Newly leaked LG G4 renders give us multiple new angles to check out



@OnLeaks is back with more LG G4 renders for us to drool over. These new shots give us a look at not just the rear that we saw yesterday, but also the front and sides. It still looks just like an LG G3, folks, save for a bit more of a hump to protect the camera on the rear.

The leakster confirmed that the device does have a slight curve not just in its chassis, but also in the display itself. It’s not as profound an effect as it is on the curvaceous LG G Flex 2, but it’s there.


Otherwise, everything else looks pretty ordinary. Specs for the LG G4 are still largely unconfirmed at this time, but we’re expecting a display size anywhere between 5.2 and 5.7 inches, a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and a megapixel count between 16.0 and 20.7 for its rear camera (and we’re told that sensor will once again be supported by a laser-assisted autofocus).


More interesting than what it looks like is when it’ll launch. Unfortunately that bit of information is still yet to be revealed, but it won’t be long as LG is said to be looking to lift the curtains up at some point in April. We’ll have to see if they’ll be fast enough to make it to market before Samsung and HTC’s latest options gain too much momentum.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Beautiful. I can dig it and would like to try a curved phone. Spec rumors seem nice, but at 5.7″ no thanks. At 5.2″ sure, I like.

    “LG is said to be looking to lift the curtains up at some point in April” really? Hmm.. I thought G4 was more like August? Since S6 and M9 are near April, I would consider waiting to see the G4. Unless you mean “announced” in April, but not out until August. Then I cannot wait.

    1. no 5.7 for you huh? I LOVED my G3 and its 5.5 casing….felt so nice in the hand, was just the perfect size to be honest. I’m really hoping they stick to 5.5. we shall see. Give me a front facing speaker too and I’m sold!

      1. Personally, I find the G3 very manageable but the Note 3/4 are a tad unwieldy, primarily due to the home & capacitive buttons. But the Note 4’s build quality blows away the G3’s. Personally, I’d love to see a G4 at 5.7″ or so with slim bezels then some kind of G Pro successor or Note competitor around 6″. The slight curve would also probably make it a bit easier to hold. And does that look like a removable battery cover on the back? It sure does!

        1. Looks like a removable back to me!

        2. Which surely means… MicroSD :) and could still even mean wireless charging.

      2. 5.5″ at the current size is awesome, i agree too.

      3. Well, never had so maybe I am wrong. Willing to hold it and see. Just seems to be getting too big for 1 hand management and fitting in a pocket without fear of falling out. Others seem to disagree.

      4. Yep, G3 is the perfect size for a phone.

  2. I wonder if that added curve could be to squeeze another couple hundred mah into the battery? I like how clear that removable Backplate notch it’s. Maybe with Google adding multitasking, they’ll surprise us and give it 4gb ram since its 64bit.

  3. Another thing I just noticed, it looks like the top and Bottom bezels may be the same size or slightly bigger than g3, but the size bezels look possibly even slimmer. And that front camera is some sort of massive selfie camera.

    1. *side bezels

  4. So many angles. ALL of the angles!

      1. Waiting… Oops, sorry I watched that “pre-release copy” of 50 Shades too many times. In reality I was just slacking off on my trolling of male majority areas of the Interwebs. I shouldn’t leave you guys hanging like that. :o

        1. Don’t worry i’ve been trolling enough for the both of us. 50 shades of grey huh? classy smut lol

          1. Haha yeah, I was convinced I’d totally hate it, but if I’m being honest, I thought Anastasia was hilarious in talking back/calling the shot when Christian never gets that flack from anyone. It might have something to do with the fact that I have no issues with standing up to people too if they need it. =)

          2. I have no idea what you’re talking about lol but yea I didn’t actually see the movie lol

          3. But yet… now you feel compelled to, no doubt.

          4. Yes doubt… Lots of doubt lol

  5. I have the g3.i thought I would like the buttons on the back of the phone, but I don’t. I don’t want to go back to Samsung.

    1. I have it also…I am going to samsung.

      1. No! Run from Samsung as fast as you can! The S4 was the last bearable device they put out.

        1. I could not bear the thought of me buying a Sammy device….see what I did there?

          1. *roars quietly*

    2. Agreed. My wife has a G2. I tried getting used to the back buttons. But nope, it ain’t working! So I recently traded it in for an M8.

    3. The back buttons are soooooo fantastic. With the knock on/off feature available, I don’t ever touch the power button. Volume ones yes, but not often. I’d have a hard time switching back to side placed buttons.

    4. interesting, i loveee back buttons. And i’m always double tapping the screen on other phones and when that doesn’t work i get frustrated… i have to touch buttons, like a savage lol.

      1. I love the tap on feature and I do the same thing on other phones. I have a habit of always turning my screen off when I’m done, and the tap off isn’t as easy having to double tap the status bar. That and my head phone jack is worn out. My plug always gets disconnected with the slightest movement. Have y’all experienced that with this phone or any others?

        1. why do you have to tap the status bar? i double tap the homescreen and it shuts off for me.

          I havent had any headphone problems personally, although i think i may have seen it on xda once or twice if im not mistaken.

          I did have that stupid LG voice mate come up by itself interrupting my video a couple times, which was very annoying.

          1. I don’t use the stock launcher. Double tap opens my app drawer with Nova.

          2. So Nova is your problem then ;P

        2. If you use a third party launcher, just download the playstore app “screen off” and set the gesture “double tap” to activate that app. It will turn your screen off by knocking twice. You have to be out of an app, but still way better than having to use the status bar IMO.

        3. Yeah I had to disable the screen off taps on my Oneplus One. It was just much easier to go for the physical button.

    5. Yeah I couldn’t get used to the buttons on the back. For me it felt too unnatural.

  6. Ugly. Hope these aren’t real.

    1. In ya dreams

  7. I feel like these renders are all crap because the new LG logo isn’t incorporated on the thing.

  8. Looks sick and legit, so tempting!

  9. The s6 is still my top phone so far. That curvy thing isn’t my thing.

    1. I got you, that S6 is a good lookin device….but I do like the looks of the G4 here too. seems like the s6 is the one to beat tho.

  10. might be a little too late. I would wait for LG if I knew they were releasing the G4 next month, but that is highly unlikely

  11. I hope that it is awesome… But without front facing speakers I will be reluctant to get it.

    1. I also like front facing speaker very much. However, in the photo, there is a small grill on the top in the middle. Maybe this is the speaker?

      1. earpiece for the phone.

    2. yeah turn those things around

  12. Sorry folks, I’m still saying this is NOT the G4.

    1. In ya dreams it’s not.

      1. I think he’s saying in YOUR dreams it is

  13. My contact on my G2 is up in July, and if the G4 has a 5.5-5.7″ screen, SD 810, 3GB RAM it’s all mine.

  14. Can’t believe people are complaining about HTC not changing the look of the M9 drastically but everyone seems to be fine with this played out design. I wouldn’t buy an LG device (other than a Nexus and only because it was Nexus) if I had other choices so I’m really glad there’s other choices, they lag, the display is never anything special and the UI is horrid

    1. My LG G2 is so much better than a Nexus 5. Doesn’t lag, much more stable, way better camera, better battery life by far. The screen is huge and the phone is the same size as the iPhone 6. It’s by far the most well-balanced phone ever made. There’s not much to complain about in terms of design or anything.

      I would like the G4 to be closer to the G2 than G3, since the G3 was a bit too big, wiser bezels and not even a bigger battery, along with the crazy screen.

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