HTC may reconsider not updating the One M7 to Android 5.1


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Yesterday we wrote about the HTC One M7 not being updated past Android 5.0. Not surprisingly, this was met with an uproar from current user who want Android 5.1. The news came from HTC Product Manager Mo Versi, and today he has some more optimistic news about the situation.

Mo says that many of the fixes are already in Sense, but they understand the concerns from users. This is something that we mentioned in yesterday’s article. HTC has been fixing a lot of the issues that Android 5.1 fixes on their own. The One M7 is already on Android 5.0.1, which is very respectable for a two-year old device. Mo did say to “stay tuned,” so maybe HTC will eventually bring 5.1 to the M7.

This whole situation is a microcosm of problem with Android updates. A lot of times manufacturers are fixing things and adding features before they make it into Google’s stock version of Android. Sometimes it’s not necessary to get every little Android update. We’ll keep an eye on developments for 5.1 on the M7.

Joe Fedewa
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  1. This is what I’m not liking about people. I updated to a lollipop Sense ROM and things started running slow and Viper AudioMOD doesn’t work right.

    Although, I will say it booted in 54 seconds as opposed to 72 seconds. The phone was noticeably faster. It would just have a random hardcore lag spike.

    People shouldn’t be so keen to update. That’s one thing I like about skinned Android. Updates without the updates.

    1. Except remember that developer ROMs are frequently ported ROMs. For instance,there are a handful of Sense 7 5.01 ROMs available for the M8 ported from early leaks of the M9 ROM. The problem is that the M9 ROM is still developmental as the device hasn’t been released, so M8 users who “update” to those ported ROMs are acquiring bugs yet to be worked out. It’s always better when the OEM generates the ROM for the handset —- even if the user wants to try a custom ROM after that —- at least there’s a base from which to work.

    2. My Nexus 5 with Cyanogenmod 12 boots up in about 25 seconds and that’s slow IMO. 54 is ludicrous, let alone 72.

  2. 5.1 is only a big deal if you’re running a non-skinned version of Android.

  3. It would show good faith just to push 5.1 as the last update then call it given the problems with 5.0

    1. …then everyone will whine when 5.2 comes out and they don’t commit to it. When does it end?

      1. For the money you pay for a top of the line flagship device, support for the newest updated should end only when the device hardware is no longer capable of running the latest OS, just like the Nexus lineup.

        1. Amen! As an over joyed owner of a Nexus 6 I adore my phone and the last thing I want to do is see myself forced to buy a replacement with a ridiculously small screen (rumors are next nexus will have 5.2-5.6 inch screen). I’m really hoping that the 3 gigs of ram and snapdragon 805 under the hood of the nexus 6 means that it is future proof and that google will keep upgrading it for at least 4 more android versions, by which point I’ll have had it for 5 Years and expect the battery to be useless.

  4. Since the update, my m7 last all freaking day! As before the battery would drain quickly. Especially if I leave it out in the car on a hot or cold day.

  5. Can someone clear this up for me? Is 5.0 even out yet on Verizon? I see all this talk of 5.1 but I don’t even have 5.0 yet.

  6. There’s this thing called “diff” that makes it really easy to compare code changes and implement your own; everyone editing Android should try it.

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