HTC One M9 will be covered against accidental damages, even carrier switching [RUMOR]


HTC One M9 DSC08393

The battle between the next-generation of Android flagships is heating up. While it’s increasingly becoming harder to compete on raw hardware alone, OEMs are now forced to get a little more creative, looking to software or other services to gain that edge.

Last year, we saw HTC introduce the “HTC Advantage” which — aside from promising to deliver major Android releases for flagship devices — also offered a free, 1-time replacement of the display for the HTC One M8. It was a nice gesture, even if it was only limited to the first 6 months of the device’s life. For the One M9, HTC could be 1-upping that service on every level.

As Android Central is now reporting, HTC could be planning to introduce their new “UH-OH” Protection service (this is more than likely what HTC was planning on announcing during tomorrow’s event). The service will cover a new HTC One M9 purchase for up to 1 year from date of purchase and not just the display — even water damage.

Probably the most interesting addition is carrier switching is also covered, meaning if you change carriers during this year, you’ll get a free replacement to a compatible One M9 wherever your travels may lead you.

Suddenly, those early “overheating” reports don’t sound like the end of the world after all, right?

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  1. Well played HTC. Well played.

  2. Wow… I accidentally switched carriers and need a new phone. That’s… that’s amazing!! I MUST share this!!

    Edit: #Sarcasm on the carrier switching part. Felt like I needed to add that.

    1. Those of us who share your sense of humor got it pre-edit.;-)
      Point taken though,a drawback from communicating via post/forum….

  3. That’s pretty awesome. Makes it so you don’t have to finance a new device which would keep you “contract” free even if you switched from Verizon to T-Mobile.

  4. Good to see it covers combustion… ;-)

  5. This is VERY tempting,your move SAMSUNG……………

  6. Now I wouldn’t even need to buy a case for it during the first year. Flaunt that polished metal everywhere I go.

  7. I like it. There’s only so much you can do to a phone, this is a new angle of differentiating yourself from the competition. I hope it catches on with other manufacturers.

    1. Definitely a major pain point being addressed. If only HTC would have thrown an even bigger battery in this thing (like the Maxx), I’d get this over the S6 no contest. Right now I’m still on the fence.

      1. The M9 has a bigger battery than the S6, coupled with a smaller, lower resolution screen. So barring some big difference in power consumption between the 810 vs Exynos, the M9 *should* have better battery life. That said, I’m waiting to hear from the early buyers of both devices before I decide.

        1. Yup. I know all the theoreticals, but I’ll need to see for myself after loading all my apps and stuff.

    2. Great point!
      There’s those who’ll buy one brand or the other no matter what,but,for the rest of us,this is a very compelling reason to try/go back to an HTC.
      I’m brand agnostic,but,IMHO,Sammy dropped the ball by paring down Edge functionality & going for style over substance.
      Also,they didn’t do themselves any favors by rolling-in CleanMaster to the mix.

      Put on some marketing blinders & compare the specs & again,JMHO,the M9 comes out on top over either flavor of the S6,w/pricing & this new warranty being the icing on the cake.

    3. That’s what I’m saying!!

  8. Gonna have to give this thing a solid month of real world reviews before I can lay the cash down with confidence. Rumours of a substandard camera (again), overheating issues, and worse than the M8 battery life are leading me to research the S6 that much more. In the meantime…still rollin the M7.

  9. Wow..that’s actually nice…talk about competition… I can’t decide which phone I want to upgrade to in the next 4 months…I was for sure going to go with the Z4..but Sony pushed it back to later this year…and with all these new phones..OMG!!! Its becoming tough to decide!!!

  10. No way. If you are in android camp like me than this is no brainier. Buy HTC and use it worry free. With this, why the hell in a world I would buy any other android phone over HTC with this sweet deal.

  11. Only if they could patented free phone replacement, nobody else could copy LMAO

    1. You’re giving them ideas.

      1. well shoot, they need all the ideas they can get, htc need more money in their pockets to give us something revolutionary next year

  12. As Tweakers reports, the HTC One M9 might actually offer shorter battery life than its predecessor. That’s despite the fact that the M9 has a 2,840 mAh battery that’s even bigger than the 2,600 mAh battery found in the M8.

    The publication reveals the HTC One M9 scored lower than the HTC One M8 in both Internet browsing and video tests. In web browsing tests, the HTC One M8 lasted for seven hours and 10 minutes of continuous use, while the HTC One M9 died after 5 hours and 30 minutes. When it comes to video playback, the HTC One M8 lasted for 9 hours and 32 minutes, while the HTC One M9 only managed 6 hours and 8 minutes of life.

    In a PCMark Android test that simulates daily activity, the HTC One M9 almost matched its predecessor by scoring 5 hours and 37 minutes compared to 6 hours and 5 minutes for the HTC One M8.

    1. And this is supposed to be the same numbers that the buyers are gonna have when the phone is actually not delayed anymore and released to the public…. Since you giving numbers go ahead and say hey general public, this is what you can expect as the final product

      1. WTF? It is a prerelease report… like the 50 other prerelease reports. Just info. Take it for what it is. AND I didn’t write it, I just posted it.

        People jump all over prerelease reports that state positive things like they are the coming truth, post some info about a prerelease report they didn’t want to hear and suddenly they are deaf to what is being said.

        1. Notice what you said…pre-release…pre meaning before… meaning testing, tweaking… meaning before final release!

          No one knows what the final product will be like. Tweakers got their hands on an older incarnation of the phone, tested it and put out this pre-release report. They don’t have the final product, cause HTC is still working on the final product.

    2. You’re basing this on pre-release software, so it must be true.

      1. Nope.. just sharing some info. I am basing nothing on nothing as I did not write the report.

        And the BEST part of your dig to me… you read stories elsewhere that said this is “pre-release software” – that is how you know that and claim that – and believed that but NO WAY could this story be believable. Bwa ha ha.. hypocrisy much?

  13. thats not a bad dealio at all. Those overheating reports are alarming to say the least though. I’m not sure how to take this….theres gotta be fine print to really spell it out

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