You can pay $400 to get 24 karat gold plating on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


samsung galaxy s6 gold plated 2

People who value style above money could get their brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge in 24Karat gold plating. A Vietnamese shop is doing the deed for an extra $400 on top of the regular selling price of an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6.

samsung galaxy s6 gold played 1

We often see companies offer gold-plated editions of smartphones for thousands more expensive than the phones’ market values, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 is different in that the front and rear are both covered in glass, leaving only the metal edges and the camera ring’s rim as suitable targets for gold plating. Even still, it makes for a nice looking effect that has the Samsung Galaxy S6 looking even better than it already does.

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samsung galaxy s6 gold plated 3

The process of gold plating takes the company just 3 hours as they take it through 10 steps to get a nice quality finish. A coating of unnoticeable nano film will preserve the plating and make sure it never rusts. You can contact the company directly at their website if you’re interested.

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  1. Gold plating misc crap is still a thing?

  2. This surprisingly doesn’t look too gaudy, compared to some other 24k gold phones, imagining on my sapphire black edge. Though I’d prefer not to have the camera framed in gold. And, I’m not going to pay $400 to have it done.

  3. This is for clowns.

    1. Or drug dealers.

      1. Or people who just happen to like the gold colour. God forbids that anyone actually like gold. I mean it’s not like anyone in the history of humanity ever liked gold right?

        1. There’s nothing wrong with liking gold. In jewelry. Gold smartphone is nouveau riche.

    2. And the white Edge –


      Kidding! Do not plate your Edge in gold!

      1. If it was around the $200-$250 mark, OR they offered a replacement option/path should my phone break or be replaced or upgraded for some other reason, then I would not hesitate to plate my edge

    3. I have the money to burn so why not?

      1. To quote a certain rapper: “They see me rollin. They hatin.”

      2. Why not invest in a gold ensemble and try to win back your lover gold dust from stardust maybe you guys can have a tryst ;)

  4. Blah, doesn’t it improve reception?? Haters

    1. It ought not.

  5. I actually like this..better than a $10k Apple watch… If I had the funds..I would get this done.

  6. > preserve the plating and make sure it never rusts

    Gold doesn’t rust.

    So, what the hell then are they plating it with and who is getting ripped off?

    1. Maybe they just don’t want it to flake off? not sure.

    2. It says they out a series of metal plates finished with the 24k gold plating.. maybe to preservation layer is to keep the metals under the gold plating from rustin under the gold and causing it to bubble, like paint would on a car with rust under it. (Paint doesn’t rust, but the metal under it does, think of the gold as the paint in this scenario).

  7. It’s like gold plating a Hyundai.

  8. Gaaayyyy as fu#k!!

  9. lol at whoever wrote the bit about preventing gold from rusting.

  10. looks tacky. The champagne Gold S6 is alot nicer than this…

    1. Gold platiunum… which is said to be more platinum than gold In person, and they show their plating ON a gold platinum s6 in their pictures..

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