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@OnLeaks is back with more LG G4 renders for us to drool over. These new shots give us a look at not just the rear that we saw yesterday, but also the front and sides. It still looks just like an LG G3, folks, save for a bit more of a hump to protect the camera on the rear.

The leakster confirmed that the device does have a slight curve not just in its chassis, but also in the display itself. It’s not as profound an effect as it is on the curvaceous LG G Flex 2, but it’s there.


Otherwise, everything else looks pretty ordinary. Specs for the LG G4 are still largely unconfirmed at this time, but we’re expecting a display size anywhere between 5.2 and 5.7 inches, a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and a megapixel count between 16.0 and 20.7 for its rear camera (and we’re told that sensor will once again be supported by a laser-assisted autofocus).


More interesting than what it looks like is when it’ll launch. Unfortunately that bit of information is still yet to be revealed, but it won’t be long as LG is said to be looking to lift the curtains up at some point in April. We’ll have to see if they’ll be fast enough to make it to market before Samsung and HTC’s latest options gain too much momentum.

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