A higher-end LG G4 Note will launch with a metal body, not the LG G4 [RUMOR]


LG G4 onleaks leak

It was a little over 2 weeks ago we got a good look at the LG G4 in a few alleged press shots of the device. Like a slightly smaller version of the LG G Flex 2, the phone featured a curved LED display while keeping to LG’s current design language. One of the more interesting parts about rumors of the device is that it would it would feature a metal body — a first for LG on their flagship line. We’re not talking about that faux metal finish of the LG G3 either.

It was an interesting prospect and while plastic definitely has its merits, consumers really seem to have taken a liking to the premium feel of all metal phones like the iPhone 6 or recently announced HTC One M9 (Samsung added a dash of metal in the Galaxy S6 as well). Guess people like to feel like they got their money’s worth when they drop a several bills down on a new phone.

Well, hopefully those metal LG G4 rumors didn’t get your hopes up too much, as ZDNet Korea is now reporting that because of manufacturing and time constraints, LG simply wont have enough time to build a metal LG G4 if they hope to get it to market in a timely manner. Instead, LG will introduce a new even higher-end smartphone line, dubbed the LG G4 Note, that features an all metal construction. While not much is known about the new Note series, LG was quoted as saying it would launch during the second half of this year and “stand above” the G series.

LG definitely has their work cutout for them. With the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 launching April 10th, they’ll need to act fast before their competition gains too much ground. Luckily for them, early battery life reports of these devices left plenty of room for improvement, something we’re hoping LG will hone in on with the G4.

[ZDNet Korea (translated) | via GforGames]

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  1. the note 4 is the king of phablets but if LG does things right I may be picking up one from there camp.

  2. They just need to get that speaker off the back

    1. and the buttons please

      1. I actually like the buttons

        1. Sure, many do. I just couldn’t get used to it, the dexterity failed me.

          1. it really does take a good amount of time to get used to them. I could go either way, and thats after owning both the G2 and G3.

    2. It’s comical and sad LG has no identity nor are they able to keep up with what Samsung is doing.

      Now they have a G4 Note you can’t make this shit up the least Samsung is worried about is LG.

      If you want bootleg wanna be Samsung devices you purchase LG products.

      If you need top in class handsets with Worldwide standing and legitimacy the you purchase Galaxy Note products nothing else compares. 

  3. LG G4 Note… likely story -_- no way.

  4. LG needs to quit messing around and announce the G4 already. I’m not really interested in HTC or Samsung’s flagships this year, and my m7 is getting frustratingly slow & outdated.

  5. Does anybody know if / when LG’s supposed to be officially announcing something soon?

  6. Stupid speaker placement. No sale here.

  7. I will never buy another phone without front facing speakers.

    1. Buying the M9, I had the S4 and S5 instead of the htc one line, wanting some change, I might weight for the M9+ bit it better come soon.

    2. After buying a nexus 6 last week I have just realized the same thing

  8. Metal or no metal, let’s hope the actual G4 stays the course with the truly valuable options of Micro SD support and a user-replaceable battery.

  9. Hope its only dubbed “Note” as the article implies, otherwise Samsung might have a problem with that, lol.

    1. haha here we go with another lawsuit!

  10. This is what dreams are made of. I won’t buy a Samsung Note as I hate TW, but I’ll splurge on an LG variant.

    1. tw in my note 4 is bad lag i had lg g pro2 was extreamly fast

  11. You make it sound like metal phones are a new thing.

  12. This is what dreams are made of. I won’t buy a Samsung Note as I hate TW, but I’ll splurge on an LG variant. At this point just SOMEONE get me a worthy phablet.

    1. Touchwiz on the note 4 is pretty good though. Even compared to the S5.

      1. Yeah I’ve heard, and I know it brings pretty good features. Never mind the speed and use ability, I just hate the UI. And it’s probably because I was let down by earlier Galaxy versions and I haven’t been able to shake it off.

      2. no i have note 4 and tw is bad not good lag

        i had the lg g pro 2 it was extreamly fast

        i see that the new galaxy s6 has the fastest tw

        1. Sounds like operator deficiency to me. The only time I have lag is when there are 10+ apps open or the storage is nearly full.

  13. hope the new nexus is built off this

    1. I hate that a nexus phone has to be a different product. They should use the same internals of another OEMs phone (like the g4), and then give it a size screen that google may want. I want the Nexus 6 so bad…big screen..front facing speakers. But one of the now most used feature of a phone, the camera, on it sucks. Not only is the sensor not quite up to snuff still (good for nexus line of phones but bad compared to the other guys), but the google camera app SUCKS. Its so bare its ridiculous. Forget slo-mo…it cant even do something useful and basic like burst shots!

      They should use the same internal guts as a new highend model of an OEM, add the latest gimmick the want on top of that (fingerprint reader..whatever…), and make a better camera app.

  14. A well make device does not have to be all metal… The G3 was nicely designed and fit very well in the hand for it’s size. I don’t personally care if they ever make an all metal phone as long as they can catch up on software updates.

    1. The verizon G3 just got lollipop which beat Tmobile to the punch. Lg has been doing pretty good lately in that regard.

  15. Were they waiting to see what Samsung was doing? ?

    1. That’s why it’s called Note

    2. I read “wait”, then I was like “wait”, then got confused because I said what I read, but didn’t mean to do it literally, but I did and… I hate your typo.

      1. lol! Sorry, let me fix it!

    3. Coke and Pepsi have been doing that with each other for years.

  16. I hope it DOESNT. Metal seems cool…but after the initial wow factor..and showing your friends..you dont even think about the casing anymore. Not to mention 99% of the people want to protect their new shiny expensive toy and end up slapping a case on it ANYWAY.

    I got the g3 because samsung was moving away from removeable batteries and sdcards. I dont care about metal bodies that are gonna be forgotten about and hidden anyway. I DO care about practical, useful, helpful things like a removable battery, or sd card.

    Ideally they would make 2 g4 versions. A metal frame version and a plastic frame version like g3. They can make the vast majority the plastic, and make the metal a more “limited” run. That way, they can charge more for it due to the “premium materials”, a more limited quantity builds up hype and a sense of premium factor..and gives people a choice.

    1. I get metal phones for the weight before the design. I don’t like how light plastic phones are.

  17. Hmmmm this shall be interesting. I’d like to see them come out with a Lg Galaxy Note…. Excuse me I mean Lg G4 Note. However I believe the Galaxy Note 5/edge will reign supreme ;) Because more than likely it’ll be a Note Clone and Samsung will add some new feature they didn’t think about. By the way I HATE the power and volume rocker on the back….

  18. They outta line for adding “Note”, at the end, but at least they’re “telling” people that another high[er] end version “is” coming.

    I put certain words in quotations to note that I do know it’s rumored.

  19. Will LG even be able to use the “Note” name since Samsung already does?

    1. i’m guessing they will venture into lawsuit territory

    2. Will they be able to use the G name even though HTC already does?

      1. Umm… LG G3 did and I don’t hear of a lawsuit but I don’t believe it was a htc trademark I think it was a T-mobile trademark.

    3. You cant trademark or copyright actual words…thats why companies use fake spellings that they CAN. You cant copyright Extreme…but you can xtreme. etc..

  20. Good the Galaxy Note needs some competition. Give us a good S Pen competitor LG and end that Note style phablet monopoly once and for all! Others have tried and failed to compete (Asus) and bring down prices.

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