Watch these 12 tips for every new Galaxy S6 owner [VIDEO]


When you get a new phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, there are a bunch of things you should do first. Some of the things are obvious, but others you may have overlooked. At the launch of the Galaxy S6 we wrote about 13 things every Galaxy S6 owner should do, and now we’re back with a video version of the list. Below you will find 12 things in about 7 minutes that you should do right now.

Read the full step-by-step instructions:
13 things every Samsung Galaxy S6 owner should do

Keep in mind that all of these things will also work on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. If you have the Edge you’ll also want to check out our guide (and video) for all the special Edge Screen features. Whether you have the regular Galaxy S6, or the fancy Galaxy S6 Edge, we’ve got you covered.

Check the list below for even more Galaxy S6 resources:

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  1. Has this site been merged/bought out by SamMobile?
    Just asking,as the same material has been regurgitated ad nauseum………..

  2. Good God guys.. how many tips, features, must know’s are you going to publish on a single friggen phone? This stuff is not rocket science. 90 must know features, 55 little known tips, 78 things you must know, 27 amazing tricks. Give it a rest; it’s a phone. Not a life saving Jarvik heart.

    1. It’s “clickbait”, which is what “Android Community” is infamous for, too. Also, why has the written list got 13 “tips”, whereas the video only features 12?

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to have like 108 tips about this phone

  4. this phone is not that amazing…

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