Android 5.1.1 (LMY47V) officially uploaded to AOSP and here’s the full changelog, Nexus Player factory images also available



While some still anxiously await Android 5.1 to hit their devices, Google is onto bigger and better things. Android 5.1.1 (officially 5.1.1_r1 build number LMY47V) has just been uploaded to AOSP and as the small .1 increase suggests, looks to bring smaller bug fixes. That’s not to downplay the software update which probably maybe hopefully patches up that nasty memory leak plaguing some devices.

While Nexus devices will have to wait a little longer before an official rollout begins, a factory image is currently available for the Nexus Player (Fugul) if you feel like getting a head start. If you’re looking for exact changes, a detailed developer changelog from Android 5.1.0_r5 to 5.1.1_r1 can be found right here.


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  1. Most importantly:

    project platform/external/libpng/
    7be36a0 Fix buffer overwrite in png_build_index
    36c9013 Fix buffer overflow security vulnerability (CVE-2014-9495)

    CVE-2014-9495 is only a vulnerability on 64-bit systems. It looks like they’re really committed to 64-bit architectures.

  2. And memory still leaking all over the floor

    1. Ewwwwww…. it got on my shoes! D:

      1. Dude, I slipped on it and fell. Now it’s all over my ass… =/ Someone should really put a “Wet Floor” sign up…I’m claiming compensation for this!

    2. Incontinence is curable.

    3. What device do you have and what version of Android are you on. Is it still present for you?

      1. Nexus 5, 5.1 and yes the issue is still there. Sometimes it will commence after a few days, sometimes a little longer, but it happens. I’ve also noticed my WiFi is Mich more unreliable on my home network since updating to 5.1 as well. It disconnects often, which drains the battery and slows the entire OS down as it’s switching back and forth.

        1. The WiFi/Bluetooth on my stock-unrooted Nexus 5 just quit working a couple days ago…and I tried everything recommended to fix it,with no luck! I’m thinking it overheated,causing the chip to separate…so I may have to bake the b_tch and hope beyond hope that it’ll act-right after the cool down! Damn shame!

    4. Not only memory leaks, but at least on the Nexus 5, the camera crashes all the time. I had to disable Trusted Faces, which sucks because I can no longer use face unlock, because it would constantly pop up as having crashed. I shouldn’t have to reboot a phone multiple times a day to be able to use my camera.

      Also, the touch screen has gotten pretty wonky. If it’s on my Tylt or just sitting on my desk, it registers all sorts of phantom touches. I’ve had the phone since last October, and only since 5.0 has it become a nightmare.

      When I was on Verizon I whined about not getting updates. Now, I dread getting them because it’s a grab bag as to what it’ll break.

  3. I like to hope it will de-suck my nexus 7 but seeing it’s a 0.0.1 update I won’t go ordering that parade yet.

  4. Lesson I just learned – Next time do not be in a hurry to buy a nexus device, escpecially a tablet with a new Android OS. Wait till the bugs are worked out first.

    I have never been this desperate for another tablet thanks to Nexus 9 memory leaks.

  5. Or a new phone because of foolish greed to try out a new system

  6. I’m crossing my fingers that they finally found the “root” of the issue that caused the memory leak but I make no promises nor do I expect any to be made

  7. Running CM12.1 on my LG G3, it’s only @ 5.1 right now but will be updated to 5.1.1 in a day.

    1. Which g3 device are you running it on?

  8. i’m just gonna wait out for 5.2.5 or whatever for my Nexus 6. I’m on 5.1 stock and still having some stupid bugs. =

    1. Same here but I’m on a nexus 5 and the memory leak is getting really annoying

    2. Can’t you use some kind of insecticide?

      1. I wish.

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