Uncarrier 9.0: What T-Mobile is doing to earn the business of businesses



There was another side of T-Mobile’s Uncarrier announcements today that business owners might want to be made aware of. The first is an all new simple choice of plans that get cheaper with the more employees you have.

It starts off at $16 per line from 1-20 lines, goes to $15 per line for lines 21-1,000, and $10 per line for anything above that. All plans feature unlimited talk and text, and come with at least 1GB of data for your employees to use should they need it. Doesn’t sound too bad. T-Mobile says this effectively makes their business plans up to 40% cheaper than the other wireless carriers.

To continue on the front of simplicity and choice, the company gives you the freedom to add more data on a per-line basis, so if the CEO needs 10GB and his underlings only need 5GB, that’s totally possible. You could even opt for a “data pool” where you pay only what you and your employees use, from 100GB ($4.75 per GB) up to 1TB ($4.25 per GB). T-Mobile says it solves the problem of businesses paying for far more data than they’ll ever need, something other carriers purportedly design their plans around.

pooled business data

There were a few other perks sprinkled throughout the announcement, including a free .com domain name and website through GoDaddy, free .com email address and service through Microsoft Office 365, and discounts of up to 50% for family members of business customers. Not too shabby at all. Be sure to run these new features by your boss if you want them to consider giving it a go.

Quentyn Kennemer
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T-Mobile’s latest Uncarrier promises: all promo plans permanent, prices never hike, & they pay all fees to switch

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  1. They should first work on their coverage.

    1. Alas, this is the one thing stopping them. I think they’re trying to get more customers to get more money to get more revenue to get more coverage.

      *inserts Xibit’s face*

      1. Isn’t that what all carriers work towards?

        1. LoL!! I guess I should edit out the “trying”.

    2. They are, people have been noticing differences all over the country.

  2. Exactly wake me up when I can make a phone call

    1. “When you can make a phone call”? Wow, talk about an extreme exaggeration! Are you even speaking from first hand experience? I live in Ct, no problems anywhere, even Willimantic Ct, which is far from anywhere.

      1. well good for you but the simple fact is they suck in coverage, at least where I live. My friend just switched to T Mobile and that lasted like 2 days he was constantly losing calls. Look at the map in my area they can’t even give bad coverage

  3. Will Phandroid go this route?

  4. I just used their calculator and it would cost more for my company to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile, so I guess I’m missing where the 40% savings is.

  5. Until they dump their embarrassment of a CEO, they’ll forever be known as the joke carrier.

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