50% off ZeroLemon’s 20,000mAh solar-powered backup battery at



20,000mAh worth of reserve power is enough to charge the average smartphone nearly 10 times over. Couple that with the green energy of the sun and you get a nearly unlimited supply of clean backup battery power. That’s what ZeroLemon’s SolarJuice battery pack offers, and it can be yours now for 50% off the retail price at

Get the ZeroLemon SolarJuice backup battery for $49.99 at 

ZeroLemon’s SolarJuice portable charger features a 20,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery cell and offers dual 2.1 and 1 amp USB ports for charging multiple devices quickly. The 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel will recharge the internal battery in nearly any lighting condition. Designed to be both durable and portable, the SolarJuice is a backup you can’t go without. It even features a built-in LED flashlight if you’re in a pinch.

Normally priced at $100, you can get the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20,000mAh backup battery for only $49.99 thanks to Head over and snag yours now.

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  1. Interesting. By my math that will take 60 hours to fully recharge the battery

    Still, every bit helps, especially since solar energy is free.

    1.2W / 4V battery = 0.3A charging rate

    20 Ah / 0.3A charging rate = 67 hours
    (numbers are rounded off for ease of calculation; charging voltage is approximate)

    1. I’ve read the reviews on Amazon, it seems you are right (not exactly about the hours) but people say it takes forever to actually charge anything.

      1. There is a reason that it’s 50% off.

    2. Is there anything around that can charge faster? I have zero experience with these solar powered battery packs.

  2. It dosnt say if you are able to charge it with a wall adapter. If you are I think I should get this. Anyone know?

    1. It be stupid if you couldn’t, I’d just read a review on Amazon or check the product page.

      1. I wonder how long will it take to charge it, via both a wall charger and via solar power.

  3. I ordered one of these last weekend on sale. If you sign up for their mailing list it brings the total down to $45, only downside is that shipping takes 2-3 weeks.

  4. Got it about 3 weeks ago. Takes forever to charge completely, but hey, its good when phone’s bout to die on you!

  5. I’ve had two of these since the last time they were 2for1. Work great so far. Regarding the solar charging, the battery is huge vs. The amount of solar cells, so yes, I never even rely upon solar to do 100% of the charging. It was meant to really just slow down the rate of discharge, not do it all. Plug it in to a USB wall charger if you want it done quicker.

    All in all, would I buy it again? Yes. Huge capacity w/2 USB ports is exactly what I needed, and it fits the bill.

    Does it take awhile? Yes. Remember you’re charging 20kma vs. your cellphone which is 2kma or thereabouts. Do NOT throw this up on your car windshield and leave it there during warmer weather–bad things will happen!

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