Samsung’s Gear SDK reveals new details about Gear A smartwatch, shows rotating bezel and slick UI



A few weeks back Samsung confirmed round smartwatch rumors when they revealed their upcoming Gear SDK for developers that showed a variety of round smartwatch faces and apps. Today, the folks at SamMobile were able to dive into said SDK and managed to dig up a few details on Project Orbis, which could officially launch as the Samsung Gear A later this year.

Samsung Orbis dial

The most interesting hardware feature is the inclusion of a rotating bezel that can be used to navigate the watch’s Tizen-based software. Samsung’s answer to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown, the secondary form of input can be used for app specific actions, zooming in and out of images, to change the volume, or simply to navigate between screens. Initially it sounded odd, but now we’re getting a better picture of how useful this feature could be when used properly.

Samsung Gear A Orbis UI

The Gear A will also feature a round 360 x 360 resolution display and appears to be using a fair amount of aluminum in its housing. A handful of sensors were also revealed and include the standard accelerometer, gyrosensor, heart-rate monitor, pressure sensor, and magnetic sensors. Wi-Fi, GPS, and a cellular radio were also on board, but absent was a camera and ambient light sensor.

The all new 100% more round Samsung Gear A is expected to be officially unveiled alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 later this year. Although not an Android device, it still looks to be an interesting entry into the smartwatch category.

Chris Chavez
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  1. I lost interest when I read Tizen

  2. I wonder if it will still be exclusive to Samsung phones.

    1. Probably. Remember the whole reason for Tizen is Samsung don’t like Google continually squeezing its balls.

  3. Stupid Tizen! The only reason I purchased a Moto 360 over a galaxy live was because Samsung used Tizen. Tizen OS is a great way to lose sales.

    1. As if Android Wear is the best thing since sliced bread. It will have 2x more batterylife than any Android watch for sure.

      1. Tizen has a lower app compatibility. Battery life is a secondary concern after functionality and utility.

      2. But the question is why is this article even on an Android website?

        1. Because it works with Android smartphones.. Same reason Pebble shows up here, and accesories for Android smartphones show up here.

    2. You chose the Moto360 over the Galaxy Live because Samsung used Tizen in a different smartwatch?

      1. No. The galaxy gear s live or something like that. Can’t remember the exact model name, but it launcher alongside the note 4.

        1. Galaxy Gear (Tizen) / Gear2 (Tizen) / Live (Android Wear)

          1. The gear 2 then. The one I was looking at and skipped didn’t have the sim chip in it and ran on tizen.

          2. Samsung devices are so forgettable!

        2. Gear s

  4. I was ready to get excited until Tizen. I’m not looking for a smartwatch, I’m looking for an extension of my chosen OS ecosystem.

  5. Tizen doesn’t bother me, got all the apps I really need on my gear 2. (Battery life of a few days is nice!) What bugs me is the removal of the camera. I use it all the time for quick photos, takes pictures that are okay and would have gotten missed otherwise. That said, the first Android Wear watch to have a camera I would buy and switch.

  6. Tizen supports all Android apps except google now and voice. I am bummed about it but sports all the app notifications wanted on my wrist. Gear s was good but this looks much better. Other Tizen features like sim card suppoplaye health and MP3 pplayer and remote aren’t bad either. If anything Android wear to play catch up

  7. This isn’t even Android so why is this article even here????

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