AT&T’s HTC One M9 now receiving camera improving update



It was barely a day before the HTC One M9 officially launched here in the US that HTC delivered a software update to drastically improve its camera. It was the update that some European models had been enjoying for weeks, with reports of much better picture quality across the board. When we originally received our One M9, the camera was damn near broken, struggling to take a steady or clear shot in anything but the brightest lighting conditions. But the update made a world of difference, as our own Rob Jackson was able to show you in his before and after shots.

The update was only initially available for the T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon models, with the AT&T version said to have already entered into the final testing phase. It’s been a little over a week since then, and now it appears AT&T is officially ready to push out the update. One M9 owners on AT&T should keep an eye out for software version 1.32.502.31 rolling out now. According to HTC, the update addresses 3 major issues:

  • Camera improvements
  • Thermal improvements
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Reports of overheating issues may have been exaggerated, but it’s nice to see HTC taking them seriously. If you haven’t been prompted yet for the update on your device, you can manually check for it by going into your Settings app > AT&T Software Update > Check for updates > Download the update. You can check the status of the download which will be displayed in your notification pull down. Once the update has been downloaded, tap “System update” to get up and running with software version 1.32.502.31 .

Keep in mind the phone will reboot several times during the update and HTC recommends that if you’re connected to a USB charger during this process, you don’t remove until after the update has finished and you’re back at your lock screen.


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  1. that didnt take long….feel like i’m the only non-htc fan not giving them crap. feels like every phone has this issue but then receives a patch soon after launch. anyone get this yet? what are you results?

    1. http://phandroid.com/2015/04/09/htc-one-m9-camera-update-comparison/

      Take a look at those. Whilst it’s not the AT&T variant, I’m presuming it’s the same camera update.

      1. they look a million times better =) good for HTC getting this right….well on paper. Cant wait to see some peoples responses when they get it.

        1. a million times? haha, no, the update made the camera acceptable and a little above average but not on par with current flagships on whole. Yes, it can do ok with the right light and settings, but very inconsistent. Mine is being packed up right now for a return to HTC. I was able to keep it for up to 30 days but not worth the $$$ to keep it.

  2. aw crap, i thought this was a second camera update, i heard the first one was OK at best but still lacking in some departments, how about more improvements please, i mean im still buying because what else am i going to do with a 128gb high quality sd card, i cant put in in the s6 and i be dang if i pay $100 more for just a measly 32 gb

    1. No doubt.. That’s why it looks like I’m getting the g4… I’m out on Samsung this time around..

    2. It doesn’t even cost that much. Quit over exaggerating.

      1. Man are u kidding me, go on att website or even the store you go see the difference between 32 & 64 gb varients are $100 , Everybody know that

        1. Ok ok I just seen that typo, ma bad, I fixed it

          1. Don’t get out of pocket like that again… u should know better DDroid.

          2. it was a mistake SORRY! lol

        2. You said over 1k dollars. You’re lying. The iPhone 128 plus doesn’t cost that much.

          1. Um I already replied to you and said I fixed that error I made,, dude you late

          2. I only got one reply from you and it didn’t state any corrections. Whatever

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