Start checking your inbox: Google IO 2015 invites are starting to arrive


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If you signed up for Google’s big IO raffle, you might want to start checking your inbox: invites are now starting to roll out. It appears those who haven’t been accepted won’t receive an email saying so, and there’s a chance Google is sending invites out in waves (after unclaimed tickets become available) so don’t lose hope on getting one.

Those who have received invites to purchase a ticket have a limited time to do so (the first batch of invites are all saying by Thursday, March 26th) so it shan’t be long before Google knows how many more tickets they can issue. You’ll need $900 handy to pay for the ticket, though if you’re a student you can be admitted for just $300. Let us know if you’ve received one!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I love to read about the I/O each year; but would never be able to purchase a ticket for $900 even knowing that I may get more hardware in return. Due to my wife LOL

    1. haha was thinking the same thing as I was reading it!!

    2. The give you 3 free meals and unlimited ice cream too! Lol

      1. Unless it comes with 2 free tickets to Rome for two weeks she will not let me go… But thanks for letting me know of the extra perks.

  2. I just purchased my ticket super excited first one ever .

  3. Damn, rent and electricity or I/O? Damn my priorities! Alternatively I could just not buy cell phones for the next 2 years and attend I/O 2017.(Plot twist, tickets will be over $1000)

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