The $2,500 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge covered in 24K gold (or platinum) is what dreams are made of


samsung-s6-platinum plated

London-based Goldgenie has been offering their luxurious gold plating services for awhile now. We’ve seen their handy work on Android devices dating all the way back to the original HTC One M7. Now, it seems both the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be receiving the same treatment.

It’s not exactly what we had in mind when we asked for a metal version of the phone, but the super premium metal-clad Galaxies will be up for pre-order this Friday, March 20th, for the reasonable price of only £1,664 excluding VAT (around $2,453 US dollars). The phone’s will be offered up either 24K gold, rose gold, or platinum finishes. Of course, we all know metal plating a device can take some time, but Goldgenie says that you can expect to receive the blinged out version of the Galaxy S6 around 14 to 21 days after its global April 10th launch date. So you wont have to wait too long.

Goldgenie Samsugn Galaxy S6

While we’ll never be able to justify a purchase like this, clearly this is being marketed towards the world’s wealthy 1%. The phones will arrive in Goldgenie’s trademark cherry oak display case and come with all the original accessories. We can’t help but wonder how the metal plating will affect the Galaxy S6’s wireless charging (it could potentially meddle with some things), so that’s something to consider.

Pre-orders are available only until April 7th.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Compared to a certain smart watch that has far less functionality and is more than six times the cost of this device…it’s a steal!

    1. Damn beat me to it

  2. Wow! That rose gold and platinum.

  3. I typically hate this done to phones…. But the platinum looks really nice, and the metal would be an improvement over the glass back

  4. I’m buying the Platinum one…

    1. Pick me up one while you’re at it.

      1. OK got Chavez down for one platinum.

        N E 1 else??

        1. I’ll take a platinum as well. Thanks in advance.

  5. Not in my dreams. They usually consist of boobs, not overpriced phones. ;)

  6. So why does apple watch edition cost 4x as much?

    1. Stupid buyers?

      1. No. Just the wealthy.

        1. No, just stupid buyers that want you to *think* they are wealthy. They call those.. posers.

          1. It’s possible to be wealthy and not uneducated. As are most rich people.

    2. Watch is solid 18k gold, these are only plated in gold. But still that doesnt justify the cost of the watch, its still a rip off and probably only around $200 worth of gold in it.

      1. That makes sense, thanks

      2. The watch or the phone?

    3. Makes more dollars than sense.

  7. If that’ll be a case for Ara phone, no prob. But not for a phone that is going to be outdated after a year

  8. Pretty strange dreams some fellas have.

    1. Strange to dream about having the disposable income to impulse buy something like this? Okay.

      1. Can think of many things I’d blow cash on if I was rich but I can’t say I’d ever desire a gold phone, much less a Samsung one.

        Whatever floats one’s boat.

  9. Dumb.

    1. very very dumb

  10. I don’t know why Samsung didn’t make a titanium grey model Like the s3 and note 2. It would have been the best looking one.

  11. Unfortunately I can’t afford to throw away money like this.

  12. Man when Apple do it is vulgar gratuitous elitism. When Samsung copies yet another Apple design/strategy the Android community creams itself with lust… Are we really that cheap?! HTC me any day. Forget this Samsung rubbish.

    1. You can’t seriously think that Apple was the first company to “bling” their products, right?

      1. No of course no but you cant seriously deny Samsung doesn’t copy Apple more then any other company when it comes to design and market approach.

        1. Correlation does not necessarily imply causation.

    2. It is not Samsung doing it, this is a third party doing the metal plating and has nothing to do with Samsung, learn to read.

      1. Raaarrrr saucer of milk for one please :D Obviously touched a nerve there!!

  13. well at least they are not charging Apple money for these….it could be $17,001 to compete with Apples market.

  14. No. It’s what nightmares about too much money and too little taste are made off. See also: gold covered… anything.

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