HTC One M9+ dummy unit gets the hands-on treatment [VIDEO]



It’s happening. As we near the release of the still unannounced HTC One M9+ (Hima Ultra), more and more leaks of the device are creeping out from the woodwork. There’s been such a continual stream that the device has now been upgraded from rumored device, to a bonafide leak.

Take French outlet NowhereElse who — after allegedly seeing a prototype version of the M9+ on Skype — has successfully managed to get their hands on a One M9+ dummy unit used by manufacturers to create cases for the device. After taking a few of @OnLeaks’ leaked press renders and printing them out, he was able to give us a clearer picture of what the device will look in the real world. Well, minus all that gorgeous aluminum of course.


The dummy shell confirms a 5.2-inch display, and that strange Samsung-like home button that will allegedly act as a fingerprint scanner. The back of the case also shows off that familiar Duo Camera from the One M8. We imagine it wont be too much longer before we get a real hands-on, that or HTC officially announced the phone already.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Oh a button! I like that.

    1. Just a fingerprint scanner.

      1. Aw… :(

  2. 2 home buttons for what exactly?

    1. Not a physical home button. Just a fingerprint scanner.

  3. Plus =5.2?
    I think I will wait for the HTC One M34 in 2024 as I hear it will have a 5.3 screen and
    USB C.

  4. Rotflmao 5.2????

  5. I’m really upset with this news. Is this really the successor of the HTC Max? If so, very upsetting and a joke at 5.2 inch. I want a phablet with a clean os (sense) and Samsung touchwiz is way out of the question. I will be checking out Sony and LG. 5 year HTC fan ended with this Leak.

    1. To be fair Touchwiz has gotten a lot better. I’d still take sense over Touchwiz any day but Touchwiz on the Note 4/s6 is decently fast now.

  6. SMH, LOL….. This has failure written all over it!

  7. It looked excessively long due to all that bezel and button set up, but next to a real device it wasn’t that bad.

    Too bad it’s such a small screen, phablet of like 3 years ago. And the duo camera screams ultrapixel, so that’s gonna suck. SMH HTC, you ALMOST had my money.

  8. I don’t really understand what HTC was thinking this go around. This phone should have been 5.5 in with a bigger battery.

  9. Yep, ultimate pass on this.. This could all be Sony and LG for the taking..

  10. that home button….the bezels….the thickness, why doesnt this have a bigger batter life? the screen is not sharp at all (jk). why is this phone really only 5.2 inches?? i’m with everyone else, 5.5+ for sure. Sure its not for everyone but it would have been for people like me who like the bigger devices like my nexus 6.

  11. Looks more like a badly 3d printed model he made from leaked specs and then printed out the face on a printer and stuck it on there, I mean the face has on leaks printed right on it which no dummy unit would have especially considering it wasn’t a dummy unit for him straight from HTC right.

  12. Fugly!

  13. Hmm… I saw someone state earlier that this should have been the M9. I kinda think so as well. I mean, I can’t really see this being a *plus*.

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