even want to use a frequency so high. I’ve been under the impression that 2.5Ghz is better and 5Ghz is using some old standard.

          2. No, 5GHz is the newer standard (although it was used by the old 802.11a standard that nobody really uses). 802.11b & g use 2.4GHz only, n can use either, and the new 802.11ac only uses 5GHz.

            The 5GHz band tends to be less crowded and is generally faster, but has the disadvantage of not penetrating walls and floors as well as 2.4GHz does.

        2. Also Chromecast does not play all that nice with my current DLNA setup since most ofmy files are MKVs and have things like DTS audio tracks that Chromecast just does not work with so I get 0 audio on a number of movies. So yeah having a proper box to run something like KODI from that hooks up to the HDTV that properly handles audio and video is just a must for me. As as stated android tvs act like chromecasts as well so you still get casting if you need it. I have barely used my chromecast since I frst got it and that was mainly while I mucked around with it.

          Do not suggest I use PLEX either as that requires I rename 1000’s of files to fit their restrictions on file names and that would just take forever to do.

    2. I have both a Nexus Player Android TV in the family room and a Chromecast in the bedroom. I much prefer the Android TV. You get to have a proper remote that makes for pausing and fast forward/rewind much easier. I get to integrate with my Harmony remote and control Android TV with the same Harmony remote I control my other components.

      As others have mentioned having an Ethernet connection is better than wireless. I use a OTG adapter and then a USB to Ethernet adapter.

      If the app doesn’t have native casting support then screen casting sux for quality. I much prefer native apps running on Android TV than have to deal with casting and then introducing the play back control annoyances (pause/FF/RW…etc).

      Remember if for some reason you want to cast something on your mobile or even screen cast from your mobile then Android TV is a casting receiver device just like the Chromecast.

      In my opinion yes having a Chromecast is cheap and everyone should have one. But if you want the ultimate experience then the Android TV is not expensive either. Sure you can buy 3 Chromecast devices for the price of 1 Android TV but I still feel $100 is cheap if you care about having a good entertainment setup.

      Notice I didn’t even mention gaming. I see this as a added bonus but not reason to get an Android TV. If you care about gaming then you are better off with a real gaming console.

  5. I missed out on this opportunity yesterday. I just have little faith that I could work on aircrafts. It is a huge responsibility. I really need something in my life. Everyone have a good safe night.

  6. This article is wrong. The app works perfectly on the Nexus Player. On the ADT-1, however, even though it installs and runs correctly, when you try to play a video the video fails to load. The app does not work on the ADT-1.

  7. Amazon sucks… They broke the app.

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