Cyanogen OS 12 rollout resumes for OnePlus One with critical bug fixes, “OK OnePlus” in tow


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OnePlus unceremoniously halted the OnePlus One’s Cyanogen OS 12 update earlier this week in order to add in an”OK OnePlus” voice command, and just as they’ve promised the upgrade is going right back out before the weekend begins.

Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik shed more light on the rollout and why it had to happen. The main reason is that they encountered a critical bug that was of utmost importance to fix, specifically in areas of telephony and MMS messaging.

So here’s what’s going down:

  • Users who haven’t received the upgrade to Cyanogen OS 12 will now get a small prep upgrade, and then this new version over-the-air, complete with the voice command and bug fixes.
  • Those who have already received the upgrade will receive a small upgrade that includes the bug fixes and voice command.

And that’s that. Sometimes a delay is in the best interest of the masses, and we’re glad OnePlus and Cyanogen decided to do what was necessary to eradicate what could have turned out to be very serious issues. The upgrade is still rolling out in stages so go ahead and check for it once you’ve gotten to a WiFi hotspot and a decently charged battery.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. I can’t remember cyanogenmod being stable since the G1 days. Definitely appreciative of the work they do and the range of devices they try to support, just sucks that it’s almost guaranteed to be riddled with bugs until the next iteration of android if ready to roll out from Google.

    1. CM milestone builds are the most stable version of Android anywhere, on supported devices

  2. I haven’t noticed any serious bugs, just minor animation issues and the occasional fc

    1. Has your one plus had ghost touch issues ? I can’t type a full sentence without having to go back and fix countless errors

      1. No, nothing like that. I frequently miss the space bar, but thankfully swift key is smart enough to separate my mistakes. I do also have the “No Service” bug on the lockscreen.

  3. I miss CM. The features and stability of the versions I had are sorely missed.

  4. Still no OTA for my phone.

  5. Oxygenos for one plus is so stable and fast aosp makes it feel like google play edition. I have nexus 5 it beats by a mile

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