Sprint offering to pay ALL fees for you to switch to their network


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Sprint’s giving folks a very good reason to consider switching to their network with their latest offer. They’re willing to pay any and every expense associated with leaving your carrier before fulfilling your commitments, whether that’s paying the ETF on a two-year contract or paying for the rest of your payment plan on a financed phone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Bring your number from any other carrier with an early termination fee or phone installment plan balance.
  • Activate a device on Sprint Easy Pay, iPhone for Life Plan, Sprint Lease or pay full retail price with a new line of service.
  • Complete an online registration and upload a bill that shows applicable charges for reimbursement within 60 days of activation.
  • Customers are required to turn in competitor phones (in good working condition) tied to the bill they submitted. Sprint will provide a pre-paid kit to make this easy.

And that’s it. Sprint says they’ll hook you up no matter how much you owe, so if you’re only two payments into that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 they’ll pay it off for you no problem.

That’s a hard offer to turn down if you’re looking for a new wireless home, but you’ll have to evaluate Sprint’s network in your area, their service plans and other factors to see if the carrier is a good long-term solution for you. Be sure to do the proper research before you jump to make any big moves.

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  1. Sprint is looking to regain ground with a move like this one.

  2. to bad its sprints network, get some spark around my major US city (Detroit) I will consider them

  3. that is a pretty good deal….I think give how much I pay a month on AT&T and a month for my N6, this seems like a good deal on paper. I wish u could test drive their network around where I live. I think its too spotty.

  4. Sprint is a joke here in NYC. I’m curious to know if instead of fiber and copper if they use string cheese and hope to connect their network together.

    1. What parts of NYC bc i live in Brooklyn and had sprint in the past and never had a problem lol.

      1. Anywhere with 4 walls in queens, some parts of Manhattan. I ditched them for T Mobile.

  5. Reasons I won’t go back to Sprint: (1) network speed, (2) not GSM (phones only work in Sprint), and (3) no Moto X2 or Sony Z3.

    1. Nexus 6 phone works on all networks but generally you are correct. I had sprint In new York 20 Mins North of the city it was pretty good

  6. You cant fix stupid…

  7. They need to get Spark on near 100% of network. I still have Sprint and they really are improving, but they need to get it turned on everywhere they can. 800Mhz is making a major difference filling in gaps (it now works in deep underground garage at home/work – better than TMobile) and 2500Mhz for speed (I get up to 60Mbps, though typically 20). 1900Mhz covers their entire footprint but they only cover about 130M population with all 3 bands. Spark is growing every month but they just won’t be competitive until hitting most of their footprint with 800/2500 as needed.

    They claim 800 will hit most of footprint by end of year and 2500 will go where they need more capacity. Don’t bother checking out Sprint until 800 completed in your area, I’m satisfied in my area.

  8. Don’t see the point of paying for no or slow service but that’s why I switched from Sprint to Verizon.

  9. Sprint just have only fast name….

  10. I’d care more if they’d pay to actually have a network one can use. I swear there must be only 2-3 towers in our entire state. Ok if you happen to be a car-less shut-in who never travels a mile from the tower you live next to.

  11. No thanks. Sprint sucks in my area and they’re cdma based. At least Verizon has a decent amount of flexibility with other GSM networks and has much better service than Sprint. Seriously, the difference is night and day.

  12. I wouldn’t have left Sprint had their Network not been bad in Houston. Like OMG!! >.>
    I’m assuming things are better, but I’m fine with what I have on my Tmo plan.

  13. Sprint is soooo desperate!

    1. Due to Tmobile raising the stakes ?

  14. Too bad they have almost a complete lack of coverage in Central FL, compared to AT&T and VZW here Sprint and TMos coverages are jokes. was pretty much useless 70% of the time.

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