Android vs iOS: hilarious comedian has field day on fanboys [VIDEO]


ronny chieng ios vs android

In our quest to validate our purchase decisions and make ourselves feel better about our smartphone preferences, things often get out of hand. A little shouting. Some back and forth name calling. Even two friends willing to stab each other over the silly argument.

The Android vs iOS war will never die as long as the two operating systems remain relevant, but one comedian puts things into the sort of perspective that would make even the most enraged fanboys take a step back and laugh at themselves. Ronny Chieng addressed the issue in a recent standup show of his, a clip of which you can check out for yourself above (the fun starts at around the 56 second mark).

Beneath a bundle of hilarious jokes about how radical some fanboys are and a dramatic recreation of #bendgate exists a thinly-veiled layer of truth: fanboyism is stupid. Enjoy what you enjoy, and go about your day. Take a couple of minutes out of your morning for a quick laugh by hitting the play button above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yep, nerds with technology in their hands think they’re powerful. Funny stuff.

    1. You are. Being a d0uche about it isn’t worth it, though.

      1. Again in comprehensive English please.

        1. You are powerful when you use technology to do cool things most people don’t even care to understand. Being a jerk about it isn’t worthwhile, though.

          Comprehensive enough for you, jacka$$?

          1. Not really sure what made you get all butt hurt nor do I care but my comment was just a jab at basement trolls. If that’s you then I’m glad you were offended.

          2. Look, wised%ck, you’re the self-righteous f!%k who claimed not to understand a reasonably sensical comment I made. It’s not my goddamn fault you’re too far across the OCD line to get anything that falls into the realm of imperfect language usage.

            Not really sure how you expect to amuse yourself or anyone when you continue to keep stereotypes like the “basement nerd” alive by ridiculing people.

            You don’t know sh&t about these people you are out to offend. If mocking them is your idea of humour you’re definitely a fu&$ing a$$hole and deserve to die screaming in agony.

            My best wishes on progress on that front.

  2. I love levity like this. Great stuff.

  3. LMFAO love this

  4. Hahaha this was hilarious, great morning post here! We need more post like this to help me wake up.

  5. But his friend is right though! “THE iPHONE SUCKS!” ;p

  6. I don’t think that guy is funny he just cursing all the time. That is not comedy. If you have to curse every 3 seconds to get people to laugh at your jokes then you need some new material.

    1. I agree. A curse here and there is OK imo, but this guy was pushing it.

    2. Agreed. Endless cursing gets tiring fast. Even in the most delayed of development, once a person hits age 19 or so, curing for the sake of cursing should be over with.

      1. One of my most hilarious friends curses a fair amount and we’re both 25. I still laugh my ass off at him when he does. He’s a special kind of hilarious, though.

    3. Abso-fuсking-lutely!

    4. Not comedy? Comedy is subjective. Arguing about what’s funny or not is like arguing about iPhones & androids. It’s all about preference.

      1. Hence “I don’t think…”

        1. The part of your comment that I was talking about is “That is not comedy.” If you didn’t like it, fine. I didn’t watch the video so I don’t have an opinion on it but you can’t say something isn’t comedy because you don’t like it, or how it’s done.

          1. Yes I can its called critiquing. You are not going to tell me what to say and what not to say. This comedian sucks and what he is doing TO ME is not comedy. If you disagree with that its fine but it doesn’t change what I think about it.

            Comedy: a play, movie, television program, novel, etc., that is meant to make people laugh

            This DID NOT make me laugh thus it is not comedy. Simple logic.

          2. Your logic is flawed. Going by the definition of comedy that you chose, comedy is MEANT to make you laugh. Whether you did or not is irrelevant.

          3. What do you mean a definition I chose? I got the first definition from merriam-webster (this isn’t urban dictionary) this is THE definition of comedy. Yes it is absolutely relevant to me whether I laugh or not. As a comedian he was supposed to make me laugh and he didn’t. This is not comedy. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to twist it…IT IS STILL NOT COMEDY.

          4. If you didn’t laugh, fine. You can call it bad comedy, but according to the definition of comedy from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is comedy.

          5. TO ME it is not comedy. it is meant to make me laugh and it didn’t so it is not comedy to me. Yes you might think its comedy and others but to me the way I PERCEIVE it, it is not comedy.

          6. You bring up the definition of comedy and then disregard it when it doesn’t fit your definition. Ok. Good night. I’m off to see the Avengers.

          7. I am right. The definition is right. And THIS IS NOT COMEDY. Go see Avengers which by the way IS NOT AN ACTION,ADVENTURE OR SCI-FI MOVIE. :P

    5. Guessing you’re not a fan of the late George Carlin then … swore like a sailor, yet still one of the funniest men ever. To each his/her own.

      1. I guess I am not as old as you, I have no idea who that is.

        1. That explains everything…

          1. and what is that?

          2. He is saying that the current generation is a bunch of pussies and have no idea what is funny or what type of music is good!….

            Just reading a bit between the lines but I am pretty sure I translated properly.

    6. It’s not about how often you swear, it’s about using swear words at the right moments and putting hilarious emphasis on them at just the right time.

  7. The man is 100% right though! You can’t build a bridge out of iPhone 6’s! Epic fail Apple, epic fail! Steve Jobs must be spinning in his grave!;)

  8. Boring.

    1. Did you lose your funny bone when you bought your inferior iphone.

  9. I am a an androiddict to the core but, at the end of the day enjoy what you like.

  10. I thought his racist joke was the funnier of the two bits.

  11. Please post more stand-up-comedies like those.
    This was funny.

  12. Funniest part is that the Jerk gets onto the fight himself. Insinuating that it apparently only are people with android phones behaving like that…..

    1. He literally didn’t insinuate that at all. He gave an example. Does he have to clarify everything for you? Bloody hell, it sounds like you’re a butthurt Android user. Him saying his friend uses Android is just that. Him saying his friend uses Android. Not that all Android uses are like that. Get over yourself.

      1. Oh and what are you then? I don’t know why there are so many people on a ANDROID FORUM, trashing it so much. He talks about the “War” in general, and then continues with his “android” friend. Being an total moron, apparently he doesn’t have any “iphone” friends that behaves like that. Though everytime i look into these discussions they are all over the place, on both sides. And I’m guessing you are one of them too.

  13. I hear a lot more cursing in an old Eddie Murphy movie concert.

  14. Meh Android is so good because it’s bred from Linux :)

    1. And that makes it good how? :P

    2. Lindows is a version on Linux too, but that sucks balls.

  15. When do we get to see the hilarious part?

    1. Press play. It’s right there.

      1. Not….

        1. Sounds like someone is a little butthurt over some Android fanboy jokes..

          1. Yes, you pegged me. Shut up

  16. Damnit Quentyn. Now you’ve gone and pissed off the Android sheep..

  17. OMG he’s clearly biased on iPhone AHHHHHHHHHH (I thought it was funny and I use Android)

  18. He’s a comedian; don’t really care. I laughed at the iphone joke about bending, but really he did seem to joke at the Android user’s expense. ‘stupid arse hole’, iPhone bending etc….when he could have joked at ERMAHGOD! VIRUSES ON ANDROID EVER’WHARES!

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