It is now possible to pre-register for apps and games on Google Play


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It’s always made sense to pre-order books, movies and TV shows on digital marketplaces, but why hasn’t anyone ever thought to allow users to pre-register for apps and games? Well, Google has. The company has recently implemented a new feature that’ll let you sign up to be notified when an app or game is available for download on Google Play.

The first known Google Play listing to be using the feature is Glu’s Terminator Genisys: Revolution game. We can see developers using pre-register listings to help promote their apps and games ahead of launch and give users a landing page to learn more about what’s coming ahead of its actual arrival.

And with a notification as soon as the app or game goes live users won’t have to worry about forgetting to download it once it’s available. It’s a neat feature that we hope more developers will take advantage of down the line. Give it a try at Terminator’s Google Play listing right here (especially if you’re actually a Terminator fan, because the game is looking kind of awesome).

[via Engadget]

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  1. I hate downloading games RIGHT when they are released. I like to wait for some reviews to hit and maybe an update flies thru to fix an issue that just about every game has.

    1. I’m with you. With Android games there’s not the same fervor to get ahead of the line compared to traditional console games where there’s always more substance. Especially since so many Android games are focused on micro transactions.

      1. The day traditional console games actually approach the level of excellence and greatness of PC games is the day hell freezes over.

        1. Hahaha! Oh no, we got a PC purist on our hands! ;) I’m not a big gamer to begin with but I was surprised to see how large the debate is between PC gamers and console gamers. Almost as fierce (maybe more) than Android vs iOS.

          1. There’s no debate. Console gamers think they’re the s$&t when you can build a system that’s about 5-10 times more powerful and a hell of a lot more customisable and upgradable as well for about 2, maybe 3 times the price of a console with it’s remotes included.

            They also freak out every time a new Call of Duty game is released when it’s mostly the same goddamn BS regurgitated with some new corn pellets every year. It’s not even funny anymore it’s so stupid.

            Make fun all you want, clowna$$, but it’s true.

          2. *whew*

            I’m good watching this debate on the sidelines eating my kettle corn.

          3. Said every self-righteous, arrogant son of a bi&$h who fancies himself as being someone who’s above “petty arguments” and who enjoys trying to make people believe he’s not like everyone else.

            Give me a fu$%ing break.

          4. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa there! Damn, where did that attack come from? Christ man, are you ok? My god.

          5. Your fake outrage doesn’t amuse anyone. Even if by chance you are outraged my comment wasn’t only directed at you so don’t feel special.

            It applies to everyone who thinks they’re really cool when they say things like
            “they’re getting/enjoying popcorn while watching an argument”. You’re not cool for saying that. You never were and you never will be.

            Stop trying so hard to be the calm, nice guy. It doesn’t suit you or anyone else, for that matter.

          6. I didn’t mean anything by that. It’s difficult to read tone through text but I wasn’t trying to imply that I was “above” anything here. My apologies if you thought otherwise. Clearly you’ve got some issues to sort because otherwise commenting online shouldn’t evoke such vitriol. It’s unbecoming.

            Nobody’s trying to be “cool” here. If your attack wasn’t directed at me, fine. But let’s not get unhinged over something that’s truly of no real consequence.

            I’ll keep my distance from you if that’s what you’d prefer otherwise I’m happy to continue chatting with you throughout this site about Android topics. All the best.

          7. flame war, ignite! easy you two :)

          8. No thanks! I’m not equipped for that debate. ;)


          9. well put. some times u just gotta lay it down on the floor and fold up shop. i think he might be having a rough day or something

          10. Ah, that reminds me. I haven’t finished the last season of Arrested. That whole staggered cast appearance thing kind of put me off. I gotta finish it.

          11. see, lets get off that subject and make it about soemthing good! love that show. I’m all about Community lately! gotta find it on youtube

          12. Funny you mentioned Community, I just finished re watching all the seasons this past week. I like to chill at the end of my day with shows like that. Looking forward to the new season.

          13. the best one was the video game episode lmao gotta play catch up and watch the new series.

          14. hey, whats wrong dude? u are usually chill on here…

  2. They need to do this for the mkx app. Unless it’s finally out on the US.

    1. It’s finally available on Google Play to download.

    2. Mkx?

      1. The mortal kombat x app


      Is this the app you’re referring to? This was the first that showed when searching MKX.

      1. The neutral kombat x app

        1. You’ve lost me. I’m not that much of a fan to understand what you’re referring to. Sorry.

          1. Damn typo it should of said mortal kombat x app

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