Google said to be close to making Android Wear compatible with iOS


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Odd balls out there who cling to iOS for their primary smartphone platform but aren’t particularly interested in the Apple Watch will appreciate this news. According to information received by The Verge, Google is quite close on finishing the technical implementation that will allow Android Wear to work with the iPhone.

We’d heard Google was working on adding support for iOS to Android Wear before, though scattered code references did little to make us believe it was of primary importance for them.

And although Google might have hurdled all the technical obstacles in their way, there’s still the issue of logistics. Will Apple even allow it? If functionality has to be managed through an iOS app, the only official way to get such an app would be through Apple’s App Store. Getting an app through the App Store requires Apple to approve it. Getting Apple to approve an app hinges on some strict terms, one of which prohibits apps which make mention of competing platforms.

“Android” Wear doesn’t stand a very good chance, now does it? Couple all of that with the fact that Apple has their own smart watch coming up soon and we’d have a hard time believing they’d allow such a thing. We’ll have to wait for Google’s word to see how, exactly, they plan to make this happen.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The name “Android Wear” can easily be changed to allow entry in the Apple App Store. That’s a non issue.

    1. Google Wear?

      1. Yup. Or “Wear App,” or “Wear Companion App,” or “Google’s Wear Companion App for Watches,” etc…

  2. considering that one gentleman has already gotten his moto 360 to work by manipulating pebble api’s, it shouldn’t be hard for google.

    1. Come again?

      1. About a month and a half ago, one guy got his moto 360 working with his iPhone by manipulating the api’s normally used for the pebble smart watch.

        1. You didn’t mention the iPhone in your post so I wasn’t sure.

          1. Thought it was obvious given the context of the story. Though admittedly my syntax was off.

          2. You’re right, it was obvious. No need to apologize.

  3. I don’t see how they can’t allow android if they already allow pebble

  4. “Green Robot Wear”

  5. They’re probably going to have to get an android wear if they even want a smart watch! The apple watch sold out in 6 hours I hear.

    I need something stylish that works good. If this pans out to be true what do you guys recommend? Moto 360? I like the LG urbane too but that doesn’t run android wear does it?

    1. If you don’t have one yet, I’d wait for the 2nd gen Moto 360.

    2. The LG Urbane does run Android Wear and it looks great. I’d say the urbane is the best looking of the bunch.

      1. I agree….. only LG Urbane is only going to be sold in South Korea!

        1. I’ll be sure to post the f****** picture when I do and call your ass out. Go yank your c*** through your a** I ain’t on welfare. You make android users look like s*** far worse than anything I’ve ever seen from Apple users on BGR or even Mac rumors.

          1. Sorry! :DDD

      1. Ok soooo I post an comment asking which android wear watch I should get when Google makes it available to iOS users and instead of giving me a suggestion like the other nice people here did you launch off into another crazed apple rant.

        But even if you did I have a feeling you would say I should get a Samsung gear… Not sure why I have that feeling.. Hmmmmmm…..

        1. Ok I’m done! :D …..getting on your nerves. Enjoy whatever you get!

          1. Did you fail reading comprehension in school? Or did you just not take that class yet since you talk like a 12 year old?

            Here let me show you what bragging about the apple watch would look like.

            ” LOL google better make android wear to compete with the apple watch! They already sold out and you can’t even get one til June or August! This is like 10x the amount of sales android wear has done since it was released! And in one day! Hahaha  rules!! ”

            Did I say that in my original post? No I did not. I didn’t even add an ! At the end of they sold out I just simply stated if apple fans want a smart watch they might want to look to android wear.

            I’m not even sold on the idea of watches yet and to be honest I DONT WANT AN APPLE WATCH. at least not this generation. Did you get that? Here let me say it again to make sure it sinks into your head. I DONT GIVE A F*** ABOUT APPLE WATCH.

          2. I know you are an Apple fan. So naturally assumed you were set on getting one my mistake.

            If you are really not just another Samsung Hater, I’ll just tell you that you might want to wait for Samsung Orbis. To at least check it out. It will be completely cross platform too. Able to sync with any smartphone platform. The battery life is said to be up to 16days. Being modular you wear it anyway you want, watch, pendant, armband, hooked in a pocket, etc. Stanford U. is co-developing IoM for it and Tablets. Which is Iris on Move Technology. They are the same people who developed Siri. It’s just a suggestion. Since it’ll be the most powerful by far with Exynos fabricated at 14nm instead of 28nm like everything else. Syncs with iPhones or Android and WP8/9/10. But freedom of choice! ;-P …..makes it easy not to hate for being great, with control around the face instead of crown control and more precise!

            Take your time if you’re not sure you even want one. I got a Pebble (boring), Moto360 (excellent as a watch, lacks features) and Gear 1 was my first one. It worked fine, but few features. Gear S is my latest and it’s the best so far. But I plan on buying the Gold Huawei and Orbis modular wearable when they come out. I’m a watch collector and have about 30 from $50 to $1000’s!

          3. I’ll admit I worded that wrong, my bad. I only said sold out because there’s clearly a supply / demand issue since some peoples pre-orders are already backed to June – August depending on what was ordered. I’m guessing they aren’t doing huge runs with them because I think they’re playing it safe since this is a new product category for them. ( though they would never admit that at a keynote )

            As for my reaction look you can call me an isheep or iDiot all day and that doesn’t phasee me much. But when you go personal and talk about my wife and accuse me of being a welfare recipient then yeah I’m gonna fight back.

            I prefer respectable debates without the name calling.

          4. The respectable debates aren’t getting through, past Phandroid mods. Only the ones that have us fighting! Anyway I’ll again here; I’m sorry buddy and will be watching my keyboard fingers! :D

  6. The Pebble works with the iPhone already. And it works with Android Wear notifications.

    1. Go read what Apple fans are now saying about Pebble in comparison to Apple Watch. None are claiming to have ever bought one and instead claiming Apple is God Infinity and Beyond. Having invented EVERYTHING….. Eons and Eons before the DAWN of TIME!!! …….so they’re saying Pebble was just a copy of an iBobble or iTrinket they got in a box of Cracker Jacks now! ;-P

      Jokes aside; Pebble is basically running a chopped down mobile version of Ubuntu. The guy who founded it, had worked for Ubuntu!

  7. I Already preordered the superior watch tho…#applewatchteam

    1. Do you really think anyone here gives a F*** what you ordered here? haha….

      1. the hate is strong within u…

  8. LoL. Why bother? Does anybody care about the flop that is Android Wear?

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