HTC readies all new Butterfly 3 for a late April or May release in Japan [RUMOR]


HTC J Butterfly 2 colors

Last year’s HTC J Butterfly 2

It was back during Mobile World Congress that HTC announced their flagship for 2015, the HTC One M9. But in Asian markets — specifically Japan — HTC’s flagship line is also known by another name: the HTC Butterfly. Sporting mostly the same One internals (but a much different design), this is HTC’s high-end device that goes head-to-head with the best from from Panasonic, Sharp, and Kyocera.

Up until now, we haven’t heard much about what HTC had planned for the Butterfly line in 2015. But in a few recent tweets from @upleaks, we could see the HTC J Butterfly 3 aiming for a late April/early May release in Japanese and Asian markets. The device is said to come equipped with a slightly larger, higher res display than the HTC One M9, measuring in at 5.2-inches and Quad HD (1440p) resolution.

The Butterfly 3 will launch first on KDDI in Japan where it’s said to support their new VoLTE network and will be available in 3 colors: red, white, and blue.

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  1. Butterfly? Butterfly? Are you kidding? How about THE RAPTOR!!

    1. Yeah, the name is weak. Would definitely need to be rebranded if it ever came to the US.

  2. Funny how the butterfly doesn’t have that ugly black bar…HTC lost it’s touch and the m9 is a sad device.

    1. It’s interesting, cause the Butteryfly 2 looks similar to evleak’s render of the M9. I wonder if he actually leaked the Butterfly 3, which would make it look extremely appealing, however I’m just reaching for straws now.

      1. You might be on to something. Hope there’s a Butterfly 3 +/max.I’d import that in a heartbeat.

    2. I don’t the speaker space is intergrated into the black space to look like a huger black bezel

  3. Hmm… Late May/Early April…??? Wouldn’t it be Late April/Early May…??? I’m confused… ?

  4. Wish this would come out for Verizon again. This is HTC’s best line.

    1. Was it just rebranded as the droid DNA, or where there some design changes? Can’t remember.

      1. Yeah, that was the first one. Other than “droid” stuff, it was the same phone. The second never came over, unfortunately.

        1. I remember pining over that 1080p screen when I was rocking the Nexus 4, ah memories.

  5. Must have the butterfly it doesn’t have the HTC bar

    1. The big bezel is there. I just doesn’t have HTC on it. Do you guys really hate three letters that much?

      I wish this would come out to the US. I have the DNA so I know this line is pretty good, and I like the design better than the M9’s.

      1. That bar takes up so much space on the phone meeting it tall

  6. Maybe I’ll wait for the 2nd Eye version

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