T-Mobile brings Data Stash to prepaid customers March 22nd



T-Mobile’s Data Stash is bringing rollover back in a good way, but there was still a large sector of their customer base who couldn’t even get in on the fun — those on prepaid plans. That will change March 22nd as the carrier has announced Data Stash will be headed to prepaid.

In case you missed it, Data Stash is T-Mobile’s “rollover for data,” promising that any amount of unused data allotted to you can be rolled into your data pool the following month. Data can be stashed for up to 12 months, so even if you go a few months without eating through your plan it will all stack until you use it or until that data has been “stashed” for 12 months.

It’s not perfect, but T-Mobile definitely didn’t have to do it and we’re glad they’ve shaken up the industry as a result. The company’s next Uncarrier announcement happens this Wednesday, so stay tuned for even more awesomeness coming from Magenta.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. Just recently jumped to T-Mobile and loving it. Love the lack of overage on data, (just brings me down to 2G speed) and can’t wait until I can afford to bump up my data from 1 Gig to 5 gigs and then on day bathe in the glory of unlimited.

    I love what they are doing and that they offer the Xperia phones, which is great for choice.

    1. Yessss…the heavenly “truly unlimited” on T-Mo is exactly that ladies and gents! Went from that $30 5GB plan to the $80 Unlimited Everything (always went over that 5GB) and my first month I downloaded,streamed and watch YouTube damn near all day everyday and I reached 65 GB’s…and get this…I didn’t get a text notification from T-Mo telling me to down-shift and slow my roll! Wow! So for me,I’ll gladly pay $80 and not have to worry about going over my allotted ‘ish and being throttled! I don’t do throttled too well! Lol

      1. Heck yeah baby! My wife has the grandfathered unlimited Verizon and regularly uses 100-110 gigs per month! They keep trying to get her to switch plans but they’ll pry that plan from her cold, dead hands!;)

  2. Yesssssssss.

    Been on the $30/mo 5GB plan here for almost two years and usually only end up using 2 or 3GB which is mostly Google Music 300kbps streaming. Would be nice to have an extra buffer during the holidays instead being throttled to 3G after going over.

    1. Ah!! I wish I had snagged that plan up back then.

      1. It’s still available. You have to self-activate, either through the prepaid site or Wal-mart. But it’s an odd duck plan, with lots of weird hoops. (Like the self-activation, can’t move off and then back on, etc.) It might also be the only plan left with limited minutes?

        1. Is it? I thought Tmo got rid of it. Well if you say it’s still there. If I can port my number, I may move to it… may.

          1. It’s under “Other monthly plans” here:

            Note, though, it isn’t considered a Simple Choice prepaid, so there is no guarantee it will get Data Stash.

    2. I have that plan as well. I’ve never gone over 5GB, but I’ve come close a couple times. It’ll be nice to have the extra data just in case.

    3. It’s only for Simply Prepaid members.. I don’t think that includes the $30 plan.

  3. What MORE could they possibly do? I ask this every time before another UnCarrier announcement.

    1. Allowing video not to count towards data caps? Aka Apps like Youtube and netflix?

      1. Lol that’d be ridiculous. Don’t they already do that for music ? The only thing that would count is web browsing and social media apps, and those don’t burn up a lot

        1. It would certainly shake up the mobile industry that’s for sure. And is something that T-Mobile would do but will they is the question. Guess we will find out if they keep doing uncarrier events like they have been.

      2. That would not be smart. It would just encourage it and slow down or congest their network. The music is perfect for that. Or you can just get their truly unlimited plan and stream all you want then.

    2. improve coverage? :)

      But really, im jealous of those who can get away with using t mobile, they have nice offerings and I wish I could support them with my wallet.

      1. That’s exactly it, if you live in an area covered by LTE from Tmobile it is awesome. For years i have hated tmobile for their shoddy incomplete network. But ever since i tried them 2 years ago i love it. I live and work in an area that is covered by LTE over 99% of the time and it is awesome. I can’t wait till their 2g towers are converted to LTE.

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