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Flying drones are a dime a dozen these days, but there’s no compromise with the Sky Runner. It’s the ultimate R/C vehicle with a design that conquers both land and air. The small quad-motor drone is perfectly fit for aerial acrobatics. Couple it with a unique crash-resistant roll cage and the Sky Runner can sprint along the ground or even climb walls.

The unique design makes it a great indoor drone, and easy controls allow even beginners to have a blast learning to fly. The setup includes a 2.6GHz remote transmitter, six-axis gyro technology for improved stability, and a multi-drone mode that prevents mid-flight collisions.

Normally priced at $90, the Sky Runner is being offered at 27% off its normal price at Take advantage and pay only $64.99 with shipping included.

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  1. 2.4 Ghz not 2.6

  2. This is a total rip-off of the parrot minidrone rolling spider

  3. I can’t believe the drone ripoffs that are constantly posted here. The markup for them is insane. These sorts of drones can be had for much cheaper. For $90, you can get larger FPV quadcopters that stream live video to the LCD screen on the transmitter. No way this was originally $90. It’s overpriced at $65.
    This one is $20 from BangGood’s US warehouse, similar concept. Not a big fan of these types anyway.

    If you want a great indoor flyer, the Bayang Toys X7 is currently one of the most talked about indoor flyer that’s halfway between the size of the micro and mini quadcopters. Perfect for indoor flying, small like the micros, but stable like the minis.

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