Latest Oppo R7 details reveal full metal unibody design


oppo r7 curves

We knew the Oppo R7 would have a fair bit of metal in its skeletal makeup, but new details reveal that this thing is metallic all around. The Oppo R7 will have a metal unibody design, according to recent information that has come to light. Oppo will tout the fact that the device has been put through a whopping 48 finishing processes to make for a nice metallic look and feel.

The device will also still have some slight curvature to it, we’re told. It’ll improve looks, naturally, but should also make it a lot more comfortable to hold in the hand. Oppo isn’t the first company to accomplish this, but we’re appreciative of it nevertheless.

Other known specs and features of the Oppo R7 are a 4.7-inch 1080p display, 20.7-megapixel rear camera, Octa-core MediaTek processor, 2000mAh battery with VOOC fast charging, “2.5D” curved glass and that it’ll be just 4.85mm thin. All is scheduled to be told at some point later this month.

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  1. The race to the bottom in terms of thinness in phones won’t stop until around 4 mm, literally limited by the minimum size needed to include a headphone jack. Sadly, no concern is being paid to battery life, which is what customers really care about.

    1. A few of the thinnest have already dropped headphone jacks. #Phandroidsforthickerbatteries, that’s a little long maybe #moremah?

      1. #moremah ftw!!!

      2. GTFO!! Are you serious!? ._.

      3. I believe this one has dropped the headphone jack as well.

      4. No headphone jack means no sale. Honest to god people have lost their minds. Phones are the new media consumer devices. Literally I use my Nexus 6 80% of the time to watch Netflix, the rest of the time to surf the web at work.

        I just checked and indeed the thinner phones require blue tooth headphones to use. Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

        Why? Who wants a 1 mm phone? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Give me a 10 mm phone with 10x the battery life and let it last 2 weeks.

        1. I haven’t used a 3.5mm jack since my HTC Hero in 2009. You refuse to move forward with technology, dont get upset.


    2. There has been major changes to hardware to optimize battery usage. I think they’re paying attention to battery life. Oppo is not making batteries.

      You should focus on battery technology as something completely different than the phone. Like the screens. You would focus on Gorrila Glass or other glass screen making companies and not look for phone OEM’s to improve them.

      You may find the answers you’re looking for there. I don’t keep up with battery technology so I wouldn’t know where to help you start.

      1. Battery tech hasn’t kept up with thinning of phones. We get accustomed to Moore’s law with processors and graphics, but it doesn’t apply to batteries. Battery tech gets grinded it a %or 2 in density per year. The good news is you can use the space you gain from better screens & processors for more mah. Were asking manufacturers for size not technology .

        1. The degradation of these batteries has become more of an important issue since most are not offering user-replaceable batteries any longer.

    3. As owner oppo R5 w/o 3.5mm jack – it’s totally ok. $1 Adapter (micro-USB to 3.5) and/or bluetooth do the work.

      And rapid charging + power bank almost resolved the issue with low battery life.

      1. Battery life on the N1 was awesome (having a 3610 mAh capacity helps,the Find7 is OK w/moderate use,extra removable battery recommended for heavy users).

        How’s a typical day & battery life w/your R5?

      2. no jack? Then how do you use headphones? Oh dear god the thinness race will never end. Of course the thinner the phone the more fragile and so you need to put a case on, thus neutralizing the entire point of thinness.

        1. A USB to 3.5MM adapter,it’s provided w/the phone.

        2. The only time it makes sense to but a phone with no headphone jack is if everything you own is Bluetooth, by headphones, car stereo, home audio system, then you can ditch Jack, but majority aren’t at that point yet, plus other than ultimate thinness Headphone jacks take up a relatively small amount of room, plus they are dirt cheap so not effecting price of phone

  2. No removable battery = no sale. Phones should not become disposable just because the $10 battery wore out at year 1 or 2. Not to mention they don’t last a full day if you’re a power user.

    1. Agreed. That effectively puts an expiration date on the phone.

  3. “4.7-inch 1080p display… Octa-core MediaTek processor, 2000mAh battery”

    DOA. Small size, MT, AND a mini battery? What the hell is this half a decade ago? This better not be the OPO2small.

  4. I dont mind the proc..mediateks been doing good with their high end stuff lately. But screen too small..battery too small..and most of all…I DONT CARE ABOUT METAL BODIES. Its gonna get slapped into a case ANYWAY. For as long as LG keeps doing what samsung abandoned and gives me a removable battery and sd slot…they have my business.

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