Amazon’s Deal of the Day takes up to 40% off SanDisk microSD cards, flash drives and more



Amazon deals time! Today’s gold box deal puts another dent into the price tag of premium storage. This time it’s from the SanDisk camp, and they’re taking up to 40% off a smorgasbord of storage options.

In the realm of microSD, their 32GB and 64GB Ultra Class 10 cards are down to $12.99 and $24.99, respectively. The “Extreme Pro” versions of these classes with UHS-I / U3 classification are a bit more at $31.99 for 32GB and $62.99 for 64GB. The difference between the two sets of cards is in speed: the Class 10 Ultra cards read at speeds of up to 48MB/s, while the Extreme Pro cards’ read/write speed hover around the 90MB/s range (which is good for devices that can record video at up to 4K resolution).

Those looking for more full-sized options can get in on these other great deals:

Sorry folks, no 200GB or 128GB microSD cards on sale just yet, but considering how new they are we wouldn’t hold out for sales on either of them until at least another year passes by. Head to Amazon to check these out if something catches your eye on the list above.

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  1. Actually the 128GB cards are on sale currently. Use the same link as the 64GB card and its an option.

  2. On the package is a notice, “Will not work in the new state of the art Project Zero cutting edge flagship Galaxy S6 line of phones. Oh wait, no SD card will work.”

  3. i wish i wasn’t so broke and wasn’t getting the S6 edge

  4. If you are unaware, just use camelcamelcamel for notifications like this.
    I got my 128gb microSD for $79 a few weeks ago already.

    1. Still $79.99

  5. I was about to jump on this, but then I noticed that the speed is only 48 MB/s. I saw another card for only about $10 more but with a speed of 90 MB/s. Decisions decisions.

    1. Go for higher speed. I just hope that they’re all compatible with devices from the last 18 months (minus the brand-new ones).

      1. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I just wasn’t sure how much of a difference it would make. I do know I have a lot of music to transfer to it, and I don’t want to have to wait all day for that to finish.

  6. Deal is over? The micro sd cards are showing at 16 and 33 for me.

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