HTC One M7 will not go past Android 5.0, Mo Versi confirms


HTC One camera

Owners of the phone that kicked off the HTC One craze will be sad to hear this news: the update train is over. Product manager Mo Versi confirmed on Twitter that the HTC One M7 would no longer get upgraded to major new versions of Android, and yes — that includes Android 5.1.

It’s worth noting that the device is currently on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, so it’s at least ended its cycle on a very contemporary version of Android. Android 5.1 didn’t add many notable new features at all (in fact, HTC Sense already did a fine enough job providing the handful of changes it did bring). The update does fix a lot of bugs, but HTC addressed many of Lollipop’s pain points through fixes of their own.

And this doesn’t mean HTC wouldn’t still service the phone in the event that critical issues pop up. Security patches and fixes for experience-breaking issues will likely be addressed should they surface.

As such, there’s likely nothing to get up-in-arms about here. It’s been two years since the device has launched, and HTC has held up their end of the two-years of updates promise well enough. It’s time to upgrade, or turn to the aftermarket development community who we’re sure will keep the device’s clock ticking a lot longer than even you might need it to.

PS: This only applies to versions of the HTC One M7 which run HTC’s Sense firmware. Google Play Edition devices will continue to see updates for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Volte?

    1. Not entirely sure the M7 is even compatible.

      1. I think you’re right, but it’s pretty sad.

        The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, dual core w/embedded world modern, and quad APN processor w/external modem, was VoLTE capable and shipped on phones in 2012.

      2. The LG Gx had VoLTE and a Snapdragon 600… So presuming the M7 is using the same variant of the 600, and they’re both using the built-in radio, the hardware is there.

        1. Actually, both using a separate modem chip not the built-in one, but otherwise you’re absolutely right.

  2. Sad. It’s a perfectly good phone too. I understand that phone companies are trying to nudge people to buy their latest and greatest with this practice but I’d honestly pay them for the updates. I think we’ve reached the point where any flagship that has come out in the past two years has enough under the hood to see updates for way more then two years. If my MacBook Air from 2011 can still upgrade to the latest Mac OS then why can’t a two year old phone? Oh well, guess it’s time for me to root.

    1. The phone literally runs better than the newer Galaxy S5. The thing is, if they focus on bringing Android 5.1 now — which is such a small release — 5.2 will be announced, and so forth. It’s a never ending cycle and putting resources into a 2-year old phone just doesn’t make sense for a company like HTC. Especially considering 99.9% of the people who even own the phone couldn’t tell you the difference between Android 1.5 and Android 5.1.

    2. I was going to reply and then read your last sentence. What? You haven’t rooted? :)

      Anyway, HTC promised their phones would be supported for two years, and they delivered. They promised 90 days update after release of new version, and they delivered (somewhat). The M7 had been receiving excellent treatment from HTC, much better than any other phones from 2013 (go ahead and check). I don’t think we can blame them for not supporting this phone more than they already had.

      I couldn’t even get mad, this latest 5.0.1 is truly amazing and smooth. I also maintained that physically it’s still the prettiest of them all (I don’t like the more ‘curvy’ M8, and looks like M9 is about the same), so I’m content.

      I’ll keep it as long as it’s working. It does look like the GPE version will get updated still, so that’s always an option.

  3. Will still have 3rd party support for it though, right?? Plus GPE will be fine

  4. Why I stick to Nexi. Nexus 4 still getting updates so I fully expect my Nexus 6 to get updated to at least Android N.

  5. boo! I was planning to upgrade to M9 but it was such a small iterative update and I’m still extremely satisfied with my m7 that I decided that I’ll probably wait for m10. Lollipop is nice and I wouldn’t expect the next major Android release or Sense 7 on the m7 but 5.1 fixes a number of bugs and improves battery life from 5.0. Plus my bluetooth doesn’t work properly since upgrade to 5.0.

  6. Meanwhile my 2012 Nexus 7 just received 5.1 last night lol.

    1. I retired my 2012 Nexus last week (cleaned it, got all OEM equipment into the Original Box, then put up in storage) …now I may just update it again and then retire it again!! kinda like Jordan did (twice)

  7. At least they kept there promise of 2 year updates…I mean..if they kept updating and updating… It will make it harder for those with it to part ways and upgrade to the next HTC phone….

    1. and it would take longer for those with newer phones to get their updates…

      And most people upgrade for hardware reasons more than they do for software reasons anyway… Longer battery life, better performance, better screen, better camera, and more powerful processor tend to trump a new color scheme

  8. I still love my M7. It’s a great phone. Unfortunately, my wife’s phone developed the purple camera issue about 6 months ago, and mine followed a couple months later. HTC will do nothing for it, so that is disappointing, especially when they know the camera was flawed.

    Thinking about the M9, but not sure I want to commit to another $50/month for the next two years. Are my pictures that important to me? Decisions, decisions…

    1. $50/month for two years? That’s $1200. Where are you buying your phone?

      1. maybe he meant for 2 phones, for him and his wife.

        1. Ahhh, I see.

        2. Yes, that is what I meant. Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you guys a heart attack. I’m not THAT gullible! :D

      2. I believe he’s speaking of both him and his wife getting a new phone. Assuming each phone would add $25 to the bill, that’s an additional $50 a month. Two phones at $600 each. That’s $1,200.

        That’s the only thing that made sense, so I figured that’s what OP meant.

    2. iOS or Windows phone if you want great pics.

      1. No, I’m happy with the quality of the pics I’ve taken. At least, I WAS happy, before the purple tint of death hit my camera!

  9. Maybe this means 5.0.1 for the M8 will have Sense 7? The reason they will do developers GPE Edition only.

  10. Pretty piss poor.

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