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Accessing the web via a VPN has its benefits: access to restricted or blocked sites, greater privacy and security, protection for your device when connected to a public WiFi network. The problem is such services usually don’t come cheap, especially for mobile. You might normally expect to pay up to $65 for a three-year subscription to VPN Unlimited, one of the best VPN services for mobile. Now thanks to you can sign up for only $19.

VPN Unlimited lives up to its name, providing unlimited band witch via its high-spped protected network. Data is encrypted on your device to keep it safe as it is routed through one of many servers located around the world. The latest update, version 3.0, brings a new app design, downloadable servers list, and fast server switching. You can even access web surfing statistics for your device.

You can get three-years of VPN Unlimited service now for 70% off. Sign up now at

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  1. Not the best VPN as far as privacy goes. this is from their “Terms”

    “In case users are suspected of activities, which are declared illegal by the laws of countries where the local VPN Unlimited servers are hosted, we may log information, which is necessary to prove the user’s innocence and protect our service. This logging of data will be only partial and we will not collect any user’s private data. It will be terminated when all necessary proofs are collected.”

    so if they think that you are doing something illegal in your country (like tweeting from China). They will log you long enough to prove that you aren’t doing what they think you are doing.

  2. Beware the discount VPN

  3. Get discounted Deals by various VPN providers and enjoy the latest features and high performance. Get reliable VPN for internet freedom and access which is blocked in your region. Source: Vpnranks

  4. Never heard of them before and I think they are not in the Best VPN List. I use ironsocket and it works so cool. I usually use them to access sites like HBO, US Netflix, Hulu, and other interesting stuff.

  5. I am happy with my current android VPN its IPVanish. May be later I will give a try this vpn.

  6. Currently, many VPN services exist in the Industry who are compatible with android. But not all are best and effective. I have been using ExpressVPN and found it fast and secure specially on android. Indeed, very easy to use VPN software.

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