Google’s official YouTube app will cease to work on the earliest Google TV devices



Folks still rocking some of the original Google TV devices — such as the Logitech Revue and Sony’s Google TV box — will find themselves out of a YouTube app the next time they go to use their devices. Google has moved on to using their newest YouTube APIs, and only those who can update to certain recent versions of the YouTube app will be supported.

The problem is that many of the devices that haven’t moved on from Google TV software versions 1 and 2 have no way of getting a more recent version of the app. As such, they’ll either need to upgrade to newer devices or use the HTML5 version of YouTube from their web browser. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the sort of stuff you often have to deal with if you aren’t interested in upgrading.

You can check which version of Google TV your device has by heading to Settings > Customer Support > Android Version. If you have 3 or 4, great — head to Google Play and make sure you have the latest YouTube update. Otherwise you should probably start thinking about your options for upgrading to something more contemporary.

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  1. The problem is that there is no “upgrade” to the Sony Google TV. It is the front end for my cable, streams NAS content, streams all the video services, and has Android apps. Name a current device that offers all of those features.

    1. exactly, I still use my Revue for the same reason. Pass-Through HDMI is king, bring it back!

    2. I use an Xbox One for most of that stuff now, with a ChromeCast for a few of the missing apps.

  2. My Logitech Revue stopped being useful shortly after I bought it. Logitech made a terrible product and didn’t support it well. Anyone still on one shouldn’t be too surprised by this. It was the biggest waste of $300 I ever spent.

    1. I won mine and I still felt like I’d wasted money.

  3. I used the hell out of my Revue for playing media on a drive until I got onto plex and chromecast, then the Revue went to Goodwill.

  4. Name something that provides netflix, youtube, blu-ray, and hdmi pass through that isn’t the Xbox one.
    Please. Because that’s the strongest feature of this piece of hardware my family uses nonstop.

    1. I thought for sure that companies would jump on the HDMI pass-through feature from the Revue. When MS did it with the XB1, I then really thought it was going to become a thing. Frankly, the only reason I use my XB1 is for the media features that none of my devices save for my PC has. I don’t even remember the last game I played on the damn thing. I’m thinking it’s a licensing thing? But the only way you’re going to get all of those features is by getting a really good Blu-Ray player (LG BP540 maybe) and an HDMI switch?

  5. That stinks, I use it to allow my kid to watch old cartoons on YouTube.

  6. For those that want a better version of YouTube for android, simply Google search “Tubemate cracked no ads”.

    You’re welcome.

  7. Oh well, GTV for flash still, and Chromecast/Wii U for YouTube. No loss.

    Edit: Co-Star has 3.2, all good.

  8. The earliest Google TV devices were all upgraded to 3.2 several years ago.

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