Mar 19th, 2015

HTC One camera

Owners of the phone that kicked off the HTC One craze will be sad to hear this news: the update train is over. Product manager Mo Versi confirmed on Twitter that the HTC One M7 would no longer get upgraded to major new versions of Android, and yes — that includes Android 5.1.

It’s worth noting that the device is currently on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, so it’s at least ended its cycle on a very contemporary version of Android. Android 5.1 didn’t add many notable new features at all (in fact, HTC Sense already did a fine enough job providing the handful of changes it did bring). The update does fix a lot of bugs, but HTC addressed many of Lollipop’s pain points through fixes of their own.

And this doesn’t mean HTC wouldn’t still service the phone in the event that critical issues pop up. Security patches and fixes for experience-breaking issues will likely be addressed should they surface.

As such, there’s likely nothing to get up-in-arms about here. It’s been two years since the device has launched, and HTC has held up their end of the two-years of updates promise well enough. It’s time to upgrade, or turn to the aftermarket development community who we’re sure will keep the device’s clock ticking a lot longer than even you might need it to.

PS: This only applies to versions of the HTC One M7 which run HTC’s Sense firmware. Google Play Edition devices will continue to see updates for the foreseeable future.

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