This is the 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 [LEAK]



Samsung has a new tablet on the horizon, though we wouldn’t expect anything less from the world’s leading Android manufacturer. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which stands to be the direct sequel to yesteryear’s flagship slate. As such, we’d expect the device to have top-line specs.

Unfortunately we don’t have much of an idea of what will be under the hood at this point, as @onleaks only provides a screen size of 9.7 inches, a width of somewhere between 5.5 and 5.9 inches, and a rather dull render.

He did note that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2’s design was inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S6, but we were already expecting as much. The device is sure to be prepped for a summer launch as its predecessor was so it shouldn’t be long before more details come to light.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. are they competing with the Apple Watch for largest bezels?

    1. You have to hold the tablet somewhere. Unlike a phone, you can’t grip both edges at the same time.

      1. somewhat agree. The iPad has smaller bezels than this. I have the surface 3 Pro and I hold it just fine with no issues. I get what u are saying tho, I just think they could have reduced the bezels somewhat more.

  2. Read on another site that it supposed to have a 4:3 ratio. What is up with that?

    1. I know, it’s awesome. Finally an Android tablet that doesn’t look like a stretched phone.

      1. Personally I like the 16:9 ratio. Even TVs don’t come in at 4:3 anymore.

    2. Apple won the tablet ratio war. iPads have always been 4:3, and newer android tablets (e.g. Nexus 9) are also using the 4:3 ratio.

      1. Newer? as in plural? Cause ONLY the nexus 9 is a tablet of note that has a 4:3 aspect ratio. All others are still 16:9. Considering most people use tablets for multimedia, it makes better sense. Which btw..the rumored 12inch ipad is suppose to be 16:9…so yea,,

        1. ‘Considering most people use tablets for multimedia’

          [citation needed]

  3. Doing fine here with my Nexus 10. I’m not liking the 4:3 aspect ratio and that is why I never upgraded to the Nexus 9. Hopefully the next Nexus tablet will go back to the wide aspect ratio that I prefer.

  4. Looks like poop.

  5. hmm, apple and now samsung don’t quite understand that u actually need bezels on the sides you hold it. iPad and now Tab S2 are skinny in all the wrong places imo! Tab S1 FTW (with that beautiful display!) Oh and metal is cold and sharp feeling I feel as well, Sammy is copying apple for all the wrong reasons :(

    1. Yeah, I was happy about the 8″ size because I found 8.4″ a little too big for me to palm comfortably in one hand. But this is 4:3, which means I’m still going to have the same problem :(

    2. The more it looks like an ipad, the more get sold. The way it works.

  6. Im actually quite enjoying the Nvidia Shield tablet…perfect size, the right aspect ratio, front STEREO speakers, a kick ass super fast proc/gpu that stomps the competition, good storage space, option for wifi or LTE…

    Honestly, THAT is the tablet to beat…and all for half the price as the ipad, nexus 9 and probably this…

    1. Keep forgetting about that one! Hope they release a sequel soon!

      1. With the SHIELD console releasing soon, I’m hoping they’ll put the beastly Tegra X1 in to a new tablet too.

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