Google could be working on a telemeeting platform called “GMeet”


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Teleconferencing is all the rage with businesses in the internet age, and Google is just as poised as anyone to provide a platform suitable for the types of corporate meetings that have to take place in such a manner. If Hangouts video calling wasn’t already enough, the company could be working on a standalone platform meant specifically for businesses.

Google+ user (Google+er?) Florian Kiersch stumbled across a new app in the works by Google called GMeet, or Google Meeting. Details are largely unclear at this time, but from the outside looking in the app doesn’t seem all that different from something such as Goto Meeting. You sign in, you join a meeting, and you (presumably) conference over voice and/or video.

gmeet-2Kiersch says the app only accepts Googler logins right now, so it’s unclear if this is a tool meant for internal use by Google or if it’s a user-facing service where the prerequisite only exists to make sure prying eyes can’t get an early look at what’s inside ahead of any official announcement.

Searches for G Meet and Google Meeting pull up interesting anecdotes and code snippets from as far back as 2011, but most of the code references things we already have access to in the latest rendition of Hangouts, such as whiteboards, screen sharing, and integration with Google Calendar. A URL that once existed in the code ( also now redirects to Hangouts’ main landing page.

A standalone meeting app would likely use Hangouts technology for its backbone so there’s nothing out of the ordinary than meets the eye. But until we can get into the app for ourselves or get an announcement from Google, we’re left to our educated guesses. Let’s hope to hear more in the very near future!

[Thanks, Florian!]

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  1. After a very successful Google+ launch to take on Facebook, they are now out to take over Twitter. *snicker*

    1. Google never launched Google+ to take on Facebook. Google+ is a very different platform than Facebook, thankfully. Google+ is a true social engaging platform.

      1. Only the most fanboy of fanboys would believe that Google never launched Google+, a social stream with pages by brands which users can follow and comment on, never meant to take on Facebook.

        Sorry but that is just as laughable as the notion that ghost town Google+ is a “true social engaging platform”.

        1. I can tell how clueless someone is based upon how clueless they are about G+ lol.

          1. Oh yeah, you’re right, it’s not a dead in the water joke that nobody likes.. they just want to dismantle it and do away with everything about it *because* it’s SOOOO popular, right?

    2. What’s Facebook?

  2. Perhaps they could pronounce it “gamete” and then when two people come together in a meeting it becomes a zygote.

  3. So basically now they’ve killed Talk, broken it out into two other platforms – Hangouts and Voice – added another platform – Messaging – and now are adding something else called “Gmeet” (which is an entirely stupid name to begin with)? So now instead of neglecting ONE protocol, they’re neglecting four?

    No thanks, I’ll stick with Skype.

    1. Agree to most of it. They could just make Hangouts better for meetings. It has hell lot of bugs. With GMeet, are they going to compete with GoToMeeting and the likes?

      1. That’s my impression from this. If they have conference calling and screen sharing for cheap they could definitely give GoToMeeting and the like a run for their money.

  4. Good, Skype is stagnating.

  5. dont name it gmeet .that would be horrible. come upwith something nice.

    1. Perhaps: GMeat?

      Uh, um . . . nevermind.

  6. This is needed, I work at a large media company (NBCUniversal) and we (our team) officially use Cisco WebEx but everyone hates using it so we almost always end up using Lately we have started experimenting with Hangouts but we hit the 15 person limit all too often and end up resorting back to I don’t like it when 15 people are in a meeting but I can’t do much about it.

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