Samsung expects to take a 30% dip in profit for Q1 2015, but the Galaxy S6 should make up for that


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Samsung has posted an early outlook for their Q1 2015 results, and the numbers don’t look great. Compared to the same quarter a year ago, the company suffered a 30% drop in profit, from 8.5 trillion Korean won ($7.79 billion) down to 5.9 trillion ($5.44 billion). That hit was also reflected in overall revenue with 47 trillion Korean won ($43 billion) compared to 53.68 trillion ($49.18 billion) a year ago.

Samsung has been on this downward slope for more than a year now largely thanks to their mobile division, though they haven’t experienced much of a drop off quarter-over-quarter. The company posted 52.73 trillion Korean won in total revenue last quarter, but just 5.29 trillion in profit. Increased profit on decreased revenue doesn’t seem to be a bad deal to us.

Still, Samsung needs to bounce back in a big way, and the company is hopeful that the forthcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in just three days will change that. They’ve already recorded their highest pre-sales ever for a Galaxy S6 smartphone, and it’s poised to become one of the best selling Android smartphones of all time.

All of that is sure to help them recover quite nicely in 2015, and a renewed focus on premium products will certainly make people want to help them achieve that goal. We’ll have to wait for the full numbers at the end of the month to see what, exactly, caused the drop-off, and we’ll have to wait until next quarter’s results to see what impact, if any, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will ultimately have.

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  1. I have really been giving that S6 Edge a lot of thought. And the more I think about it, the more it just seems like a gimmick. It is not an actual screen, like the Note, it is just curved glass. You really can only do like 5 simple things with it: 5 people quick access, call colors for said 5 people, a clock, a news ticker, simple notifications. Nothing more and you think if they could do more Sammy would have programmed more options for it – like a launcher. And, despite being double sided curve, you can only actually use 1 side. 1 side? Twice I have now looked at and held this phone and you know… I might be changing my mind about it as the days pass such that when the 64gb Gold hits Verizon on 5-1-15 I might not buy like I thought I would.

    And, the lag gives me time to consider the new LG or maybe, maybe see what is up with the Z4 (though I doubt I can wait or that even VZW will do it proper). So in the end, I might get an S6. Might. But it will depend on the G4 announcements coming about the same release time as the Gold on Verizon.

    1. Don’t know if you’ve considered the M9.
      It’s a much better phone than one would be led to believe by the blogosphere.
      At least w/my M9,all the scuttlebutt surrouding the heating/battery life/display has turned out to be 100% TOTAL B.S.
      Worse case scenario,try out a display model &/or get it & see for yourself,return in 14 days if it’s not your cup of tea.
      If HTC isn’t on your radar,that’s cool too,a lot to choose from out there.
      If not for having the M9,I’d take a look at the ASUS ZenFone2.

      1. Oh sure, M9 is on my list also. Just have not seen it in person yet like I have the S6.

    2. If you’re considering the Galaxy S6 Edge for its additional features, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re considering it because it looks amazingly bad ass and have $100 to spare? Seems worth it to me (I’m buying one).

      1. Looks are not worth $100 + tax. $50 maybe. BUT the one consideration I just have to believe is that app developers and devs will take that edge function and (1) open it up to both sides of usage at the same time like launchers have done for years and (2) expand on the edge capabilities like launchers. This belief is partially what keeps me considering the Edge version. I just have to think that it will get expanded on and if so, suddenly it becomes about more than just looks. Right now, mostly looks, a little function. But in the next 2-03 months maybe function opens up thanks to devs and app builders IF the APK allows for it. So, this keeps me in a holding pattern on the Edge. The S6, sure I would buy.

        1. Not sure looks are worth anything. I can’t imagine anyone not putting a protective case on a $700+ mobile computer and so “premium” materials and looks are largely secondary to battery and screen specs, at least IMHO.

          My Nexus 6 is rocking a $8 Moko case that looks badaxx and even has a kickstand and the only reason I’ve been such a fan of the Note series was the removable battery which allowed ZeroLemon to offer a 3X battery pack and heavy duty case that let you get 3-4 days of battery life.

          1. I can 100% confirm I would NOT put a case on. Never have, never will.

            And yes, looks are worth something. Please.

          2. Looks are not worth $100? but looks are important? Sounds like you have money problems, as hundred dollars does not make a bit difference to me if I want something. I would have money problems buying a $10,000 Apple watch .

          3. To each their own but I can’t imagine going naked with a phone that could easily be dropped and shatter.

      2. This.

      3. Lemme get some of dat cheddar, sir.

    3. LOL, of course it’s a gimmick. It is designed to do one thing… part idiots from their money.

  2. they will always record the highest presales for a gs6 smartphone

  3. With over double the preorders as the s5, I think Samsung will do just fine next quarter.

    *Puts on Sunglasses*

  4. “Samsung says pre-installed apps on Galaxy S6, Edge can’t be uninstalled, just hidden”

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