Apr 17th, 2015

broken beer bottle

There’s nothing wrong with being a mobile fanboy, for the most part. Sure, your bias sometimes keeps you blind to the positives provided by the other side and you make excuses for the fault of the platform you prefer, but at least arguments are typically lighthearted, healthy  and harmless.

The same can’t be said for two Oklahoma roommates. In what appears to be the resultant of drunken stupor on both sides, an Android user and his iOS faithful buddy began a conversation about which platform was better. Only, what started out as a conversation ended up in bloodshed as the two ended up stabbing each other with broken beer bottles, according to Tulsa, OK’s Channel 8 ABC news.

There’s no word on how the exact conversation went down, but it’s hard for us to believe that these two felt so strongly and passionately about their preference that they were driven to try and kill each other. This scenario is likelier:

Roommate 1: iOS just works! Rah!

Roommate 2: Oh yea? Well, Android phones have higher resolution displays and more RAM! Hoo!

Roommate 1: What did you say about my grams?

Roommate 2: What?

Commence brawling. Really, it’s hard to think it went any other way considering alcohol was involved. Whatever the case may be, we’ll use this opportunity to remind you that these phones and tablets are only slabs of metal, glass, plastic and silicon made by companies who want your money — they often aren’t worth arguing about, and they certainly aren’t worth dying for.